Jared Rhodes

Jared Rhodes

Principal, EPAM Systems - Cloud | Edge | Things

Atlanta, Georgia, United States

Jared Rhodes has been in the IT industry for over fifteen years and got his big break by when a team of mechanicals and electrical engineers needed "that coded in C". He now is a leader in Microsoft Technologies helping to deliver everything from Security to Cloud Native solutions with a soft spot for on-premises Edge and IoT. Jared's journey in the IT industry may have started with a simple task of helping three sensors make a sonar array, but he has since climbed the ranks to become a humorous voice in the world of cloud computing. With a wealth of experience and a unique perspective, Jared has lived the life of an IT professional and has plenty of stories to tell and the scars to prove them. His journey has given him a deep understanding of the evolution of technology and has equipped him with the skills to succeed in today's hybrid cloud world. Whether you're looking for tips on navigating complex systems or just need a good laugh, Jared is the one for the job.


Area of Expertise

  • Information & Communications Technology


  • Azure
  • AI
  • IoT
  • Data
  • Cloud
  • Systems Administration
  • Cloud Native
  • Cloud & DevOps
  • Cloud Architecture
  • Cloud Technology
  • System Design
  • Mobile IoT and Embedded Systems
  • Embedded systems
  • Programming
  • .NET

Azure Chaos Studio - Deliberately Introducing Faults

This session will focus on Azure Chaos Studio, a fully managed chaos engineering experimentation platform for accelerating discovery of hard-to-find problems, and introduce the audience to:
* Azure Chaos Studio and what purpose does it serve?
* The basics of Azure Chaos Studio and the different kinds of chaos it can be used for.
* How to use it in testing scenarios with Azure DevOps.

Home Lab - Private Cloud on a budget

Really like computers? Use homelabs to experiment in. It's a sandbox environment where if you break it, you fix it, and more importantly it isn't costing money while it's down.

In this talk, we will discuss how to cheaply and easily:
* Acquire Cheap Hardware
* Utilize Free Software
* Use a Homelab

Azure for the Enterprise - Getting Started

After signing the Enterprise agreement with Microsoft, its time to start onboarding your first team to your Azure environment. How do you setup networking? How do you manage access controls? Where are the access logs? How do we prevent cyber attacks? What do we do with the existing applications in our data centers?
In this session, we will cover the steps in creating an Azure environment for the enterprise by exploring different options available to satisfy enterprise requirements. These include: Policies, Role Based Access Controls, Disaster Recovery, and more.

Azure Management for the Enterprise

Enterprise environments can span thousands of applications with even more teams, team members, and management. Within those are different business units, data classifications, cost centers, reports, alerts, and on and on.
In this session, we will cover how to use Azure Policy to simplify the management of an Azure environment. This will be a look at Initiatives, Policies, and Management Groups; exploring how they can be used to make management of IT systems.... manageable.

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Jared Rhodes

Principal, EPAM Systems - Cloud | Edge | Things

Atlanta, Georgia, United States