Jeffrey St. Germain

Jeffrey St. Germain


As a Technical Team Lead, I bring a wealth of experience and expertise to the table, having been in the technology industry for over 30 years. My passion for technology runs deep, as I am constantly seeking out new solutions for clients and staying ahead of the curve with cutting-edge technologies. In my role as a leader, I am dedicated to guiding my team and fostering a collaborative, innovative environment. When I'm not knee deep in code, I can be found on the volleyball court, where I've played competitively for 32 years, or at the gym, where I maintain a strong commitment to CrossFit. My lifelong love of learning and drive to excel make me a valuable asset to any organization.

How to build a 2.5d Side Scroller - Unity

In this session, I will demonstrate and describe how I built a single level of Nowhere (a Limbo inspired game). The session will cover animation, scripting, level designing, physics and parallax with 2.5d.

Straight to Production! - Trunk-based Dev with Feature Management

Learn about how to have a single trunk in the repository for development, deploy directly to production, and manage the features using feature management. I will touch on the topics of security, database management, QA process, and more.

Build your first Unity3D 2018 and C# Game

If you’ve ever wanted a hands-on crash course in game development, this session will walk you through how I built a 2D vertical scrolling game in Unity3D 2018 to give a taste of Unity 2D game development. You’ll get access to the source code so you can follow along, or feel comfortable to just observe and learn so you can implement later.

We will cover:

* How to import sprites
* Slicing sprites
* Adding Bones to sprites for animation
* Animation basics
* 2D physics
* Tile building
* C# scripting
* Swapping skins at runtime
* Saving data
* And more.

Building Serverless Robust, Secured Angular 6 Web Applications

Some development doesn’t need high availability, several massive servers, and lots of infrastructure. Yet, can you build secure a web app in Angular 6 hitting an Azure Serverless API, and only pay for the up-time used? Yup! In this session I will discuss how to setup a series of serverless Azure API endpoints, secure those APIs with JWT tokens from Identity Server 4, and to scaffold the APIs into an angular 6 site.

This new option of hosted services will bring more flexible, targeted options for many use cases. You’ll find this beneficial if you want the power of modern web technology but only need it available when the site is requested or during contextually relevant instances.

Jeffrey St. Germain