Introduction to Paginated Reports

Paginated reports allow for that pixel perfect report to be built that can span multiple pages, delivered via email or combined with Power Automate to be saved in a team. It is not a replacement for Power BI but a complimenting service when you need that snap shot report. Now that Premium features are more available through Premium per User licences, paginated reports are a good solution for more companies.

In this session we will start with the basics, assuming no prior knowledge and cover the following topics.

Connecting to data and creating datasets.
Creating a tabular report and adding parameters
Publishing and Subscribing to a report
Creating a template
Connecting to a Power BI dataset.
Visuals and Conditional Formatting

Recommended 60+ minutes for this session. for a taster of the session

Laura Graham-Brown

MVP, Power Platform Consultant and Agony Aunt

Hemel Hempstead, United Kingdom

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