Don Kirkham

Don Kirkham

Microsoft MVP & MCT | Enterprise Architect, DMI

Arlington, Texas, United States


Don is a Microsoft MVP in M365 Development. He has spent the last 19+ years working with companies of all sizes, helping them maximize their productivity in SharePoint, Teams, Viva, Office 365, Power Platform, and Azure. With over 30 years of programming experience, Don's passion for coding is centered around the complete Microsoft ecosystem of cloud technologies. Prior to working full-time in the IT world, Don spent 20 years as a pilot in the Air Force, accumulating over 4500 hours in various aircraft, including the T-1A, E-3B/C, and T-38.


Area of Expertise

  • Information & Communications Technology


  • SharePoint Framework
  • SharePoint Office 365 SQL Server
  • Office 365 SharePoint Productivity
  • SharePoint Online
  • SharePoint
  • Web Development
  • SQL Server Data Tools
  • Azure SQL Database
  • Azure
  • Azure Functions
  • Visual Studio
  • Visual Studio Code
  • Visual Studio Team Services
  • Power Platform
  • Power Apps
  • Microsoft Power platform
  • Microsoft Power Automate
  • Microsoft Power Apps
  • Power Automate
  • Power Automate (Flow)
  • Power Platform - Low Code

Workshop: Modern Development using the SharePoint Framework (SPFx)

Level 200-300. SPFx is now a mature Framework for building solutions for Office 365, Microsoft Teams and the newest product, Microsoft Viva. This workshop will cover how to get started in SPFx by configuring a very flexible development environment and creating our first SPFx solution.
We will then expand our sample solution to interact with data in SharePoint. Our solution will use the latest development acceleration tools from the Microsoft-led Patterns and Practices (PnP) community effort to build modern solutions in webparts, extensions, and adaptive cards for SharePoint Teams and Viva.

The workshop has been updated to include the latest versions available of SPFx, PnPJS, React, Microsoft Graph Toolkit, and Adaptive Card Extensions.

Accelerated Development through the M365 and Power Platform Community

Level 200. The M365 and Power Platform Community program stands as the beacon of knowledge and collaboration within the Microsoft ecosystem. As the largest open community, it's the place where developers of all backgrounds converge to gain insights from MVPs and Microsoft engineers. But the true magic happens when you become an active part of this dynamic community.

Discover the secrets to becoming a valuable contributor in the technologies that ignite your passion. From shaping official online documentation to creating sample applications and even crafting groundbreaking tools like the Microsoft 365 CLI – it's all within your reach as a community member. With support from the PnP Team and fellow contributors, you'll learn how to harness the community's collective knowledge and propel your skills to new heights.

This covers the various areas of the Community program and will include demos on how to become a contributor.

Empowering Your Modern Development Journey with SharePoint Framework and Viva Connections Toolkit

Level 200. Dive into the future of modern, client-side development in the Microsoft ecosystem with the SharePoint Framework (SPFx). SPFx serves as the cornerstone for SharePoint webparts, extensions, Teams apps, Adaptive Card Extensions (ACEs), and Microsoft Viva.

This class is your gateway to SPFx development excellence. We'll start by demystifying the SPFx model and guide you through crafting the ideal development environment. Learn to configure a versatile developer workspace and embark on a hands-on journey, building, debugging, and deploying your very first SPFx webpart. We'll discover how the Viva Connections Toolkit can accelerate the process of creating, debugging, and deploying your solutions. Join us in shaping the future of development with SPFx.

Demos will cover NodeJS and how to manage with Node Version Manager. We will use the latest version of SPFx to build, debug and deploy a webpart and, time permitting, how to use that webpart in MS Teams. We'll also show how Viva Connections Toolkit allows you to skip a lot of manual processes for debugging and deploying solutions.

Unleash Your Development Potential with Containers in the Microsoft 365 Universe!

Level 300. Microsoft 365 development, with its SharePoint web parts, dynamic extensions, Teams apps, MS Graph, and PowerShell wizardry, is evolving rapidly. Keeping up with changing API and Framework versions can be a frantic scramble. But here's the game-changer: Containers.

Containers embed your development environment within project files, ensuring the perfect setup every time. They seamlessly integrate with GitHub Codespaces and Docker Desktop. Join our session to unlock the secrets of container configurations for SharePoint development, all with just a few files. It's time to elevate your development journey with the magic of containers!

We will cover what containers are, and build multiple samples using Docker containers and GitHub Codespaces. We'll also show the pattern to simplify customizing a container for a specific set of environment variables, like NodeJS version and SPFX version.

Elevate Your Lists to Superhero Status: Custom Formatting Unleashed

Level 300. Modern lists in SharePoint have undergone a remarkable transformation. The introduction of the Lists app in Office 365 has opened up a world of possibilities, leveraging the same modern SharePoint lists. While native customization options are plentiful, the true potential lies in the realm of custom list formatting.

Join us on an exciting journey, beginning with straightforward tips and gradually ascending to the point where your list views become a no-code powerhouse. Learn how to harness the magic of custom list formatting and witness your lists transform into dynamic, versatile tools in your arsenal.

This session will cover simple tweaks to complete replacement of the list rendering template. It will also cover some customization of the modern forms used by lists.

Enhancing SPFx projects with Live Data integration to SharePoint, MS Graph and beyond

Level 300. SharePoint Framework (SPFx) opens the door to crafting stunning, contemporary solutions for Office 365, Microsoft Teams, and Viva. Yet, the true magic happens when these solutions seamlessly connect to real-time data sources.

In this exciting journey, we'll dive deep into the art of connecting SPFx to SharePoint and Microsoft Graph, unleashing the full potential of your creations. We'll master the art of harnessing REST APIs to forge direct links with these data sources. Moreover, we'll unveil the secrets of PnPJs and the Microsoft Graph toolkit (MGT), transforming your development process and supercharging the performance of your SPFx solutions.

Join us as we bridge the gap between innovation and data, making your SPFx projects come alive with real-time information. Elevate your solutions to a whole new level of excellence and impact.

The goal of this session is to expose the attendees to several ways to connect thier projects to the data in Office 365. We'll start with basic REST API calls to build a good foundation on how modern data interaction works and then show how to simply development while improving performance by leveraging existing advanced solutions.

Power Up Your M365 Development Game: Embracing React Functional Components and Hooks

Level 300. While Class Components have long been the go-to project type in SPFx and Teams React solutions, a new, arguably better alternative has emerged in ReactJS. Many developers now swear by Functional Components and Hooks as a simpler, more readable way to code projects.

In this session, we'll delve into the advantages and considerations of both approaches, unveiling the power of Functional Components. We'll guide you through the transition from Class Components, making your code cleaner and more comprehensible. Plus, we'll explore the array of hooks available to add that extra sizzle to your solutions. Get ready to take your SPFx and Teams projects to the next level!

New session for 2024!

Unlock your Potential with Teams Toolkit in M365 Development

Level 200. Over the past three years, MS Teams has reshaped the way we work and communicate, especially during the pandemic. In this enlightening session, we'll delve into the world of custom development within Teams, using the Teams Toolkit to its full potential. Learn to create simple yet powerful solutions in various Teams areas and seamlessly transition from development to solution deployment. Join us and let the Teams Toolkit be your guiding star on this remarkable journey

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October 2023 Chicago, Illinois, United States

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Session: Supercharge your modern lists with custom list formatting

May 2023 Sežana, Slovenia

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Session: Simplify SharePoint Development with Containers

May 2023 Düsseldorf, Germany

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April 2023 Las Vegas, Nevada, United States

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June 2021 Orlando, Florida, United States

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September 2020 Branson, Missouri, United States

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March 2019 Branson, Missouri, United States

Don Kirkham

Microsoft MVP & MCT | Enterprise Architect, DMI

Arlington, Texas, United States


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