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Tel Aviv, Israel

Limor Mekaiten

Engineering Team Lead @ Wilco

Limor is a software team lead at Mixtiles, where she leads the development of the company's key product, which helps millions of users create the home they love. In her previous roles she worked at various-sized startups with different cultures and in different roles - both as a software developer and a manager. She volunteers in Baot, the largest community for Senior female engineers in Israel in a program dedicated for helping engineers find their next job, and in Plato, where she mentors other managers. In her spare time she loves dancing, singing and trying out new hobbies.

Current sessions

So, do you have any questions? The golden questions that will help you find your dream job

Picture it. You’re in a job interview, after you prepared yourself for the whatever-scary-technical test you’re about to have. But then the interviewer asks you something that you weren’t prepared to: “do you have any questions?”. For most people, this is the point where they’re trying to optimize for the one question that will make them look smart. Easy-going. Hireable. Because you don’t really need to ask questions, right? Let’s end this interview quickly and leave this fantastic experience behind us, right? WRONG! Really wrong.

This question is your chance to get a deeper understanding of how it’s like to work in the company. This is your chance to take the lead, interview the Interviewers. Why is that important? Because the interview process goes both ways. The company wants to understand if you fit them, but, equally important, you want to know if they fit you.

In this talk, you will learn which questions to ask that will help you understand the true nature of the company you are interviewing for, and since each of us has their own priorities, preferences, needs, you will learn to adjust your questions to cover what’s important to you! And if you don’t know what’s important to you, this talk will help you discover it. With good preparation and mainly - great questions, you’re one step closer to finding your dream job.

The Redux State of the Art

Building complex Android apps these days might have some nasty challenges - syncing the data across the app, controlling any action the user does, processes that happen in the background or even handling all kinds of errors.
Luckily enough Android developers are not the first to face these problems, so let's try to leverage existing solutions for our own good!
In this talk, we'll share with you how Redux solved the problem of state management for Web developers and how can we use the same principles and integrate them into our Android apps.