Gareth Edwards

Gareth Edwards

Ringier South Africa, Head of Engineering: Solutions

Cape Town, South Africa

I'm a seasoned professional and the Head of Engineering for Solutions at Ringier South Africa. With a passion for innovation and a strong background in software development, I have been instrumental in creating market-leading applications that have made a significant impact in the industry.

I bring a wealth of experience to the table, having spent years honing my skills in engineering and development. I have successfully led numerous projects, ensuring the delivery of high-quality solutions that meet the ever-evolving needs of the market. My expertise lies in developing cutting-edge applications that not only satisfy user requirements but also drive business growth.

Open Source Contributions:
I believe in the power of collaboration and knowledge sharing. As an active member of the developer community, I contribute to the open-source ecosystem

Blockchain Enthusiast:
In addition to my proficiency in software engineering, I have a keen interest in blockchain technology. They am an early adopter and supporter of decentralized systems.

Area of Expertise

  • Information & Communications Technology


  • Laravel
  • Solidity
  • aws
  • Web Applications
  • ethereum
  • Ethereum Virtual Machine

How to use your data lake for fun and profit

A brief intro to using data services in a data lake for selecting and distributing content for marketplaces and online publishing better than a human...

The session will start with what a data lake is and how it is used in a traditional context.

We will go through concepts like the data pipelines and the potentially different data types that a business would want to store in the data lake.

Next we will discuss services like AWS glue and Athena that provide an abstraction to query data in your lake.
Then we can discuss the actual use case for leveraging this new layer of data, particularly for distributing content to various channels.

Some technical knowledge is required, specially familiarity with aws services.

An intro to cryptography in Ethereum

A basic introdusction to the Ethereum blockchain and the solidity programming language and how Ethereum uses cryptography.

The session will start with a basic introduction to the Ethereum network and how the Solidity programming language is used to manipulate state.

We will then discuss basic cryptographic concepts like elliptical curves and how Ethereum leverages that to generate public and private keys.

Next we will discuss privacy in Ethereum and go through a working solidity example of a Merkle tree.

Some development experience is required and an interest in blockchain technology.

Gareth Edwards

Ringier South Africa, Head of Engineering: Solutions

Cape Town, South Africa

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