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Diana Pham

Diana Pham

Developer Advocate at Vonage and Appwrite Hero

Denver, Colorado, United States


With a high spirit and a low sense of mortality, Diana completed her master’s in CS regardless of never having coded prior to grad school. Through her passion for learning and teaching tech, she found her calling in advocacy, where she exercises her creativity through conference talks and content creation. She likes oysters.


  • Most Active Speaker 2023

What Your Crazy Ex Could Teach You About Saving Your CI/CD Pipeline

Let’s talk about that person that just couldn’t take a hint—you know who I’m talking about. They send you an SMS to hang out, and you don’t get around to responding, but that doesn’t stop them from texting again, and again, and again…

Now, this may be bad for your dating life, but it may not be that bad for your DevOps practices. Let’s look at how you could set up automated SMS messages for failures in your DevOps pipeline to raise the alarm when needed and keep messaging until acknowledged or resolved.

In this talk, Diana will show a DevOps pipeline that violates an operating policy. This operating policy—enforced by Open Policy Agent—will trigger an API call to an SMS provider to kick off a sequence of SMS alerts until we acknowledge and fix the issue.

While she is NOT encouraging you to respond to your crazy ex, Diana hopes this parallel will help you improve your DevOps pipeline.

Not Just Another DEI Panel

According to tech journalist Jennifer Riggins, "While women make up between about 22 and 24% of the tech industry, they were 69% of layoffs."

Clearly, DEI is still very much a problem in tech that needs to be addressed, and yet, talking about DEI seems to have fallen out of favour.

This DEI panel aims to answer:
* Whatever happened to DEI?
* What are the things that make us cringe about DEI panels?

It also highlights some incredible ladies in tech and their incredible journeys.

How to Talk to Women

As a woman in tech who has dealt with misogyny and discrimination in this male-dominated field, Diana decided to share her learnings on how both men and women can navigate this slowly diversifying industry. The talk goes over some real-life DMs and her own experiences, including an analysis of dealing with unsupportive men and women, scenarios that often go unnoticed.

If your ego is too big to attend this talk, this is probably the perfect talk for you!

From Vision to Reality: Building a Live Object Detection Web Application

This workshop focuses on developing a Python-based application for real-time object detection using a machine learning model. The project will utilize a pre-trained model alongside a library for video processing displaying the detection results and storing detection logs using backend management.

From a Princess to a Programmer: Journey to Tech from the Pageant Stage

From beauty pageants to the tech world, discover how skills from the stage can lead to a love for coding. This session breaks down the unexpected connections between pageants and programming. It’s all about using what you know in new ways! Whether you're into fashion or function, there's a place for everyone in tech. Get inspired to find your own unique tech journey.

Finding Love with Machine Learning: Analyzing Tinder Swipes

In this session, we will dive into the intersection of dating and technology. Using the data available to us about dating apps, we’ll look into how machine learning reveals patterns in user preferences. Starting with data collection and ethics, we’ll dive deeper into the different models and algorithms used to match users. By predicting user behavior and improving recommendation systems, we'll reimagine the future of dating apps. Swipe right on this talk to learn about how machine learning is changing up modern romance!

Evolution of Chatbot Therapists: From ELIZA to ChatGPT

With artificial intelligence gaining both interest and popularity over time, Diana shares how humans have integrated this technology into their respective industries. She discusses key challenges with therapy, how natural language processing works, and the effects of chatbots generating more human-like conversations leading to the revolution of psychotherapy.

A Safari Adventure through the Kubernetes Wilderness

Let’s take a step away from Kansas City’s barbecue for an hour and join this safari tour through the Kubernetes wilderness. We'll trace Kubernetes' origins and discover how Kubernetes' features resemble the flora and fauna of a dynamic ecosystem. This “tour” is available to both experienced engineers and newcomers to Kubernetes. During our exploration, we'll cover topics like the basic architecture of Kubernetes, container orchestration, scaling applications, managing containerized workloads, and troubleshooting common issues. (Tour tickets are free for KCDC attendees.)

"Build-a-Bot Workshop: Make a Chatbot"

With artificial intelligence gaining both interest and popularity over time, Diana shares how humans have integrated this technology into their respective industries. The effects of chatbots generating more human-like conversations have led to the revolution of psychotherapy, and now you have the opportunity to replicate it.

Diana Pham

Developer Advocate at Vonage and Appwrite Hero

Denver, Colorado, United States


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