Juergen Gutsch

Information & Communications Technology

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Singen, Germany

Juergen Gutsch

Developer, Trainer, Consultant and Project Manager at YooApplications AG

Juergen is a .NET addicted web developer, working with ASP.NET since 2002. He is an MVP for Visual Studio and Development Technologies and the leader of INETA Deutschland. He works as a software developer, consultant and trainer at YooApplication AG in Basel. Along with his family and job, he writes articles for .NET magazines and posts in his blog at https://asp.net-hacker.rocks. You can find more about him at https://about.me/juergengutsch

Current sessions

Customizing ASP.NET Core

ASP.NET Core has many options to customize, to mach all of your requirements. It's not only running on Linux, Mac and Windows, it also has many possibilities to modify the whole framework in an arbitrarily way. Juergen shows you 10 of the most important things to modify.

Building reliable applications ASP.NET Core and React

Juergen the ASP.NET expert and Emanuel the React expert will show you how to put ASP.NET Core and React together and why this is the best combination to build reliable and scalable web applications. Join the workshop and build a Step Challenge fitness app using ASP.NET Core and React running on Azure

FC Basel on Azure - Soccer in the cloud

Four years ago we released a completely new version of the digital presentation (website, mobile apps, live ticker, image database, videos, shop and extra net) of one of the most successful soccer clubs In Switzerland. All of the services of that digital presentation are designed to run on Azure. Since then we are continuously working on it, adding new features, integrating new services and improving performance, security and so on.

This talk is about how the digital presentation was built, how it works and how we continuously deploy new feature and improvements to Azure.

Build up an ASP.NET Core web from scratch

How does ASP.NET Core really work? What are the differences to previous versions? Juergen shows how a ASP.NET Core web is built up from scratch. Starting from a "Hello World" .NET Core console application and step by step going to a full blown ASP.NET Core MVC application.

What is new in ASP.NET Core 2.2?

ASP.NET 2.0 is released since summer 2017, but what about the new versions? Are you now able to use ASP.NET Core without any concerns and restrictions in real live projects? In this talk, I'm going to show you the most important new and cool features in ASP.NET Core since 2.0 (currently including 2.1 and 2.2)

Continuously deliver an ASP.NET Core application using CAKE

Ho do you make developers responsible for DevOps tasks?
It's simple: Use cool tools and a cool way to script and run build and deployment tasks on every platform and on every build system.
CAKE ist one of that cool tools!
I'm going to show you an example about how to use C# script to prepare, build, test and deploy a ASP.NET Core application to Microsoft Azure.

ASP.NET Core Health Checks

In the micro service environment it is important to know the health state of the different services and handle bad states. This is what Microsoft created the ASP.NET Core Health Checks for.
Juergen contributed to the first architecture drafts of ASP.NET Core health Checks and will show you - based on real world applications - how to configure and use it.

Continuously deliver an ASP.NET Core application using Azure Pipelines

Azure Pipelines is Microsofts new open tool to build, test and deploy various kinds of projects on different platforms to also different targets. With a real world project on GitHub Juergen will show you how easy it is to to configure an Azure Pipeline job and to get it running to deliver a ASP.NET Core application to an Azure Website.

Past and future events

Advanced Developers Conference 2018

Workshop: Creating web apps using ASP.NET Core MVC
29 Oct 2018 - 31 Oct 2018
Munich, Germany

.NET Conf

a virtual conference
* Session: Customizing ASP.NET Core
12 Sep 2018 - 14 Sep 2018

dotnet Cologne 2018

* Lightning Talk: Fußball in der Cloud - der FC Basel auf Azure
* Session: Customizing ASP.NET Core
* Session: Was ist neu in ASP.NET Core 2.x?
3 May 2018 - 4 May 2018
Köln, Germany

Basel .NET User Group

* Session: ASP.NET Core 2.1 - What's new
30 Apr 2018 - 30 Apr 2018
Basel, Switzerland


* Session: Von der Konsole zum Web - ASP.NET Core From Scratch
27 Apr 2018 - 28 Apr 2018
Nürnberg, Germany

.NET User Group Karlsruhe

* Session: ASP.NET From Scratch
* Session: Customizing ASP.NET Core
22 Mar 2018 - 22 Mar 2018
Karlsruhe, Germany

Basel .NET User Group

* Session: Continuous Delivery using CAKE
26 Feb 2018 - 26 Feb 2018
Basel, Switzerland

Azure & .NET Meetup Freiburg

* Session: .NET Core & .NET Standard - Theorie & Praxis
11 Oct 2017 - 11 Oct 2017
Freiburg, Germany

Basel .NET User Group

* Session: FC Basel on Azure
25 Sep 2017 - 25 Sep 2017
Basel, Switzerland

Advanced Developers Conference 2017

* Session: Customizing ASP.NET Core
* Workshop: Web App mit ASP.NET Core MVC
18 Sep 2017 - 19 Sep 2017
Köln, Germany

Azure User Group Zurich

Session: FC Basel on Azure
29 Aug 2017 - 29 Aug 2017
Zürich, Switzerland