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Weimar, Thuringia, Germany

Eric Berg

MVP Azure and CDM | Vice President Consulting Expert @CGI

Eric is Microsoft MVP for Microsoft Azure and for Cloud and Datacenter Management. He works as Vice President Consulting Expert at CGI and is the Global Alliance Manager for Microsoft. His main areas are: Microsoft Azure, Cloud Governance, Automation, Hybrid Infrastructure, Windows Server and Management Solutions.

Eric is an active member of the Microsoft community. He is blogging on his website on a regular basis. He produces the GeekSprech Podcast and the GeekSchau Webcast. He runs the Azure Thüringen Meetup in Germany, with more than 350 members and monthly meetups. He is a well known and high rated speaker at conferences like Microsoft Ignite, MVP Summit, Microsoft Ignite The Tour, ExpertsLive, Azure Saturday, Cloud and Datacenter Conference, and many more.

Eric is also a trainer on LinkedIn Learning, providing video trainings around Microsoft Azure.

His motto:
"The community lives from the community and only those who participate keep it alive.!"

Current sessions

Manage Azure with Logic Apps - Daily Operations made easy

If you are using Azure for a while you are searching for ways to optimize your daily operation. Maybe you have tried PowerShell or Azure Automation. But one tool is often overseen: Logic Apps
Let us figure out how to use them in the daily Azure Administration. This session will teach the Basics of Azure Logic Apps and show practical use cases including setup and configuration.
Everything will be demonstrated in live demos

Products / Services covered: Azure Logic Apps, Azure VMs, Azure Networking, Azure Policy, Azure Storage, Azure AD

Azure Policy and Azure DevOps - Better together?!

To maintain control and compliance of your Azure enviroment you should use Azure Policy and the Policy Management in the Azure Portal. But how does this fit together with a "code-first" approach of Azure DevOps and the everyhting-as-code idea?
This session will teach you how to combine the power of Azure Policy and the tools and methods of Azure DevOps. How to check compliance from DevOps? How to maintain your Git based on Policy requirements? How does this fit together?
Let us dive into to opportunities to get the best out of both tools to optimize your Azure!

Products / Services covered: Azure DevOps, Azure Policy, Azure Resource Manager, Azure PowerShell, Azure Governance

Azure PaaS Services and Network Integration - When? What? How? Why?

When you are working with Azure Platform as a Service (PaaS) offerings to create your Apps and Solutions, sooner or later there will be a request for Network Integration.
This session will help you to understand the available options to integrate PaaS services into Azure Networks. We will figure out how this affects your solution-design and which limitations apply. Also we will have a look into services that do not have options to integrate and how you could mitigate this.
Let's figure out how to make PaaS happen!

Products / Services covered: Azure Networking, Service Endpoints, Private Link, Azure Firewall, VPN, ExpressRoute

“I love the smell of migrations in the morning.” - Migration-Options Now

Can this be migrated to the Cloud? Is it a good idea to move it to Azure? How should we do this?
There are multiple ways to migrate your workloads, servers and solutions into the cloud. From classic lift and shift over refactoring to rebuilding, you must choose the right method, tool and target.
Let's have a look which migration options, tools and methods currently exist and what limitations and specialties apply.

Products / Services covered: Azure Site Recovery, Azure Migrate, Azure Database Migration Assistent and Service, Azure Files, Azure Data Box, Azure Networking

Past and future events

CloudBrew 2019 - A two-day Microsoft Azure event

12 Dec - 13 Dec 2019
Mechelen, Flanders, Belgium

Experts Live Europe 2019

19 Nov - 21 Nov 2019
Prague, Hlavní město Praha, Czechia

Microsoft Ignite 2019

My session:
Hold my beer while I optimize your Azure
4 Nov - 8 Nov 2019
Orlando, Florida, United States


5 Jun 2019

Cloud & Datacenter Conference Germany 2019

20 May - 21 May 2019
Hanau am Main, Hesse, Germany

Azure Saturday 2019

16 May - 17 May 2019
Munich, Bavaria, Germany

Intelligent Cloud Conference 2019

7 Apr - 9 Apr 2019
Copenhagen, Capital Region, Denmark

Microsoft Ignite | The Tour

My Sessions:
From On-Premises to Azure – 10 Tips for your successful migration
How Taekwon-Do helped me understand community better
2 Apr - 5 Apr 2019
Seoul, South Korea

Microsoft MVP Summit 2019

Community Session
17 Mar - 22 Mar 2019
Redmond, Washington, United States

Microsoft Ignite 2018

My sessions:
What you should know before your first date with Azure
From on-premises to Azure: Ten tips for your successful migration
24 Sep - 28 Sep 2018
Orlando, Florida, United States

Microsoft Ignite 2017

My Session:
Azure – Do’s and Don’ts
25 Sep - 29 Sep 2017
Orlando, Florida, United States

Microsoft Ignite 2016

My Sessions:
Hold my beer while I migrate your datacenter to Azure
Use server-based personal desktops in Server 2016
Hubtalk: Find out how to implement Azure Backup into your datacenter strategies
Use the File Classification Infrastructure in Windows Server 2016
26 Sep - 30 Sep 2016
Atlanta, Georgia, United States