Just Blindbæk

Just Blindbæk

Microsoft BI architect, trainer, speaker and MVP | twoday kapacity

Århus, Denmark


BI architect with extensive experience in all phases of BI development on Microsoft SQL Server, Azure, Fabric and Power BI. Founder and coordinator of Microsoft Business Intelligence Professionals Denmark (MsBIP.dk) and Power BI UG Denmark (PowerBI.dk). Is a Microsoft Certified Trainer at Orange Man.


Area of Expertise

  • Information & Communications Technology


  • Microsoft Power BI
  • Microsoft Fabric
  • Azure Synapse Analytics

Demystifying the Data Lakehouse in Fabric

Are you a Classic BI and Data Warehouse (DWH) developer eager to understand the Data Lakehouse concept that's taking the data world by storm? This session is tailored just for you.

Delve into key questions: What exactly is a Data Lakehouse, and why are terms like bronze, silver, and gold gaining popularity? Should you embrace Python or can you rely on trusty SQL?

Discover the power of decoupling storage and compute, where storage is cheap, compute is expensive, and you can easily scale compute for specific tasks. Learn about OneLake and Delta Lake and why mastering PySpark makes sense for tasks like data cleaning, handling semi-structured data, and integrating with API-based sources like event streams.

But don't forget, SQL is still cool. It's an excellent practice for defining business logic and simplifies porting logic between platforms. With Spark SQL, it's not far from what you know. Plus, explore how to leverage Spark notebooks with mark-up for documentation.

Join us to unravel the Data Lakehouse in Fabric and learn how to make the right choices for your data development journey.

Fabric Tenant Monitoring Essentials: A DIY Approach

In the ever-evolving landscape of Fabric tenant management, obtaining a holistic overview is of paramount importance. Join us for an in-depth exploration of a do-it-yourself (DIY) monitoring solution, equipping you to gain a profound understanding of user activities, creations, and the extraction of vital tenant insights.

Learn to set up Pipelines efficiently within Fabric and data querying using Fabric Lakehouse for powerful insights.

By gaining access to the session's code, you'll be able to replicate a similar solution within your own tenant, unearthing precious knowledge about user behaviors, artifact metadata, and tenant settings.

Furthermore, we'll touch on alternative solutions to address your diverse monitoring needs, ensuring you're well-equipped to optimize your tenant management and make data-driven decisions.

Creating a true self-service report | without exporting to Excel

By showcasing a blend of the following features, we will illustrate the process of crafting highly customizable Power BI reports. We will explore four primary scenarios, delving into their respective benefits, drawbacks, and suitable use cases.

Session Agenda:

(1) Truly Custom Reports
• Empowering end-users to customize visuals
• Leveraging Perspectives

(2) Optimizing with a Single Matrix Visual
• Utilizing Fields parameters
• Harnessing the potential of Calculation groups

(3) Page-Level Customization
• Implementing Translations for global reach
• Employing Numeric range parameters for data precision

(4) Enhancing Export Capabilities
• Delving into Paginated reports
• Seamless integration with PowerPoint
• Streamlining operations with Flow"

Attend this session to gain insights into how these features can revolutionize your Power BI reporting capabilities.

Mastering Fabric: Workspace Governance and Organization

Fabric provides a comprehensive analytical solution, but it can quickly become overwhelming without establishing clear guidelines for workspace creation and utilization. Given the ever-expanding range of resources that Fabric offers, effective organization is paramount. This not only enhances the overall user experience but also plays a pivotal role in ensuring security and permissions are appropriately managed.

In this overview session, we will delve into best practices for governing workspaces within your tenant. These guidelines are designed to cater to both enterprise-level users and those engaging in self-service operations. You'll receive a practical checklist tailored to various use cases, allowing you to kickstart your workspace management or streamline existing setups with ease.

Mastering Cross-Dataset KPI Reporting in Power BI

In the ever-expanding world of data analytics, it's not uncommon to find yourself juggling multiple Power BI datasets. Sales data here, financial data there, and the need for unified reporting everywhere. But how do you bridge the gap?

Join this session as we explore multiple pathways to achieve this data convergence. One is to use Power BI dashboards, which have some limitations. Another is to explore the new scorecard functionality with Power BI metrics. Or you can create a new dataset on top of the others - either using composite models or import mode.

Let's take a tour of all the different solutions and see what they have to offer. You will learn a lot and enable you to make informed decisions that best align with your specific needs.

The Hitchhiker's Guide to navigating Power BI

Do you ever feel like you're adrift in the vast universe of Power BI, unsure of which way is up or down, and how much control you have over navigation? Join us in this session to navigate these uncharted waters and uncover the myriad options available for shaping the navigation experience in Power BI.

We'll embark on a three-tiered exploration of navigation, covering (1) Internal Report navigation, (2) Navigation between Reports in Apps, and (3) Optimizing the Power BI Web Portal to help users discover Apps and Reports. You'll be astonished by the extent to which you can enhance the user experience.

Topics to be explored include Power BI Service navigation, seamless intranet and Teams integration, Dashboard setup, the App navigation, the power of Drill Through, the versatility of Buttons, the magic of Bookmarks, and so much more. Get ready to chart a course towards providing your users with an unparalleled Power BI experience.

Next Step Power BI Tabular model development

Today most people use Power BI Desktop to develop datasets. While Power BI Desktop is a great tool for the citizen developer it also has limitations. If you want to take your development skills to the next level, you should consider using Tabular Editor (free or paid version) to develop your data models.

Tabular Editor is a tool for developing tabular data models (Power BI or Analysis Services). It allows the developer to be more productive by separating the model metadata and the actual data. This allows for scripting, multiselect editing and best practice analyzing. Since you are only working with metadata it allows for easier integration with source control and DevOps.

This training day will help you transition from Power BI Desktop to Tabular Editor. You will be much more productive and will (optionally) be able to integrate data model development into DevOps processes. We will start by developing a simple data model and gradually introduce advanced data modelling techniques in Tabular Editor.

In this training the following topics will be covered:
• Benefits of Tabular Editor
• Role playing dimensions
• Multiple fact tables at different granularity
• Many-to-many relationships
• Perspectives and partitions
• Best practice analyzer
• Advanced scripting
• VertiPaq storage engine
• Deployment and DevOps
• Object level security
• Calculation Groups

At the end of this training day the attendee will come away with the following knowledge:
• Why use Tabular Editor
• How to use Tabular Editor to develop tabular models
• How to further the quality of tabular models

Architectural blueprints for the Modern Data Warehouse

This session will walk you through five different ways to set up an affordable Azure based Data Warehouse solution. Covering pros and cons with each of the architectures.

Classic solutions with source system in the one end and the reporting in the other end. But what do we put in the middle? What are the available services to extract, transform and load our data? And how about orchestration and monitoring?

Does it matter if we choose schema on read or schema on write? What are the drawbacks and benefits?

Special focus on reusing the competencies we have already acquired from making the same solutions on SQL Server.

Paginated Reports in Power BI

Paginated Reports have moved in with Power BI in the cloud - get ready to the big wedding! Analytical interactive reports are now side-by-side with the good old pixel perfect print friendly paginated reports.

Join this introduction session and learn all about the strengths and weaknesses of Paginated Reports and why you should pay attention and learn about this “new” type of report in the Power BI Service.

We will walk through the concepts behind and create a report from scratch all the way to publish. Also covering how you can test and use the feature - even without Premium. Finally you will get a glimpse into the future on what additional features we can expect to come - both in the near future and on the longer run.

XMLA endpoints, Power BI open-platform connectivity

Did you hear it? Power BI is merging with Azure Analysis Services! Microsoft is now opening up and giving us full access to the powerful Analysis Services engine in the Power BI service. This gives us semantic models that serve as the single source of truth for the whole enterprise. Manage the models (datasets) with the tools you know and love and give read access to a variety of Microsoft and third-party client tools.

This session will give you the complete overview, show you how to get started, great demoes of currently working client tools and introduction to what is coming next.

The traditional modern Data Warehouse

Big data, Databricks and now also Synapse Analytics. Microsoft really focuses on how to put together BI and DWH solutions that can handle huge volumes of data. But what about the "ordinary" solutions in the SME market? How do we put together a sensible and affordable Azure solution for them? Where we can reuse the competencies we have already built from making the same solutions on SQL Server.

This session will go through and show you how to setup a very simple ETL framework based on Data Factory, Data Lake, SQL DB and Power BI. All code will be made available for you to download and use!

Power BI: From Self-Service to Enterprise

Power BI started out as a set of Self-Service BI tools in Excel before the merging into Power BI Desktop a couple of years ago. At the same time Power BI has evolved into a grownup scalable Enterprise BI platform. But how do you master to grow a solution from self-service to something that is scalable, managed and governed? A solution that can be trusted and used in the whole enterprise! Basically promoting a quickly made proof-of-concept project - but without redoing the whole thing.

In this demo heavy session we will take a look at the different steps you have to master, so you can make a successful ownership transfer of the different component in your Power BI solution. It be the data mashup, data modelling, report creation and report distribution. We will start with one Power BI Desktop file containing it all and end with a solution that is split up in Dataflows, Tabular model, Reports and Apps. Using the fact that Power BI eventually came out of a set of different tools and technologies. We will end up looking at different ways to certify and brand the datasets, reports and apps. So your users can distingues what is still self-service and what is enterprise.

Power BI Quiz

The Power BI Quiz show is your chance to prove and test your knowledge on Power BI and maybe win the grand prize! Or be the lucky winner of the raffle prize(s).

It’s fun and you may actually get some learning out of it 😁

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Just Blindbæk

Microsoft BI architect, trainer, speaker and MVP | twoday kapacity

Århus, Denmark


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