Power BI dataflows : Going beyond the self-service

What was already good has became even better. We were already able to make ETL in Power BI using M, now, using the Power BI Data Flows we are able to store the ETL on the Power BI Portal, control the ETL execution, the data among many ETL steps and share the result with many Power BI files, instead of having to duplicate M scripts across different .PBIX files

This feature allow us to create a more complex and re-usable ETL solution, creating small dataflows and allowing them to be reused in a dataflow hierarchy, which can be re-used in many different datasets, creating a more robust and reusable architecture.

In this session you will understand better how the dataflows are an important feature in making Power BI go way beyond the self-service

Dennes Torres

Data Platform MVP

Luqa, Malta


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