Heather Downing

Heather Downing

International Speaker & Developer Advocate

Kansas City, Missouri, United States


Climbing the technology mountain and halfway up the side. Experience in .Net, mobile applications and more recently voice interface development. Dabbles in iOT & AR/VR. Focusing on coding for humans and choosing the right tool for the job.

Heather is a passionate coder and entrepreneur. She has experience working with Fortune 500 companies building enterprise level mobile and .Net applications. She spends her spare time at tech conferences supporting the growth of new developers of all genders, ages and backgrounds. When not coding, Heather spends her time as a competitive equestrian and learning the art of mounted archery.


  • Most Active Speaker 2022

Area of Expertise

  • Information & Communications Technology


  • Tech Ethics
  • tech speaker
  • .NET
  • OAuth2
  • Mobile Apps
  • apis
  • Career Growth
  • Leadership development

How I Built A Startup Application (Without Realizing I Was Doing DDD)

When building an application for end-users, it's essential to understand the "why" behind your idea. Especially, when you haven't chosen an external vendor tool yet, but want to start developing your application. What's the best way to approach a startup idea in architecture?

In this talk, we will discuss a code-centric approach to building an application and the pros and cons of it. We will walk through how I accidentally discovered Domain-Driven Design while building a financial tracking app, what other approaches were considered, and how to remain flexible as a developer regarding implementation details.

Security with External Auth for .NET

How do you work with an external login securely, after building your own auth for years? Many applications (and companies!) now require the use of a particular third-party authentication service for your app. Is it plug and play, or is more work expected to hook it up? In this talk, you will discover how to approach this as a C# developer - complete with code demos - and learn how the .NET OAuth flow can work with any external auth provider you choose.

Imposter Syndrome: Overcoming Self-Doubt in Success

Impostor Syndrome is the domain of the high achiever. Those who set the bar low are rarely it’s victim. What matters most is not whether we fear failing, looking foolish or not being enough; it’s whether we give those fears the power to keep us from taking the actions needed to achieve our goals and highest aspirations. In this session we will bring this sensitive subject to light by exploring:

Why having this mindset is detrimental to your career
Identifying the differences between healthy concern and illogical doubt
What it actually means to ‘fake it till you make it’
How believing something negative about yourself can make it really happen
Ways to cope once you experience a sincere failure
Learning to graciously express confidence

Mobile App Architecture: How to Conquer the Giant!

Making the right decisions for a mobile project involves lots of trial and error before you find a good path. Wouldn't it be nice if you had a map for REAL APPS and not just Hello World?

In this session, we will compare frameworks and approaches based on the kind of mobile project you are doing, and walk through what the actual code looks like to accomplish basic tasks for each one. We will cover native, hybrid, and mobile web approaches for enterprise-level solutions.

Defensive Coding Bootcamp

Do you build things that can be hacked? Want to lower those odds? Join us to learn the basics of security vulnerabilities and evasive coding maneuvers that can make your software more secure, every time. Geared for developers of all skill levels, this code-centric talk will be present code samples and essential fundamentals that apply to every language.

Imposter Syndrome: Overcoming Self-Doubt in Success

Impostor Syndrome almost killed my tech career. I've discovered a lot about what triggers me and the fallout from letting it take over your working life. I'll tell you my story, and the lessons I learned in order to overcome it. Think you aren't good enough? Let's talk about it.

The Care and Feeding of Software Engineers

After years of excellence as a developer who gets things done, you are rewarded with a leadership title and more responsibility. Only now you are expected to manage people and not just code. What motivated you to improve doesn't seem to always work on your team. So what do you do? We will explore the art of managing talented people and learning what the human needs for guidance and support from their leader.

The Visible Developer: Why You Shouldn't Blend In

Ever wonder how some technical people are recognized and promoted quicker than others with the same skillset? Yes, there is a formula to make it more likely. We will explore the habits of well known developers outside of their coding chops, to identify what additionally allowed them to become a trusted and known voice in their environment. This approach can be a benefit to you, no matter how junior or senior you are.

Drones, RemoteID and the Thrilling Future of UAS Flight

Prepare for an electrifying journey through the world of flying computers! Explore how RemoteID technology is reshaping the skies by providing real-time identification and tracking of drones in flight. Join Heather as she sheds light on the current applications and challenges within the drone industry, focusing on safety, security, and regulatory compliance. Whether you're a tech enthusiast, aviation aficionado, or simply curious about the exciting future, this presentation guarantees to ignite your imagination within the realm of drones and the boundless potential of UAV flight. Embark on this exhilarating adventure into the skies of tomorrow, starting right here.

Will bring physical consumer drones for demonstration.

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February 2024 Sydney, Australia

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Heather Downing

International Speaker & Developer Advocate

Kansas City, Missouri, United States


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