Kendra Little

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Database Administration DevOps & Automation performance tuning

The Case of the Slow Temp Table: A Performance Tuning Problem

A community member sent me an interesting question: why would using a temp table cause a stored procedure to slow down dramatically? Why would the procedure use massively more logical reads against a temp table than it does against a user database table? In this session we reproduce the problem, then use built-in tools in SQL Server to diagnose and understand what is happening. We use the results to make a plan to keep the stored procedure fast.

Kendra Little

SQL Server and Azure SQL Adventurer

Kendra Little (she/her) has specialized in relational database performance and automation for 20 years. Kendra worked as a database administrator in both startup environments and for a Fortune 100 corporation. As a consultant and trainer, Kendra focused on performance tuning and database internals. Since then, Kendra has worked as an Advocate and Product Manager focusing on Database DevOps. Kendra has recently joined the SQL Docs team at Microsoft as a Senior Content Developer.

I live in Maine in the United States.

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