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Information & Communications Technology

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Nottingham, England, United Kingdom

Julian Sharp

Dynamics 365, Power Platform, and Azure Solutions Architect at Ready 365

Julian has worked with Dynamics 365 since first release and has over the past 4-5 years used Power Platform and Azure to enhance solutions for users, Julian is a Microsoft Certified Trainer and Business Applications MVP and delivers training across Europe on Azure and the Power Platform

Current sessions

Getting started teaching Power Platform

Overview of the Power Platform courses and what you need to know about the products to be able to teach effectively

Low-code application development on Azure

Create web and mobile front ends using low-code tools to your data and services running in Azure. Leverage Azure Functions and API Management to enable Power Platforms' low-code tools to accelerate front-end development and to modernize legacy applications.
The session describes the tools involved and explains the common architecture and patterns involved.
The session will also describe the concept of Fusion Dev teams and how to get started with Fusion Dev

Getting started teaching Dynamics 365

Overview of the Dynamics 365 courses and what you need to know about the product and business to be able to teach effectively

Microsoft Dataverse: A managed data platform for building apps

This session introduces Dataverse, part of Microsoft Power Platform, as a central location to access and manage data. I will walk through the functionality contained in Dataverse, its APIs, integration, enhancing data with AI, and how to import and export data, finishing off with connecting to other data stores.

Cosmos DB with Power Platform and Dataverse

Did you know that Power Platform can read Cosmos DB data directly using virtual tables, and can read and write Cosmos DB directly using Connectors.
This session will show you how to link your app makers to Cosmos DB data

New Microsoft Certified Trainer: What do I do now?

You have just become a new MCT and there are so many things to find out and nowhere to go. This session will guide you around the MCT program and resources and allow you to discover all the official and unofficial sources of information that will help you as an MCT

Creating a learning culture in your organisation

Providing every employee with the skills to perform their job has never been more important as the challenges faced in a rapidly changing world are not disappearing.
What is more important however is embedding a learning culture so that workers and managers can adapt quickly.
This session will discuss why a learning culture is not simply training.
We will look at several examples and lay out what you can do in your company or even just your department to create a learning culture.

Being a Microsoft Certified Trainer: How do you become an MCT and what does it mean

This session will discuss the requirements for Microsoft Certified Trainer program and how you can become an MCT, the benefits you will gain, and the next steps for a new MCT

Skilling up in the Dataverse and Power Platform

What are the skills I need to use, administer, configure, and develop using Microsoft Dataverse as a platform for building and managing apps. This session will cover skills in Microsoft 365, security, importing and exporting data, and data modelling.

Options and methods for customizing Dataverse

Compare different ways of achieving the same customization with different methods: workflow vs flow, Plugins vs JavaScript vs Business Rules, JavaScript vs Embedded Canvas apps, some tips and tricks by creating entities, for Developers and Non-Developers. Will compare code-first vs low-code options.

Discover the Field Service mobile Power App

Microsoft has released a new Power App based mobile client for Field Service. Learn what this contains and some of the cool features

PCF 101 - How to start creating your own code components

Power Apps Component Framework is an exciting way to increase the usability of your solutions. But how do you start, the documentation tells you what to do but you struggle where to start. If you cannot figure out how to begin creating your own components, then this session is for you. A step-by-step walkthrough of how to create and deploy a component and the resources available to you.

This is a session for developers

PL-400: Power Platform Developer certification review

This session explains the scope of the PL-400 exam for Power Platform developers, reviews the objectives, explains what those objectives really mean, and directs you at resources to help you prepare for success.

This session is aimed at developers

AI 101 - Options for using AI in the Power Platform

AI Builder allows you to enhance your apps and data with Artificial Intelligence without being a Data Scientist or having to learn algorithms.
This session will explain how you can use AI Builder to create your own machine learning models and then use those models in your apps and flows.
The session will explain how AI Builder compares with Azure Cognitive Services and Azure Machine Learning and compares these different services.
You will learn that the Azure services are not as scary as they first appear and how they are valid options for your solutions.
Finally, we will look at which service to use in different scenarios.

This session is aimed at developers and non-developers.

PL-900 Power Platform Fundamentals

Overview of the PL-900 exam, who it is aimed at, and the resources available to prepare for the exam

I am an MCT and run community study groups including one for PL-90

Want to be a Solutions Architect

What does it take to become a solution architect in Dynamics and the Power Platform? What skills, knowledge and experience are required? What resources are there?

Dynamic 365 Certification

Update of exams and certification for Dynamics 365. Resources for learning and tips for taking Dynamics exams. Why you should get certified

Using Power Platform for IoT

This session will show how the Power Platform can be used to monitor and control Azure IoT devices. I will explore the capabilities of Power Apps, Power Automate and Power BI to link to Azure IoT, AI and Dynamics 365 to create mobile solutions for users.

Power Platform and Azure: Better Together - Azure Functions as Custom Connectors

Creating reusable calculations for Biz Apps citizen developers using Azure Functions. This session is for developers to learn about how to create custom connectors linked to Azure functions and for app makers to learn how to consume Azure functions.
The session will start exploring how to create Azure Functions and how to access the Power Platform from an Azure Function.
We will next look into using Azure API Management to control access to the Functions.
We will see how to call an Azure Function from Microsoft Dataverse.
Finally, we will create a custom connector for the Azure Function and consume this connector Power Apps and Power Automate cloud flows.
This is a demo heavy session.

This session has been delivered before in 2019 but there is now a lot more about how to use Azure Functions and Azure API Management with Power Platform

Azure IoT Central

This workshop will get you started with free IoT Central

Azure IoT PaaS vs IoT Central SaaS

This session will explore the differences between Azure IoT PaaS service (IoT Hub, Stream Analytics, TSI, DPS etc) and Azure IoT Central, a new IoT SaaS solution

Dynamics 365 Power Platform Developer Certification

This session will review the contents of the new Developer certification for the Power Platform and go over the main topics in the exam and where you can find learning resources

Kaizala and Power Platform

Using Kaizala to create powerful low cost solutions for front line workers

Kaizala with Power Automate, Power BI and Teams for mobile users

Schedule Anything with Universal Resource Scheduling

Schedule Anything. Find out how to easily enable URS for any entity and what is then required to schedule resources successfully.

Certification for the Power Platform

Overview of the Dynamics 365 and Power Platform exams and how to be become certified in the Power Platform.

AI in Dynamics 365 Customer Data Platform

Customer Data Platform is a hot topic in the world of IT, but what is a CDP and how can it help you

Dynamics 365 Customer Insights is Microsoft’s attempt at a CDP, but here is a secret, you don’t need to have a Dynamics 365 app to use it.

This session will explain the capabilities of Customer Insights with Audience Insights and Engagement Insights, what built-in Artificial Intelligence is provided and how you can use your own Machine Learning models to enrich your data.

This session is focused on the AI that can be used in Customer Insights

DA-100 Certification Overview

This session explains the scope of the DA-100 exam for Power BI data analysts, reviews the objectives, explains what those objectives really mean, and directs you at resources to help you prepare for success.

An introduction to Power Automate Desktop

Overview of and use cases for Robotic Program Automation (RPA) and how to get going with the Power Automate Desktop tools

Level 100 and is how to start and create you first desktop flow

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