Jared Carrizales

Jared Carrizales

Remote work manager and advocate

Dallas, Texas, United States


I have worked in the digital marketing arena for almost 15 years, managing both in-house and remote teams around the globe. It has been a privilege to work with some of the biggest brands in the world, while holding freelance, agency, and in-house positions. I'm very passionate about remote work and building strong teams, no matter the location or industry. These musings can be found at my blog: https://whereverimaywork.com

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  • Business & Management
  • Information & Communications Technology
  • Media & Information


  • Remote work
  • Digital Marketing
  • Business
  • SEO
  • Content Marketing
  • Business Communications
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  • Management
  • Hiring

How to Give Staff the Right Boundaries in a WFH Culture

It can be hard to understand exactly where the line needs to be drawn for employees regarding company rules and procedures in a remote and WFH environment. I've managed and hired remote / WFH employees for well over a decade, and have personally been remote for almost 15 years. This session highlights how to find the right balance of holding employees accountable in an environment with so much freedom, while simultaneously not being so strict that it hurts the culture.

Interviewing for a Remote Position: How Candidates Can Adapt to Get What They Want

There are a myriad of differences between interviewing for a role in a physical office, and interviewing for a remote position. Companies have been forced into the position of needing to hire remote employees for the first time, which has pushed the pendulum towards candidates that are hoping to snatch up one of these positions. Unfortunately, most candidates waste this advantage by not recognizing these differences and how it translates to leverage for them.

This session highlights actionable tactics that can be used immediately:
- How to identify a company that has a mature remote culture
- The best questions to ask during an interview for a remote position
- How to negotiate using remote-specific bargaining chips

Autonomy, Not Authoritarianism: Managing Your Remote Employees Efficiently

As a manager of remote employees, it can be easy to cross over to the dark side of skepticism, distrust, and paranoia. When this happens, the first impulse can be to put the squeeze on employees through the use of screen recorders, keyboard stroke counters, or invasive 1:1s. Unfortunately, this is actually the first step in creating a toxic work environment for your employees, and is guaranteed to hurt the overall goal of your remote team.

Fortunately, there are many organizational, cultural, and even mental changes that can be rolled out to help keep that toxicity at bay. This presentation would highlight those changes, and back up the tactics with real world data. This session is full of actionable content that can be rolled out the same day:
- How to mitigate the tendency to suffocate their employees
- How to promote responsible autonomy through empowerment
- Hiring tactics (specific to remote workers) that weed out toxic personalities before they're ever hired

SOAHR 2024 - SHRM-Atlanta's Annual Conference Sessionize Event

April 2024 Atlanta, Georgia, United States

ASCENT 2023 Annual Education Conference Sessionize Event

October 2023 Chicago, Illinois, United States

SOAHR 2023 - SHRM-Atlanta's Annual Conference Sessionize Event

March 2023 Duluth, Georgia, United States

Jared Carrizales

Remote work manager and advocate

Dallas, Texas, United States


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