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Laura Graham-Brown

Laura Graham-Brown

MVP, Power Platform Consultant and Agony Aunt

Hemel Hempstead, United Kingdom

Data Platform Microsoft MVP, Power BI Developer
Over 20 year experience at being passionate about training, solving problems and loving a new challenge. Worked with a wide variety of clients both corporate and public services, enabling their citizen developers to create solutions to improve business processes.


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It's hard being the oldest child - Power BI knows!

There is a buzz around the Power Platform products. There are lots of new toys, whizzy features and the Power Platform parties are the loudest. Power BI is the oldest child of the family and isn't always included in the excitement. It doesn't claim to be no code and some would argue if it is even low code.

This session will walk through the ways in which Power BI can get help from its younger siblings and how it can get an invite to the parties. Power Automate to automate the refreshes and trigger actions on a refresh or a button. How even the youngest child Power Pages or the troublesome middle child Power Apps can surface your reports. Lots of demos to show how get the older sibling talking to the rest of the Power Platform family.

Low-Code Custom Visuals

Power BI comes with a wide range of visuals and even more if you add using Get More Visuals. Even so we have all had requirements for a unique visual to show that result in a new exciting way.
Power BI comes with multiple options to create visuals that are low-code or almost no-code. This session will cover multiple options including SVG, Deneb and Charticulator. There will be plenty of demos plus links to resources to learn more.

Gathering Report Requirements

Before anyone writes any transformation or modelling code, before themes are built, before the argument of not using pie charts begins we should be gathering the reporting requirements.

How do you find out actually what your customer needs? Why do they need it? How we as report builders can get the full details required?

This interactive session will include looking at various methods to gather the requirements from customers with mixed data knowledge in businesses we might not yet know.

Power BI Charticulator

Power BI comes with a vast selection of standard and custom visuals to display your data in a meaningful way to help your company make those data driven decisions. Sometimes this is just isn't enough and not everyone is a developer to build their own visuals. This is where the Charticulator visual comes in as a low-code tool to create unique visuals that fit your requirements and can be re-used across multiple reports.

In this demo rich session we will build visuals from scratch showing hints and tips to help get anyone up and running with this amazing visual that can make data truly beautiful.

Bringing Power BI into the Dataverse (and bringing Dataverse into Power BI)

Most Dataverse implementations, whether they be Power Apps or Dynamics 365 CE on the front-end, contain amazingly valuable data for the end-users and for the organizations' leadership.
Additionally, most Dataverse-based apps would benefit from additional data to enrich the '360-degree' view of an entity.
Learn the surprising options and best practices (and potential pitfalls) of connecting Power BI with Dataverse.

Intro to writing Power Query functions in M

The transformation of data in the Power Query stage of Power BI reporting is a very important stage and often scary to the newcomers to edit any of the code, let alone write functions. Learning how to tweak the M and write a few functions will open up huge possibilities to modernise and replace those complex Excel reports written in VBA.
This session will start with the "hello world" function and working up to more complex functions to use in your queries. Using parameters to make reusable building blocks to use again and again. No programming experience required although a shot of caffeine might be recommended.

Dataverse and Power BI

Power BI is part of the Power Platform family. Microsoft have the slide with all the members of the family in a row above data sources and Dataverse is there as the recommended data source for the Power Platform projects.

So what does connecting to Dataverse from Power BI look like? This session will look at the good, the and the ugly parts of connecting to Dataverse. As much as we all embrace the low-code revolution it can create some interesting data models.

I promise a demo rich session.

Create your first Paginated Report

10 minutes from no report to a published report ready to rock and roll.

Brilliant Power BI Report. Can I print it?

You spend hours working on visuals including slicers and filters to give your management a fully dynamic report to answer their every question, and your heart sinks as they ask how to print it. As much as it is tempting to just reply “No!”, we need to move people to Power BI in baby steps so we need a printing solution.

In this session we will walk through the possibilities of using the new Power Automate actions to deliver a reports in printable formats. With the recent announcement at Microsoft Ignite of premium per user, paginated reports are now a real possibility for more companies. We will also look at the mechanics of building a paginated report based off your Power BI desktop report.

Introduction to Paginated Reports

Paginated reports allow for that pixel perfect report to be built that can span multiple pages, delivered via email or combined with Power Automate to be saved in a team. It is not a replacement for Power BI but a complimenting service when you need that snap shot report. Now that Premium features are more available through Premium per User licences, paginated reports are a good solution for more companies.

In this session we will start with the basics, assuming no prior knowledge and cover the following topics.

Connecting to data and creating datasets.
Creating a tabular report and adding parameters
Publishing and Subscribing to a report
Creating a template
Connecting to a Power BI dataset.
Visuals and Conditional Formatting

Recommended 60+ minutes for this session. for a taster of the session

Power Query is taking over

An ever-popular tool for data analysts, Power Query first made an appearance in Excel and quickly became the engine behind PowerBI. More recently it has appeared in Power Automate as an extension the SQL connector and a tool for CDS. Providing the ability to transform data on the fly, understanding Power Query and the Language M is now an important skill for the keen citizen developer.

In this session we will look at how to transform data ready for your PowerApp or Flow and how to get Power Query to work it’s magic without having to write complex queries in M. For those that do want to push the boundaries further, we’ll look at the options for diving into the M code itself for more powerful options.

SQLBits 2023 - General Sessions Upcoming

March 2023 Newport, United Kingdom

South Coast Summit 2022

October 2022 Southampton, United Kingdom

Data Relay 2022

October 2022

Scottish Summit 2022

June 2022 Glasgow, United Kingdom

SQLBits 2022

March 2022 London, United Kingdom

Collab Summit

November 2021 Düsseldorf, Germany

Power Platform World Tour London

Session - Power Query and Flow
In September 2018 Microsoft introduced the Power Query Online integration for Microsoft Flow. This opens up the possibility of transforming and shaping data within Flow without having to understand OData or SQL.
This session will demonstrate different ways of combining data, transforming data, and then exposing the data as a csv, html table or looping through the records to automate a process based on your data within SQL server.
Finally we will look at the costs, limitations and considerations when using this new feature and the licenses that you require to use these techniques.

August 2019 London, United Kingdom

Collab365 Flow Virtual Summit

Online summit dedicated to Microsoft Flow
Session - Task Management using Flow
This session covers accessing tasks in lots of different platforms from Planner, to Wunderlist to Project Online.
It covers the challenges of different formats, triggers and copying complete lists from one platform to another to help you manage lists.

July 2019

PowerApps Virtual Conference

In this session, we will build a Hangman game that selects a word and lets the user pick letters and for every wrong answer draws another part of the hangman. Many "learn to code" courses include programming a game to explore different techniques in a fun way. The methods included here include using collections to track activity, using galleries to display a keyboard and correctly selected letters, using SVG to draw the hangman and using a timer to make a loop to set it all up.

March 2019

SharePoint Saturday Leicester

Power BI Introduction - So just how hot was this summer?
Level: 100
Track: End-User, Business
Power BI is a great tool from Microsoft to collect, transform and visualise your data in dynamic reports. It can handle a wide variety of data formats. Weather stations across Europe collect lots of data every day of every year.

This session is designed for anyone with little or no experience in Power BI. If you would like to learn about transforming data using queries, relationships, pretty visualisations, slicers and some natural language questions then this session is for you. Come and find out just how hot this summer has been compared to previous years.

November 2018 Leicester, United Kingdom

SharePoint Saturday Cambridge UK

June 2018 Cambridge, United Kingdom

Laura Graham-Brown

MVP, Power Platform Consultant and Agony Aunt

Hemel Hempstead, United Kingdom