Jon Vöge

Jon Vöge

Senior Consultant at Inspari - a valantic company

Copenhagen, Denmark

Jon is a Senior Consultant at Inspari, working with Solution Architecture and delivering Microsoft Fabric, Power BI & Power Platform solutions. He is passionate about Low-code development, and a huge believer in putting data analytics into the hands of the business user.

Area of Expertise

  • Information & Communications Technology


  • Microsoft Power platform
  • Microsoft Power BI
  • Alteryx
  • Tableau
  • Microsoft Power Apps
  • Microsoft Power Automate
  • Microsoft Power Pages
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Microsoft Data Platform
  • Dataverse
  • Microsoft Fabric
  • Dynamics 365
  • Dynamics CRM
  • Data Platform
  • Data Analytics
  • Data Engineering
  • analytics engineering

Next-Gen Reporting: Extending Reports with Data-Driven Notifications for Instant Insights

Not everything should be a Power BI report; sometimes a notification is all you need.

Microsoft Fabric & Power Platform includes a whole range of solutions for delivering data driven insight to end-users, without the need for them to always rely on Power BI reports.

This session explores the different options for data driven notifications in Microsoft Fabric & Microsoft Power Platform including:
- Data Activator Alerts
- Power BI Metrics
- Dynamic per Recipient Report Subscriptions
- Power Automate Flows
- Adaptive Cards in Microsoft Teams

Each option will be evaluated with practical examples, technical walkthrough, and tips & tricks for you to get started.

You will leave the session with thorough knowledge of when to apply which tool, the skills required for each solution, and a list of suggestions for how to get started with data driven notifications in your own context.

How to: Data Write Back to Data Warehouse in Fabric from Power BI

Do you want to bring Front-End and Back-end even closer together in Microsoft Fabric? Then this is the session for you.

This session will teach you how to configure Power Apps and Power Automate to write-back data directly into your Data Warehouse in Microsoft Fabric. A solution which can be embedded directly in Power BI too!

After this session, you will know:
- How to find and use the SQL Endpoint of the Fabric Data Warehouse in Power Apps and Power Automate.
- How to embed these integrations directly in Power BI, and give the power of write-back to Fabric to your end-users.
- How to govern and control access to this write-back functionality

Browser Only: How far can you go as a Data Analyst in Microsoft Fabric?

How far can you go with Microsoft Fabric as a Data Analyst?
How far can you go using only low code development in your browser?

This session explores how the Data Analyst might take advantage of Microsoft Fabric solely in their browser, leveraging multiple Fabric Experiences:
- Data Factory
- Data Warehouse
- Power BI
- Data Activator

After this session, you will know how to use your browser to Ingest Data, Orchestrate Ingestion, build Golden Datasets in a Data Warehouse and build actionable reporting with Power BI and Data Activator - All from the perspective of an analyst.

10 Power FX tricks that you didn't know you needed

Are you a Canvas Apps developer looking for ways to optimize your creations?
Perhaps you find yourself writing duplicate code, being frustrated with forms or experiencing poor performance?

This session is a tour de force through 10 of the most useful formulas and functionalities in Power Apps. You will learn how to combine simple formulas that you already know in new ways, and optimize your use of more complex formulas.

After this session, you will know how to:
- Take advantage of controls in new and innovative ways
- Performance optimize your code
- Reduce duplicate code and improve readability of your code

Peak Performance Power Apps: 5 steps to performance optimize your Canvas Apps

Maximizing performance and and minimizing load times is crucial to any App.
Canvas Power Apps are prone to poor performance, especially as the amount of data being processed increases.

This session will teach you how to analyse the performance of your Canvas Power Apps to identify bottlenecks, and provide you with a set of suggested best practices you can directly apply in your own Power Apps to boost performance.

After this session, you will know:
- How to identify, analyse and quantify performance issues in your Power Apps.
- How to reduce loading times in your apps.
- How to improve performance when writing data to data sources.

From Data Analyst to Analytics Engineer with Microsoft Fabric

Power BI revolutionized the discipline of Data Analytics, and birthed a new generation of Data Analysts, by bringing analytics into the hands of the business.

With the introduction of Microsoft Fabric, the same data analysts face a treasure trove of new features and capabilities ready to be taken into use. But what challenges does the data analyst face in this transition? How does data analysts reap the benefits of Microsoft Fabric and possibly transition into a new role as Analytics Engineer?

This session will outline the challenges faced by Data Analysts in organizations which choose to adopt MIcrosoft Fabric, as well as propose a suggested roadmap for analysts looking to make the most of the new possibilities.

After this session, you will know:
- How Microsoft Fabric affects the role of Data Analysts
- Which skills are demanded of an Analytics Engineer looking to succeed with Microsoft Fabric
- A possible path for a Data Analyst looking to transition from Data Analytics to Analytics Engineering.

Copilot Conundrum: The dos and don'ts of Copilot in Microsoft Fabric

Copilot is everywhere in the Microsoft universe, and Microsoft Fabric is no exception. But how do you reap the benefits of Copilot? What does it do well, and when is it less useful, in its current state?

These questions are the focal points of this session, which takes you through the dos and don'ts of Copilot in Microsoft Fabric.

The session will cover the following topics:
- How to enable and get started with Copilot in Fabric
- The capabilities of Copilot for Dataflows for data cleaning and transformation, and where it falls short.
- Copilot in Power BI Desktop, and the DAX it does and doesn't do well.
- Report Creation, data exploration and data analysis in the Power BI Service with Copilot

Is Power BI Desktop no longer needed? - The case in favour of browser-only development

For developing Power BI reports and semantic models, Power BI Desktop has long reigned supreme, but Power BI Desktop comes with multiple issues:

Power BI Desktop is dependent on local hardware, local operating system, and frequent updates made by the user, to stay performant, relevant and even useable.

Simultaneously, two major tracks of innovation has made it more than attractive than ever to ditch Power BI Desktop altogether:

- GIT Integration between Workspaces and Azure Dev Ops makes browser development a breeze, improving version control, collaborative development and deployment processes.

- Web Model Authoring and Fabric makes it possible to build enterprise grade semantic models leveraging DirectLake solely in the browser, eliminating the need for ETL in Power BI Desktop/Power Query.

This session will try to make the case in favour of browser-only Power BI Development, and showcase a paradigm of collaborative development of reports and semantic models without ever touching Power BI Desktop.

Setup Data Driven Alerts on any data point in Power BI with Power Automate

Do you want to send notifications to users by email/notification when Thresholds are exceeded?
Do you want to export & store these data points in your database for further analysis?
Then you need to check out the integrations between Power Automate and Power BI Datasets!

This session teaches you how to get started with the integrations between Power Automate and Power BI Datasets, how to write the necessary DAX queries to export data from Power BI to Power Automate, and how to manipulate the data inside Power Automate.

After this session, you will know how to set up your own Data Driven Alerts with Power Automate.

Learn to create three types of low-code Power BI & Microsoft Fabric Extensions with Power Apps

With Power Apps we can build custom low-code extensions in Power BI and Microsoft Fabric, making the report experience more interactive for the user.

This session will show you the entire journey from A to Z, of creating three different Power Apps extensions to be embedded in Power BI reports, as well as teach you all the tips & tricks to make the most of the integration.

After this session you will know:
- How to build your own Comment Extension for your Power BI reports
- How to build a LookUp extension to run dynamic queries against APIs such as OpenAIs ChatGPT, and return information to your Power BI users
- How to build a write-back extension to Dataverse/SQL Database/Fabric Data Warehouse, which makes data inputted by your users show up LIVE in your report

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Jon Vöge

Senior Consultant at Inspari - a valantic company

Copenhagen, Denmark

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