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The Hague, South Holland, Netherlands

Jeff Wouters

MVP CDM | MCT | CTO @ Methos | JeffOps

Jeff Wouters, MVP Cloud & Datacenter Management, PowerShellian, blogger, speaker and Dutchie. He is a frequent speaker at (inter)national events with a focus on Automation, Cloud and DevOps and is the co-founder of the Dutch PowerShell User Group. Jeff holds the role of CTO at Methos, where he guides customers to a infrastructure-as-code and DevOps way of infrastructure management.

Current sessions

The psychology to building a team that automates, scripts and DevOps

See what I did there in the title? Did I just made DevOps a verb?! Yes, because it takes actual work. Over the years I’ve been to many customers helping them automate, script and work get the Operation teams to work with their developers, instead of making things ‘not their problem’. During this session I’ll take you with me on a 5+ year journey, building teams with a DevOps mindset, changing the behaviour of developers, it-professionals and even managers or project leaders. Stereo-types can be recognized, positioned, managed or used. All have their own strengths and with the right techniques and methods can empore the people around them. I’ll teach you techniques that will make you the key component between departments and enable you to facilitate change that will elevate your team, department or company to show an agile behaviour.

Pester – Trust is good, verification is better

Unit testing is kinda a big thing when it comes to writing good code. When working on code with a team, you wouldn't want to change something in the code that breaks your deployments, right? Writing tests for your code helps you avoid that problem... so that together, you can achieve more by not spending time solving the consequences of (your?) stupid mistakes. During this session I'll introduce you to Pester, the framework you can use for writing tests to test your code. Once you unerstand the basics, you can go very fast very quickly.

Your own (advanced) PowerShell function template in 45 minutes

Over the years I've provided many PowerShell trainings and helped Ops people to become (better) scripters. When it comes to writing PowerShell functions, there is an easy way of writing a generic function template which I'll show you. During this, I'll also show you what 'wrong' output you get when you forget something, so by recognizing the symptom (wrong output) you can recognize what you forgot.

PowerShell Unbound – Tips & Tricks

This session is all about tips 'n tricks you can use in PowerShell. Jeff will cover mostly practical and some improved performance of scripts that some even more seasoned PowerShell-ians don't know about, including others that are just plain fun. This session will get you out of your after-lunch-drowsiness or simply get you through a long day of deep technical sessions with lots of energy and fun.

Meetings in a COVID era, and beyond

Shorter, efficient and more productive meetings, isn't that what we all want? How to accomplish this is where most people and companies struggle. During this session I'll share tips and tricks I've learned over the years, and my experiences during the lockdown where we were forced to do remote/virtual meetings.

Howto: Not get a burnout

You hear it every once in a while: Someone that's sick at home, undergoing a burnout. How do you avoid this yourself? Do you recognize the signs? What are the signs? Can you maintain a work-life balance? Is it the same for everyone? If not, what is it for you? In this lunch break session, Jeff Wouters covers some of these topics that affect all of us, one way or another.

Generating your release notes

This session I'll show you how you can automate and generate your release notes. We'll use Git, Azure DevOps, and some nice PowerShell to do this.

Generating your

This session I'll show you how you can automate and generate your files. How you can do this modular, and easily get all the required information through the Azure DevOps API.