Joe Glombek

Information & Communications Technology

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Southampton, England, United Kingdom

Celibrate you're misteaks

"Everyone makes mistakes." We've heard it time and again. But there's always that nagging voice inside our heads telling us to hide it away somewhere. But this can lead to more mistakes in the future. Would we be here celebrating the openness and flexibility of Umbraco 9 if mistakes around the-version-that-shall-not-be-named hadn't been openly discussed? We'll take a look at some of my mistakes and even look at some extreme cases where mistakes can cost lives.

As well as looking at how mistakes can be damaging, we'll discuss how and when to talk about our mistakes along with success stories and how highlighting past mistakes can help save time, effort and money as individuals, teams, and as a community.

Joe Glombek

Senior .NET developer and lover of adventure

Joe is a senior .NET developer and lover of adventure. During working hours he’s an Umbraco Certified Master and MVP who's been working with Umbraco in various digital agencies for the past decade, but is an adventure-loving outdoorsman in his free time and can often be seen out hiking or canoeing with his dog, Carter.

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