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Dennes Torres

Dennes Torres

Data Platform MVP (2020-2023)

Luqa, Malta


Dennes is a DBA and Data Platform MVP (2020-2023) living in Malta who loves Data Platform, including Azure Data Platform, Microsoft Fabric, SQL Server and recently got involved by Generative AI. In the past, he was married with software development, resulting in a total of more than 20 years of experience between Data Platform, cloud and software development. He moved to Malta after more than 10 years leading devSQL PASS Chapter in Rio de Janeiro and now is a member of the leadership team of MMDPUG PASS Chapter in Malta organizing meetings, events, and webcasts about Microsoft Data Platform. He is an MCT, MCSE in Data Platforms and BI, with more titles in software development. He can be found working for DTower Software and speaking in SQL Saturdays around Europe


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Area of Expertise

  • Information & Communications Technology
  • Real Estate & Architecture


  • Data Platform
  • Data Warehousing
  • Data Management
  • SQL Server Data Tools
  • Data Visualization
  • Microsoft Data Platform
  • Azure Data Platform
  • Data Lake
  • Azure Data Factory
  • Data Modeling
  • Modern Data Warehouse
  • SQL Server DBA
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • power bi
  • Azure SQL Database
  • T-SQL
  • Power BI Report Server
  • Power Query
  • generative ai
  • Azure OpenAI Service
  • Azure AI Services
  • Azure AI Vision
  • Azure AI Search
  • Azure AI Speech
  • Azure AI Engineering
  • Azure AI Development
  • Azure AI Translator
  • Azure Synapse Analytics (formerly Azure SQL DW)
  • Azure Synapse SQL Serverless

Microsoft Fabric ETL for Azure Data Factory professionals

Usually everyone says Microsoft Fabric incorporates Data Factory ETL development resources. However, it's not so simple. Some concepts from Data Factory are not the same in Microsoft Fabric.

Let's discover the differences of the Pipelines and Dataflows in Fabric from the Azure Data Factory objects

Chat with your data using OpenAPI

AI is not the future anymore, it is the present. One challenging everyone is trying to solve is how to link your custom data with the powerful LLM models provided by OpenAI.

On this training day you will discover how to do that, either with modelled data and with unstructured data and documents.

We will talk about not only how to make the connection between OpenAI and your data, but also how to create UIs to access this environment, allowing the end user to talk with your data.

Chat with your data using OpenAI and Microsoft Fabric

On this session the attendees will discover how to use OpenAI to make queries to modelled data in lakehouses and data warehouses.

From using Semantic Kernel in notebooks to creating an architecture for business users, the attendee will discover a new way to provide data access in the company

Delta Lake Optimization and Maintenance in Microsoft Fabric

Delta Lake has many behaviours which needs to be taken in consideration when designing a data intelligence architecture.

On this session you will discover about these behaviours, the implications on the architectures and how to use notebooks for scheduled maintenance in lakehouses

Implementing Data Mesh with Microsoft Fabric

Microsoft Fabric comes to transform the way we work with enterprise Data Platform. At the same time, we also have an architectural shift: many companies are moving from a Single Source of Truth to a Data Mesh architecture.

In this talk you will discover how Microsoft Fabric supports the Data Mesh architecture, enabling powerful new approaches for the enterprise data architecture

Microsoft Fabric: Data Intelligence in a light speed

Discover what is the new Microsoft Fabric and how is it transforming our way to produce data intelligence architectures, from the PaaS of software such as Synapse and Databricks to a SaaS scenario, where we can build lakehouses and data warehouse focusing on the final result

OpenAI Intelligence with Web and Document scrapping

OpenAI had data updated up to 2021. How could you update this intelligence with more current data and also with private company data?

Microsoft provides a solution accelerator using all the power of OpenAI, Cognitive Services Search and Forms Recognizer to allow us to index custom company or web data - or even both - and build a custom LLM with the intelligence needed by our company

Power BI: Securing the connection with Virtual Network Data Gateways

Power BI needs to access Azure resources very often: Synapse Analytics, Azure SQL and much more. How can we ensure the connection will be secure and the communication between Power BI and Azure resources will not cross the public internet?

Using Virtual Network Data Gateways we can stablish a private connection between Power BI and Azure resources, avoiding any open doors to intruders.

SQL Server Query Store Wonders

Query Store, a feature released in SQL Server 2016, never stops to provide new surprises to DBAs. It changed for the better the way we monitor and manage the performance of our SQL Server.
Let’s discover how to use query store to solve many different query performance problems.

SQL Server 2022: Query Optimization Evolution

Query Optimization features are evolving on every SQL Server version. After query store in SQL Server 2016, many new features are built over Query Store foundations.

On this training day we will start learning about query store and the new features created from it on each SQL Server version and conclude with the new optimization features in SQL Server 2022 which are also built over the Query Store Foundations.

SQL Server 2022: Parameter Sensitive Plan Optimization

SQL Server 2022 brings a very interesting new feature to solve parameter sniffing: The query plan cache can hold multiple query plans for each query

Let's discover how this feature works

Talk with your Data Using OpenAI

We are on the era of AI and the first challenge we face is to use the existing resources together our own data.

Discover how to use OpenAI to make questions to your own company knowledge base

Self-Service ETL: The PowerBI Data Flows

What was already good has become even better. We were already able to make ETL in PowerBI using M, now, using the PoweBI Data Flows we are able to store the ETL on the PowerBI Portal, control the ETL execution, the data among many ETL steps and share the result with many Power BI files, instead of having to duplicate M scripts across different.PBIX files

In this session, you will understand better what Data Flows can bring to our already powerful self-service BI tools

Power BI Datamarts: How to use them

Power BI Datamarts was first announced almost an year ago and it's still cause lots os misunderstands. On this session we will explore where Datamarts fits on the data platform architecture and how this feature can improve your entire data environment.

Power BI: Datamarts and Aggregations for Better Performance

One additional benefits of the datamarts is how easy it is to build aggregations using the datamarts. No more users trying to negotiate with the IT team to build them on the DW, now you have your own places for the aggregations

Power BI Everywhere

Power BI can now be integrated with Microsoft Office, allowing us to use Power BI visuals everywhere: Word, PowerPoint, Outlook.

This allows us to maximize the power of storytelling

SQL Server 2022: Intelligent Query Processing new Features

SQL Server 2022 is using Query Store, released with SQL Server 2016, to improve even more the concept of Intelligent Query processing.

We have new features such as DOP Feedback, CE Feedback, Parameter sensitive plan optimization and more

SQL Server 2022 Improvements

Some of SQL Server 2022 new features requires an entire session for them, such as the Intelligent Query Processing, , SQL Ledger and Azure SQL Link.

But there are many more features in SQL Server 2022 that would be almost forgotten. WE will talk about them:

Concurrent GAM and SGAM
Auto Drop Statistics
XML compression
Dynamic Data Masking Granular Permissions

and more!

Using Azure Log Analytics to build SQL Baselines and more

Log Analytics is one of the basic Azure services which should be uses from day one when moving to the cloud.

It's a so interesting services that we can use even before going to the cloud and it makes way easier to generate a server baseline for our SQL Servers, a task all of us know it's important but we don't dedicate enough time for it

Synapse Dedicated SQL Pool: Whats hidden behind the scene

Many DBA's mistakenly think a Synapse SQL Dedicated Pool is just a regular SQL Server Database
This mistake can lead to below optimal configurations, bad performance and loose of investment.

In this session you will discover everything especial about SQL Dedicated Pool that makes it way more than a regular SQL Server Database and how to configure it for the maximum performance possible

Starting a Data Warehouse with Synapse SQL Link

Synapse SQL Link can integrate multiple SQL data sources inside a Synapse dedicated pool, allowing us to start a data warehouse from a single point

The support for Azure SQL, SQL Server 2022 and SQL Server 2022 on VM's provides us with a powerful tool to integrate multiple data sources

Solving big problems with Query Store Hints

Query Store Hints are a great innovation to solve big problems on our queries.

Let's discover how the query store hints can help us to easily solve the so usual parameter sniffing problem and how can we manage the application of query store hints on our environment

Real Time Data With Power BI and Azure

Ingestion Architecture is an essential piece to work with Architecture. Power BI have an important role on this, working together Azure to ingest data and provide real time visualizations.

Come to this session to see a lambda architecture being built using Event Hub, Stream Analytics, Power BI and Synapse

Azure SQL Configuration Secrets

Do you think you know Azure SQL?

You may be surprised with the number of secrets it has for you. Let's discover on this session how to make our Azure SQL better and more secure using these secrets on the best way possible.

Deployment Pipelines on Power BI

Developing a solution with Power BI is like any other development process: We need to follow stages for the approval of solution, from development to production.

Let's see how the Deployment Pipelines in Power BI help us with this

Power BI Goals: Managing KPI's with Power BI

Power BI Goals is a quite new and powerful feature to manage KPI's and incorporate KPI's in our analysis and Dashboards.

In this session you will discover how how Power BI Goals work and how they can be used to integrate KPI's in our analysis

Protecting your data with SQL Ledger

Azure SQL Ledger is a great innovation to protect SQL Server data and ensures the safety for solutions that, otherwise, would be looking into other technologies.

Let's discover how Ledger works and how it can make your architecture easier

Monitoring and Building Performance Baselines for Azure SQL with Log Analytics

Log Analytics is in the core of Azure Monitoring solution for all Azure features and this includes Azure SQL as well.

We can use Log Analytics to achieve a great monitoring solution and easily build performance baselines for our Azure SQL Databases using Azure Log Analytics

Power BI In an Enterprise Environment

Power BI is well-known as a self-service visualization tool, but many developers don't know how well power bi can fit in an enterprise environment.

Let's start from the basics and talk about power bi dataflows and other features that make power bi a great tool for an enterprise environment, working very well together data warehouse, big data and data lake house tools

Real Time Data with Power BI

There are many scenarios of data ingestion when we would like to see our real time data. Microsoft made a good work improving the features for real time data in power bi.

In this session we will talk about the existing features for real time data ingestion in Power BI, how they integrate with new applications or with existing real time data feeds

Saving Money with Azure Data Share

Azure Data Share appears to be a very simple solution, but it's easy to miss the potential this solution has to save money and work from development and dba teams.

Power BI: Using streaming for real-time data

There are many scenarios of data ingestion when we would like to see our real time data. Come to this session to learn how to build reports over real time data using power bi

Power BI: Using composite models and Aggregations for better performance

These two features, composite models and aggregations, are great when used together, they can result in a great performance improvement, as you will see on this demo-full session

Power BI and Synapse: Better Together

Let's talk what benefits we can get when using Power BI and Synapse together, using features such as the Synapse Performance Accelerator, besides other benefits for performance

Power BI: Incremental Refresh - Why load everything?

Incremental Refresh is a very important feature to ensure we can read from the data source only the new data, instead of load everything all the time. This will improve a lot the refresh performance of your data

Azure SQL Networking Secrets

Provisioning an Azure SQL DB is very easy, but are the default configurations good for you? How to ensure our database is really safe? Come to this session to discover this and a lot more

Synapse Spark Pool and Azure ML

The spark pool in Synapse allow us to build and manage a Data Lake and also supports Delta Lake features. After the integration with Azure ML was included, it became a very interesting option to manage our Data Lakes and extract intelligence from our data

Secrets of SQL Dedicated Pool

Many DBA's mistakenly think a Synapse SQL Dedicated Pool is just a regular SQL Server.
This mistake can have expensive consequences. I already saw people complained about the performance of the SQL Dedicated pool, without realizing the default are not tuned for performance and the tables requires special and careful configuration.
In this session you will discover everything especial about SQL Dedicated Pool that makes it way more than a regular SQL Server.

Data Lake House in the Cloud: The Azure Solutions

On this session you will discover what's a Data Lake House, why we need it and how can we implement this solution in Azure Cloud

Let's discover the power of having the data on the right hands at the right time with a Data Lake House

Developing for Flexible Data Sources

What happens if suddenly someone asks you to adapt that wonderful dashboard for another data source?

Maybe you developed it over excel and someone imported the data into the cloud, or the opposite, someone exported the data to excel to make the dashboard more independent.

Will your dashboard survive this challenge? Is your development ready for this challenge? Let's discover!

Optimizing Model and Dashboards using DAX Studio

Power BI is able to deal with huge amounts of data, but we need to take care with performance. Small differences in the way we build a dashboard can have huge impact on the solution performance.

Power BI has some tools to help us analyze the performance of the solution and when we need to go deeper, DAX Studio can point where the problem is

Data Factory and Power BI: Better Together

While Data Factory is the cloud ETL solution for Azure, Power BI has Power Query, a great self-service ETL tool based on M language.

In this session, you will discover why you still need Data Factory and Power BI together when you should use either Data Factory or Power Query and how to use both to build a great ETL solution.

Going to Azure SQL: Admin differences no one told you before

Many companies believe administering a SQL Server in the cloud is the same as administering a SQL Server on premises and that is a big mistake.

Optimizing, Monitoring, Security, there are many differences on the administration you will learn during this session, allowing you to become a better cloud DBA.

SQL Server in the Cloud: The available options

Among PaaS and IaaS, we have many SQL Server Cloud options: Azure SQL Db, SQL Server Managed Instance and Virtual Machines. How should we choose between them? How should we manage them? Let's discover the best approaches to use SQL Server on the cloud

Power BI dataflows : Going beyond the self-service

What was already good has became even better. We were already able to make ETL in Power BI using M, now, using the Power BI Data Flows we are able to store the ETL on the Power BI Portal, control the ETL execution, the data among many ETL steps and share the result with many Power BI files, instead of having to duplicate M scripts across different .PBIX files

This feature allow us to create a more complex and re-usable ETL solution, creating small dataflows and allowing them to be reused in a dataflow hierarchy, which can be re-used in many different datasets, creating a more robust and reusable architecture.

In this session you will understand better how the dataflows are an important feature in making Power BI go way beyond the self-service

Cloud Security: Secure Access from your Applications to Azure SQL

Security is essential for our cloud applications, but the security in the cloud has many more challenges than on premises. Using Key Vault for passwords and keys, managed identity for cloud services, integrated authentication for Azure SQL and more.
In this session you will discover the differences between authentication on premises and in the cloud and you will learn how to go way beyond the basic user/password for authentication

Advanced ETL with Power Query

The Power Query M language provides a very powerful way to develop ETL, way beyond the basic features you know.

We can create functions, reuse functions, create loops, everything to make our data transformations easier. During this session you will see many advanced techniques using M and Power Query

SQL Graph Databases: Beyond Relational

Since SQL Server 2017 the Graph Database feature was released, enabling us to mix the relational model with a Graph model. Some existing flaws in this release are being fixed in SQL Server 2019, bringing graph objects closer to SQL Serve reality.

In this session, you will discover how Graph Databases in SQL Server works and what's new for them in SQL Server 2019

Why Synapse Analytics is beyond Azure SQL Datawarehouse

Synapse Analytics is being announced as the new name of Azure SQL Datawarehouse, but it's not only that. There is a broader view in Synapse analytics, beyond Azure SQL Datawarehouse. Let's see in this session what was improved, what changed, and how synapse analytics fits in the data platform.

Data Virtualization and Data Lake using SQL Big Data Cluster

Cloud and globalization bring to us more and more challenges every day. With the increase in the volume of data, we are evolving from data warehouses to big data and data lake architectures. In this session, we will better understand the concept of data virtualization, data lake architectures and how SQL Server 2019 Big Data Cluster can help us with these challenges

PowerBI: From Zero to Hero

Starting from the very beginning, in this session, we will cross together the main features Power BI has to offer, starting with the powerful self-service ETL using M language when needed, modeling our tables and finally using powerful features to create a great data visualization, allowing you to better understand all the power and flexibility of this tool and how it will fit into your solution

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Dennes Torres

Data Platform MVP (2020-2023)

Luqa, Malta


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