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Eric Berg

Eric Berg

MVP Azure and CDM | Vice President Consulting Expert @CGI

MVP Azure und CDM | Vice President Consulting Expert @CGI

Weimar, Germany

Eric is Microsoft MVP for Microsoft Azure and for Cloud and Datacenter Management. He works as Vice President Consulting Expert at CGI and is the Global Alliance Manager for Microsoft. His main areas are: Microsoft Azure, Cloud Governance, Automation, Hybrid Infrastructure, Windows Server and Management Solutions.

Eric is an active member of the Microsoft community. He is blogging on his website on a regular basis. He produces the GeekSprech Podcast and the GeekSchau Webcast. He runs the Azure Thüringen Meetup in Germany, with more than 400 members and monthly meetups. He is a well known and high rated speaker at conferences like Microsoft Ignite, MVP Summit, Microsoft Ignite The Tour, ExpertsLive, Azure Saturday, Cloud and Datacenter Conference, and many more.

Eric is also a trainer on LinkedIn Learning, providing video trainings around Microsoft Azure.

His motto:
"The community lives from the community and only those who participate keep it alive.!"

Eric ist Microsoft MVP für Microsoft Azure und für Cloud und Datacenter Management. Er arbeitet als Vice President Consulting Expert bei CGI und ist der Global Alliance Manager für Microsoft. Seine Hauptgebiete sind: Microsoft Azure, Cloud Governance, Automatisierung, hybride Infrastruktur, Windows Server und Managementlösungen.

Eric ist ein aktives Mitglied der Microsoft-Community. Er bloggt regelmäßig auf seiner Website Er produziert den GeekSprech Podcast und den GeekSchau Webcast. Er leitet das Azure Thüringen Meetup in Deutschland, mit mehr als 400 Mitgliedern und monatlichen Meetups. Er ist ein bekannter und hochgeschätzter Redner auf Konferenzen wie Microsoft Ignite, MVP Summit, Microsoft Ignite The Tour, ExpertsLive, Azure Saturday, Cloud and Datacenter Conference und vielen mehr.

Eric ist auch Trainer bei LinkedIn Learning und bietet Video-Trainings rund um Microsoft Azure an.

Sein Motto:
"Die Community lebt von der Community und nur wer mitmacht, hält sie am Leben!"


Area of Expertise

  • Information & Communications Technology
  • Business & Management


  • Azure
  • Azure IaaS
  • Azure BCDR
  • Azure Security
  • Azure Active Directory
  • Azure Stack
  • Azure PaaS
  • Windows 10
  • Windows Server
  • System Center
  • DevOps & Automation
  • IT Security
  • Enterprise Mobility and Security
  • Enterprise Security
  • Cloud Governance
  • Cloud Architecture
  • Cloud Adoption Framework
  • Cloud Advisory

Azure Migrations vs. Beer Brewing – What’s the difference?!

Most of us like to get an ice-cold beer in the evening. But not everyone wants to brew their own. The same could be said about Azure: Everyone wants to use it, but not everybody enjoys the migration process. Do you want the factory standard or the tailored flavor? What’s the difference?!
This session will compare the process of beer brewing to the needed steps of an Azure Migration to find out the key differences and similarities. We will have a look at common requirements, success factors and lessons learned, supported by some fun stories and notes from the field. We promise there will be Azure and Beer in the session. So, join us to learn more about both…

Azure RBAC, Access policies and other Azure Myths

In this years demo driven session we will dive into the world of access to and in Azure. The goal is to finally sort out what RBAC, Access Policies, Custom Roles and App permissions are, and what they are used for. We will also figure out the challenges caused by restricted access and how to overcome this. And we will make sure that everybody knows when to use what - as always supported by live demos!
So let's stop wondering ... let's start working ...

Service Principals, App Registrations and other Azure Myths

If you are reading the title of this session and your first thought is: "WHAAAT?" ... this is your session!
In this, demo driven, session we will dive into the world of identities and authentication for apps and other use cases. The goal is to finally sort out what Service Principals, App Registrations, Managed Identities and Enterprise Apps are, and what they are used for. Also we will make sure that everybody knows when to use what supported by live demos!
So let's stop wondering ... let's start working ...

Azure Policy, DevOps and GitHub - Better together?!

Infrastructure as Code is commonly used these days, and many companies claim to be DevOps enabled. At the same time Azure Policy features are getting extended to keep control over your environment. But how to ensure the compliance and control of your Azure environment while maintaining the agility of DevOps? And how does GitHub fit into the picture?
This session will teach you how to combine the power of Azure Policy, the methods of DevOps, and the tools of GitHub. In a live environment we will follow and end-to-end approach to ensure compliance in a everything-as-code world.
Let us dive into to opportunities to get the best out your Azure environment!

Azure Networking vNext - How to build modern connectivity for IaaS, PaaS and SaaS

When you are working with Microsoft Azure Services you will come across the topic of Network Integration. But is a classical VPN the right solution? Do I always need ExpressRoute? Should I adopt VirtualWAN? And what about my APIs in the Cloud?
This session will help you to understand the available options to build modern Azure Networks. We will figure out how a solution-design could look like and which limitations apply. Also we will have a look into services that do not have options to integrate into a classical network and how you could mitigate this.
Let's figure out how to modernize networking in Azure!

CloudBrew 2022 - A two-day Microsoft Azure event

November 2022 Mechelen, Belgium

Experts Live Netherlands 2022

September 2022 's-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands

Cloud Identity Summit '22

September 2022 Bonn, Germany

Experts Live Germany

September 2022 Erfurt, Germany

Azure Lowlands 2022

June 2022 Utrecht, Netherlands

Experts Live Austria 2022

June 2022 Linz, Austria

Cloud Identity Summit '21

September 2021

Global Azure 2021

April 2021

Nordic Virtual Summit

February 2021

Experts Live Austria 2021

January 2021 Linz, Austria

Azure Fest 2020

November 2020 Veenendaal, Netherlands


June 2020 's-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands

Azure Saturday 2020

May 2020 Munich, Germany

Cloud & Datacenter Conference Germany 2020

May 2020 Hanau am Main, Germany

Global Azure 2020 in Leipzig

April 2020 Leipzig, Germany

CloudBrew 2019 - A two-day Microsoft Azure event

December 2019 Mechelen, Belgium

Experts Live Europe 2019

November 2019 Prague, Czechia

Microsoft Ignite 2019

My session:
Hold my beer while I optimize your Azure

November 2019 Orlando, Florida, United States

Cloud & Datacenter Conference Germany 2019

May 2019 Hanau am Main, Germany

Azure Saturday 2019

May 2019 Munich, Germany

MVPDays Azure Day Online

May 2019 Calgary, Canada

Intelligent Cloud Conference 2019

April 2019 Copenhagen, Denmark

Microsoft Ignite | The Tour

My Sessions:
From On-Premises to Azure – 10 Tips for your successful migration
How Taekwon-Do helped me understand community better

April 2019 Seoul, South Korea

Microsoft MVP Summit 2019

Community Session

March 2019 Redmond, Washington, United States

Experts Live Europe 2018

October 2018 Prague, Czechia

Cloud Camp - The Microsoft Community Event

October 2018 Dublin, Ireland

CloudBrew 2018 - A two-day Microsoft Azure event

October 2018 Mechelen, Belgium

Microsoft Ignite 2018

My sessions:
What you should know before your first date with Azure
From on-premises to Azure: Ten tips for your successful migration

September 2018 Orlando, Florida, United States

Intelligent Cloud Conference 2018

May 2018 Copenhagen, Denmark

Azure Saturday 2018

May 2018 Munich, Germany

Microsoft Ignite 2017

My Session:
Azure – Do’s and Don’ts

September 2017 Orlando, Florida, United States

Microsoft Ignite 2016

My Sessions:
Hold my beer while I migrate your datacenter to Azure
Use server-based personal desktops in Server 2016
Hubtalk: Find out how to implement Azure Backup into your datacenter strategies
Use the File Classification Infrastructure in Windows Server 2016

September 2016 Atlanta, Georgia, United States

Eric Berg

MVP Azure and CDM | Vice President Consulting Expert @CGI

Weimar, Germany