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Kfar Saba, Central District, Israel

Eitan Blumin

The fastest DBA alive

Eitan Blumin is a SQL Server Professional Generalist with decades of experience in all fields relating to Microsoft SQL Server databases (since the year 2005), including but not limited to: Database design, management, TSQL programming, performance tuning, replication, backup management, security management, high availability and disaster recovery, SSIS, SSRS, encryption and more.

Eitan Blumin is currently working as a Senior SQL Server Consultant and Team Leader at Madeira Data Solutions. Other than his day-to-day consultant work, he also co-hosts the popular "SQL Server Radio" podcast with Guy Glantser, writes professional materials for the SQL Server community, delivers professional presentations and courses, and serves as a pivotal source of expert knowledge for the Madeira team.

Current sessions

Dynamic Search Queries in T-SQL - The Ninja way

What is the solution for implementing truly dynamic search queries? Not just a stored procedure with optional parameters, but something even more dynamic than that? Let the end-user choose the exact fields and, more importantly, the operator types to use on them, in order to get the results that they need. And how do you achieve this level of dynamic interactivity without risking SQL injection? This presentation will answer these questions and give you a solution involving some advanced T-SQL martial arts!

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Development Lifecycle Basics for DBAs

What is source control? What is version history? What are unit tests? What do CI and CD even mean, and what the heck is an Artifact?? In this new era of Agile development, DevOps, DataOps and other weird buzzwords, we the DBAs gotta learn to keep up. It's time to add our monstrous database into the continuous integration pipeline. But first, we need to know what we're going into and need to familiarize ourselves with the terms and methodologies of the world of software development lifecycles.

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SSDT Methodology & Features for SQL Server DevOps

In this session, we'll cover the rich tools, features, and methodologies in SSDT that allow DBAs to implement a continuous database development lifecycle. We will also learn about solutions to common fears and objections coming from naysayers, common problems while starting with SSDT for the first time, and various problematic edge cases and how to solve them.

SSDT in general (SQL Server Data Tools), and the SQL Database Project specifically, are very effective tools for integrating the database development with the software development lifecycle. Source control, version history, unit testing, and CI/CD - SSDT has it all - and it's completely free!

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