Ignat Andrei

Ignat Andrei

Teacher, Programmer, Technology

Bucharest, Romania

Andrei Ignat has >20 year programming experience. He started from VB3 , passed via plain old ASP and a C# Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP).
He is also a consultant, author, speaker,www.adces.ro community leader and http://www.asp.net/ moderator.

You can ask him any .NET related question – he will be glad to answer – if he knows the answer. If not, he will learn.

Area of Expertise

  • Information & Communications Technology


  • .net core
  • VB.NET
  • .net
  • ASP.NET Core
  • Visual Studio / .NET
  • Angular
  • Docker

.NET and Angular Everywhere => Mobile, Desktop , Web

If you want to make a fast POC that can run on Web, Desktop and Mobile , this is your presentation. I will show how to make an application that runs on all platforms ( Web, Desktop, Mobile). The presentation will show a clear example of code that is necessary for that ( code at https://github.com/ignatandrei/angNetCoreDemo/ )

Azure Devops for Continous Delivery

Do you want to deliver the whole application as soon as you push the source code to your repository ?
Suppose you have an application with FrontEnd( Angular ) and a backend (.NET Core ) . I will show the steps required to have a Continuous Delivery( build, test, deploy) , facilitated by Azure DevOps, to have the WebSite, Android application, Docker files and desktop.

Session Duration: 1 hour

Docker for Developers

The old mode of downloading and installing software ( SqlServer, Mongo, Rabbit, even frameworks as Angular and .NET Core) will be soon of the past memory.

If you want to join the new wave , see how Docker can easy your work as a developer.
I will present first an introduction to Docker and show some easy samples.

Then I will show how to create, build, run, test ( unit and integration) real world application with Docker without installing frameworks and/or databases on my PC.

Roslyn Source Code Generators with examples

Roslyn Source Code Generators is a way to write programs that write programs at compile time Andrei will show you how to write one . Also, he will make demos about existing ones that maya help you write less code and be more efficient.

Presented already at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uojY9E0Ht7w&t=1s

Testing API from zero to Hero

Testing API from zero to Hero

Everyone is making today microservices over HTTP => API for your application.

I will present various way to interact with them - from curl / powershell to integrating LowCode over your API.

Come join for a session that shows how to test your API!

Do you use Swagger/OpenAPI or Postman to test your API ? I have a better version for you, based on a visual code editor made by Google - Blockly , https://github.com/google/blockly. .

What if I demo you how the OpenAPI is transformed magically into Blocks that you , as a user, can drag and use ?

What if you can add multiple interactions with multiple HTTP Endpoints ?

Do not believe me - see yourself the demos at https://ignatandrei.github.io/BlocklyAutomation/

If it seems interesting, join me at the presentation and let's collaborate at this project!

Reactive Extensions in .NET Core and JavaScript

If you want to coordinate obtaining data from various sources or just delay and throttle the input from a textbox, then this presentation is for you,

The presentation will contain several examples in .NET and extensive examples with Observables and pipe functions in JavaScript

See https://rxdemo.azurewebsites.net/rxjsAng/index.html for more examples

This is an introduction to Reactive Extensions with example in .NET and Javascript.

ASP.NET Core instrumentation for SRE

This presentation will show you how an ASP.NET Core application could answer to SRE questions:

Ignat Andrei

Teacher, Programmer, Technology

Bucharest, Romania