Joe Glombek

Joe Glombek

Senior .NET developer and lover of adventure

Portishead, United Kingdom

Joe is a senior .NET developer and lover of adventure. During working hours he’s an Umbraco Certified Master and MVP who's been working with Umbraco in various digital agencies for the past decade, but is an adventure-loving outdoorsman in his free time and can often be seen out hiking or canoeing with his dog, Carter.

Area of Expertise

  • Information & Communications Technology


  • Umbraco
  • .NET
  • C#
  • Accessibility
  • Web Accessibility

DIY DXP: Building your own integrated platforms

Composable Digital eXperience Platforms (DXPs) are all the rage and, simply put, they're all about integrations. There are many methodologies when it comes to building integrations and not all suit every purpose. We'll take a look at some of these methods and look at their pros and cons, assessing which solutions best suit which scenarios. We'll talk about integration concepts and how multiple separate systems can be combined into one composable DXP as well as looking at some more developer-focused examples integrating with Azure and other Microsoft products.

Celibrate you're misteaks

"Everyone makes mistakes." We've heard it time and again. But there's always that nagging voice inside our heads telling us to hide it away somewhere. But this can lead to more mistakes in the future. Would we be here celebrating the openness and flexibility of Umbraco 9 if mistakes around the-version-that-shall-not-be-named hadn't been openly discussed? We'll take a look at some of my mistakes and even look at some extreme cases where mistakes can cost lives.

As well as looking at how mistakes can be damaging, we'll discuss how and when to talk about our mistakes along with success stories and how highlighting past mistakes can help save time, effort and money as individuals, teams, and as a community.

Working on work working for you

I used to live and breathe code but I started to get tired, so I've been working harder at working less. In this world where burnout, unpaid overtime, side projects and open source contributions are the normality I'll explain how we can be successful in our careers while still making time for what's important to us, knowing when to say no (in the office and with open source contributions) and how to escape the stress of work by heading outdoors.

Umbracadabra! Defence Against the Dark Arts of Magic Strings

I'm sure many of us have been told at some point in our careers that "magic strings are evil" but why exactly is that and what could go wrong? We use the phrase "magic strings" to mean a constant string used in code to refer to something (think `Model.GetPropertyValue("bodyText")`) But what alternatives are there and how can we use them to improve our development? We'll take a look at effective use of enums, constants and some Umbraco-specific tips and tricks.

Why am I being such a git about best practices?

Are your git repos a dumping ground for code? I'm really fussy about how people use git - and that's a good thing. We'll take a look at branching strategies, the importance of commit messages and how often should you commit, anyway? Let's investigate how, with 5 simple tips, we can turn a code dump into a glorious archive of software and how this can save time, frustration and money.

Mapping our journey to accessibility: What we can learn about accessibility from maps

Accessibility is a fairly new concept to a lot of us in the tech industry, but Ordnance Survey have been making maps since 1791. What have they done over the last two centuries to make their maps easier to read and understand for everyone? And how can our comparatively juvenile industry learn from their experience?

Accessibility: Baked and delivered!

Legislation, lawsuits and legacy. The impact accessibility can have on a digital product is far-reaching. It's a legal requirement for some, a boost to SEO for others, but most importantly a game-changer for both clients and end-users: increasing market reach; customer loyalty; and driving innovation. But what does it really mean for those of us delivering digital products?
A successful accessible solution has its roots in design, development, delivery and beyond, involving all team members and crucially team leaders. We'll take a look at how we can bake in accessibility as a consideration when building our products right up to treating it as a first-class citizen - the cherry on top!

Delivered by Joe along with fellow Umbraco MVP Danny Lancaster, Accessibility Test Analyst at Nexer Digital.

Tech A11y Summit

December 2021

DDD 2021

November 2021 Reading, United Kingdom

Joe Glombek

Senior .NET developer and lover of adventure

Portishead, United Kingdom