Lauren Darcey

Lauren Darcey

Android Platform @ Reddit

Boston, Massachusetts, United States


Mobile @ Reddit / Author of Android books

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The Tech Migration Playbook: A Reddit Case Study

Let's explore practical strategies for pitching, tracking, and measuring the value of Android tech stack and tooling migrations using real-world examples from Reddit. We’ll cover the full life cycle of a migration, from idea through execution, including some of the avoidable pitfalls. By the end of the talk, you’ll have new strategies and actionable insights to overcome challenges and achieve success in your own migration projects.

Key Themes:

Effective Pitching: Learn how to pitch migrations to stakeholders, emphasizing benefits like code maintainability, performance improvements, and developer productivity.

Finding Partners: Identify early adopters, reduce risk for complex ones, and convince the holdouts.

Tracking Progress: Explore best practices for tracking migration progress, including setting clear goals, establishing metrics, and using automation tools for monitoring.

Building Momentum: Discover strategies for building or maintaining momentum for your migration projects, even in challenging business conditions.

Measuring Value: Understand how to measure the value of migrations, including improvements in code quality, reduction in technical debt, and enhancements to user experience.

Case Study: Mobile Release Engineering @ Reddit

Reddit releases their Android and iOS apps weekly, one of the fastest deployment cadences in mobile. In the past year, we've harnessed this power to improve app quality and crash rates, iterate quickly to improve release stability and observability, and introduced increasingly automated processes to keep our releases and our engineering teams efficient, effective, and on-time (most of the time). In this talk, you'll hear about what has worked, what challenges we've faced, and learn how you can help your organization evolve its release processes successfully over time, as you scale.

Case Study: How Android Platform @ Reddit learned to stop worrying and embrace DevX

Successful platform teams are often caretakers of the developer experience and productivity. Explore some of the ways that the Reddit platform team has evolved its tooling and processes over time, and how we turned a platform with multi-hour build times into a hive of modest efficiency. Hear about what worked, what challenges were faced, and learn how you can help your organization evolve successfully over time, no matter the scale.

Key Points:

What We Monitor & How We Measure
* Quantitative and Qualitative Measures

Approaches that improved our local build experience
* Better Code Organization
* Addressing the Pain of Context Switching
* Improved Build Times & Tools for Success
* Preventing Downstream Failures

Approaches that improved our CI build experience
* Improved Workflow Organization
* Faster Runtimes / Parallelism / Sharding
* Improved Stability & Interactivity
* Self-Serve Tooling & Awareness (Bots, so many bots)

Approaches that improved our test coverage and app quality
* Introducing a Full Testing Pyramid
* Observability and Enforcement of Code Coverage

An Android Time Capsule: Reexamining Developer Advice from the First droidcon

Fifteen years ago, we gathered as a developer community for the first droidcon conference in Berlin to talk about Android. A few of us even gave talks and shared advice and opinions about this new exciting new platform for mobile development. But… Was that advice any good?

Let’s take a trip down out-of-memory lane as Shane and Laurie revisit their first Android talk on development tips and tricks from droidcon Berlin 2009. Twenty nuggets of advice were given (in square slide format, no less). How much of it still holds up in modern Android development? You, the audience, will help us decide!

Get ready to laugh and reminisce about the evolution of Android development over the past 15 years, what has changed and what hasn’t, from the wild early years of Cupcake and Donut to the modern platform we develop on today. Recall the good, the bad, and the quirky of Android's journey, including physical keyboards, weird wearables and more. Come along as we wax nostalgic about that first device you enabled USB debugging for and celebrate how far we’ve come as a platform.

Adopting Jetpack Compose @ Scale

Over the last couple years, thousands of apps have embraced Jetpack Compose for building their Android apps. While everyone is using the same library, the approach they've taken in adopting it is really different on each team. There's a lot of nuance in how one approaches a migration of this size and the difficulty is amplified when you are doing this at scale.

This panel discussion brings together engineers working on popular apps that are using Compose and their experience in coordinating it's adoption.

Tactics for Moving the Needle on Broad Modernization Efforts-Case Study: Android Platform @ Reddit

Successful platform teams drive major changes within their organizations but they cannot do the work alone. Explore some of the modernization efforts the Reddit platform team has driven across a large, diverse codebase, from monolith breakups to Compose adoption at scale. What worked, what challenges were faced, and learn how you can help your organization evolve successfully over time using similar tactics, no matter its scale.

Key Points:
* Cover modernization efforts applicable to companies of any size
* Examine different approaches to large and small scale conversion efforts
* Learn about some platform migration anti-patterns to avoid

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June 2024 San Francisco, California, United States

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October 2023

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droidcon San Francisco 2023 Sessionize Event

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Lauren Darcey

Android Platform @ Reddit

Boston, Massachusetts, United States


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