Isabel Garrido

Isabel Garrido

Senior Backend Developer

Senior Backend Developer

Barcelona, Spain


I'm a backend developer with several years of experience in e-commerce, marketplaces, and logistic. I really care about developing a maintainable code applying best practices and testing but I also like to be involved in the product and understand why we invest time in some new feature, and how are we impacting the users.
Apart from that, I enjoy sharing knowledge with my coworkers and helping other people to improve that's why I participated in some conferences as a speaker talking about testing, event storming, or microservices or preparing courses about Kotlin in Spanish

Area of Expertise

  • Information & Communications Technology


  • Software Deveopment
  • Kotlin
  • Software testing
  • Testing
  • Mutation Testing
  • Domain Driven Design
  • Hexagonal Architecture
  • Event Driven Architecture
  • Monitoring & Observability


Mutation Testing en

Are you tired of dealing with unreliable test suites that fail to catch bugs and slow down your development process? Mutation testing is the solution you've been looking for! This powerful technique can help you evaluate the reliability of your tests, identify weaknesses in your code, and ultimately reduce the risk of bugs in your software.

In this talk, you'll learn how to apply mutation testing to projects with Kotlin and Gradle and take advantage of its many benefits. We'll explore real-world examples of how mutation testing has been used to improve the reliability of server-side APIs and streamline continuous integration pipelines. By the end of this talk, you'll have a powerful new tool in your testing toolbox that will help you write more reliable, efficient code.

What could possible go wrong? en

At conferences, we tend to focus on success stories and how we accomplish something. These projects are great successes, and although they’re inspirational, we forget about the failures we find during the journey, which can be powerful sources of learning and growth.

This is the story of a failure that could have been avoided. The journey was plagued with monsters such as synchronous and asynchronous communication between services, unexpected production problems, and more. We will reflect on how we tackled these challenges and the lessons learned that shaped us for future projects.

Join me on this trip about embracing failures as an integral part of success.

I deliver this session in English at DevopsBcn 2023 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uCO57VH6t_o

Deseos de Unit tests imposibles es en

¿Una de tus ilusiones es que la IA te libre de hacer tests unitarios?

Hoy en día, con todos los avances en inteligencia artificial que vemos, podríamos pensar que no es el momento para una charla
sobre conceptos básicos de unit tests. Pero creo que, es justamente cuando más falta nos hace.

En esta charla repasaremos conceptos fundamentales sobre estos tests: ¿qué es la unidad?,
¿qué debería pasar con nuestros tests cuando hacemos un refactor?
veremos cómo ser más efectivas a la hora de desarrollarlos y cómo beneficiarnos de la inteligencia artificial sin perder fiabilidad.

A modern testing tale es en

Do you think AI will free us from the heavy burden of doing unit tests?

It may seem contradictory, but the more technology advances, the more necessary it is to revisit the fundamentals.

That's what we'll do in this talk, we'll take a walk through basic concepts of unit tests with topics such as What is the unit in a unit test? how many unit tests are enough? how can I ensure the test suite is reliable?

Also, clarify whether this effort is a thing of the past and whether developers can focus solely on creating new things while another system tests them.

Workshop: ¿Podemos construir una API solo con Kotlin? es

Kotlin lleva desde 2016 entre nosotros y, además de popularizarse para desarrollo Android, cada vez son más las empresas que apuestan por este lenguaje en el backend, entre otras cosas porque es compatible con todo el ecosistema de la JVM.
Han cambiado muchas cosas desde que Kotlin empezó y, a día de hoy, tenemos muchas librerias creadas exclusivamente para este lenguaje de programación. En este taller vamos a trabajar en una API utilizandolas.

El taller esta dirigido a personas con conocimientos en desarrollo de APIs, idealmente si tienen algo de experiencia con el ecosistema de la JVM les será más fácil pero se desarrollará de forma que personas con otra experiencia puedan seguirlo sin problema.

Isabel Garrido

Senior Backend Developer

Barcelona, Spain


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