Luce Carter

Luce Carter

Microsoft MVP, Twilio Champion and lover of code, sunshine and trains.

Manchester, United Kingdom

Luce Carter is a proudly neurodiverse Microsoft MVP, Twilio Champion and Developer Advocate for MongoDB, based in Manchester, England.

When not writing mobile apps for fun in her spare time or writing a technical book, she speaks around the world at user groups and conferences on MongoDB, .NET, Mental Health and Productivity, creates YouTube videos, streams on Twitch occasionally and writes on her blog. Follow Luce on Twitter @LuceCarter1 and also her Blog at lucecarter.co.uk.


Area of Expertise

  • Information & Communications Technology

Zero to Document Hero - Intro to MongoDB and .NET

Once upon a time, relational databases or RDMS (think SQL), was the only data store in town. But now there’s a competitor, Document Databases aka NoSQL.

In this talk, you will learn about the basic differences between them, what MongoDB is, why document databases are so powerful, how MongoDB can be used with .NET and some really cool uses cases that show databases can be cool ;).

By the end of the talk, you should walk away realising that SQL isn't the only way.

Productivity++ - 5 things I have learned from managing my ADHD

In a world full of infinity pools of distraction, how do we manage our time better and stay productive both at work and at home?
In July 2021 after a long wait, I was finally diagnosed with ADHD. But it is something I have had to manage for a long time.
In this talk I want to share 5 of the things I have learned along the way to help me not be 'away with the fairies' all day.
You may or may not have ADHD yourself, but we all struggle with feeling unproductive or unfocused so this talk has something for everyone!
I don't claim to be an expert but the aim is to help you all lead more productive and fulfilled lives and who knows, maybe we will all learn something new from each other!

120/80 - How I made a mobile app for tracking blood pressure using MongoDB Realm and Xamarin

Data is everywhere. I recently saw a sheet showing the log of someone's blood pressure and pulse readings and it got me thinking, could this be made nicer than just a piece of paper or Excel spreadsheet? Could we build-in ways to view trends/history over time? This is where my Blood Pressure Tracker app was born.
In this talk, I will show you the app and how I used the power of MongoDB from Atlas to Realm to Charts, combined with the cross-platform power of Xamarin, to create an app to log and track this data. I will also discuss some fun future plans I have involving Apple's HealthKit and more. You will go away feeling inspired to do fun but powerful things with your data!

Zero to Mobile Hero - Intro to Xamarin and Cognitive Services

You can be faced with a nightmare of Xcode, Android Studio, Swift, Objective C, and other options. This means not only learning multiple languages and frameworks but also having to support two different codebases for the same application. But Xamarin Native and Xamarin.Forms offer a powerful, cross-platform development solution for .NET developers looking to target smartphones, tablets, TV’s, computers and IoT devices.

In this talk, Luce shares what Xamarin is including Native and Xamarin.Forms for both C# and F#, how to get started creating a simple HelloWorld app from scratch and a more complex example (will involve at least one Azure service including Cognitive Services for facial recognition). Also how to use Azure DevOps for Continuous Integration and some awesome examples of apps written using Xamarin including ones used to save lives!

Luce will take examples from xamarin.com/customers as well as show this demo about how Xamarin was used alongside other technologies to aid with Skin Cancer prediction.

This talk will include slides, demos, code samples, live coding and the audience will walk away feeling like they too can create a mobile app in just a few minutes and carry their work around with them in their pocket or backpack!

NDC London 2019 Sessionize Event

January 2019 London, United Kingdom

Luce Carter

Microsoft MVP, Twilio Champion and lover of code, sunshine and trains.

Manchester, United Kingdom

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