Productivity++ - 5 things I have learned from managing my ADHD

In a world full of infinity pools of distraction, how do we manage our time better and stay productive both at work and at home?
In July 2021 after a long wait, I was finally diagnosed with ADHD. But it is something I have had to manage for a long time.
In this talk I want to share 5 of the things I have learned along the way to help me not be 'away with the fairies' all day.
You may or may not have ADHD yourself, but we all struggle with feeling unproductive or unfocused so this talk has something for everyone!
I don't claim to be an expert but the aim is to help you all lead more productive and fulfilled lives and who knows, maybe we will all learn something new from each other!

Luce Carter

Microsoft MVP, Twilio Champion and lover of code, sunshine and trains.

Manchester, United Kingdom


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