Kendra Little

Information & Communications Technology

Database Administration DevOps & Automation DevOps Transformation

Cambridge, England, United Kingdom

Kendra Little

Product Manager at Redgate

Kendra Little (she/her) has specialized in relational database performance and automation for 20 years. Kendra worked as a database administrator in both startup environments and for a Fortune 100 corporation. As a consultant and trainer, Kendra focused on performance tuning and database internals. Kendra joined Redgate as a Developer Advocate in 2018. She is currently a Product Manager at Redgate focusing on Database DevOps.

Current sessions

SQL Server DBA Essentials for Developers

You're writing code for a SQL Server -- but you don't have any practical experience keeping SQL Servers alive and healthy in a production environment. In this session you will learn the essentials of database administration for a developer. We'll cover the essentials of what you need to know about locking and isolation levels, indexing and general performance, and practices that help you write and maintain code that behaves well with your production databases.

Git for DBAs: A Simple Intro

Every IT professional should learn the basics of Git. Even if you rarely work closely with developers, Git is such a powerful way to store and share operational scripts and configuration files that Git literacy is essential.

In this session, we will cover the following, using free tools:

* The basics of different Git implementations
* How to create a Git repo in Azure DevOps
* Essential Git commands for managing and sharing changes
* Tips for learning the Git CLI and using Git in Azure Data Studio
* A quick intro on using Git with Flyway Community Edition, a free, open source database deployment tool