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Information & Communications Technology

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Schiedam, South Holland, Netherlands

Maik van der Gaag

CTO | Microsoft MVP

I'm the CTO of 3fifty, an experienced consultancy company with a strong focus on the Microsoft Cloud. I have over 15 years’ experience providing architecture, development, training and design expertise. During this I have worked in a variety of projects ranging from Cloud Transformations to DevOps implementations.

I love to share knowledge which was also one of the reasons why he founded the Dutch Cloud Meetup. I’m a public speaker, write blogs and organizes events ( Microsoft has recognized him as Microsoft Azure MVP.

If you want to learn more about me or recover more about my expertise check out my blog (

Current sessions

Bicep the evolution of Azure ARM

Bicep is a new language, a so called Domain Specific Language (DSL) that drastically simplifies the way of writing IaC for the Azure Platform.
In this session we will go over how to get started an will cover the options of this language and also share some experiences.

From PowerShell script to Azure DevOps task in 45 min

A lot of manual task get automated by IT pros via PowerShell. These script can be used within Azure DevOps making the re usability and the life-cycle management of very hard. During this session you will learn how to create Azure DevOps extensions from your scripts.

- Language: English and Dutch
- Technologies: Azure DevOps, Azure Pipelines and PowerShell

Manage the Azure Platform the DevOps way

The Azure platform needs to be maintained. Users must adhere to Azure naming conventions, specific locations, do not create that one expensive VM and standard tagging.

Many of these things are written down in an Azure Platform design but must also be developed, checked and complied to.

During this sessions we will go in depth on how to setup these compliancy checks and do it the DevOps way via Azure DevOps.

Creating a landing zone in Azure and keeping it up to date.

Just buying and using a Azure subscription is not of this time anymore. Without the proper landing zone you will end-up with an unmanageable Azure platform were you are not able to find and manage the proper resources. In this session you learn the techniques for hosting a landing platform.
But will also see how you can automate the deployment of these components

From Noob to Pro in building ARM templates

Services are often deployed in Azure by using the Azure Portal. Default settings are forgotten and different configurations are being used for services that need to do the same thing. By using IaC this should not occur anymore. In Azure we can accomplish this by writing ARM templates. During this session you will learn how to become a Pro in creating Azure Resource Manager Templates.

You build it, you run it on the Microsoft Platform

One of the core concepts of DevOps is building and maintaining code within the same team (you build it, you run it). This is necessary if you want to continuously add value for your end users. But how can you accomplish this within an Microsoft platform. During this session I will share real worlds scenario's and show how to build and maintain solutions within a Microsoft platform.

Session will show situations from existing projects and will show solutions based on the PAAS offering of Microsoft.

Going Serverless with the help off Azure Pipelines

Serverless is really great! Services as Azure Functions and Azure Web Apps are great to get started with, but how do you deploy and make that deployment repeatable. During this session you will see which learning journey I had and will share experiences about deploying Azure Web Apps, Azure Functions and and Azure Logic Apps.

From a PowerShell script to a Azure DevOps extension with a few thousand installations

Since a few years I have been developing Azure DevOps pipeline extensions. During this sessions I will share my experience on this process of moving a PowerShell script into a extension with a lot of active installations.

Automation and PowerShell and the process of developing and maintaining Azure DevOps extensions.

Security measures for Azure PaaS

One of the characteristics of Platform as a Service components in Azure is that they are open for the complete world by default. Azure PaaS offers great services but you do not want to have them open by default in many situations. For this reasons I see many companies switching back the known functionalities (IaaS) but that should not be the case. In this session you will learn how to secure services like: Azure Functions, Azure App Service, Azure SQL Databases with the use of Azure Front Door, Azure Private Link and Virtual Networks and many more.

Do not use IaaS because you know the security setup and settings. Try to innovate by securing the Azure Platform as a Service components and run a secured application within a secure boundary.

Past and future events

2021 All Day DevOps

28 Oct - 29 Oct 2021

Azure Summit

13 Sep - 23 Sep 2021

Azure User Group Sweden ( Meetup - Call for Speakers 2021)

30 Jun - 30 Dec 2021

Azure Singapore

30 Jun - 30 Dec 2021

Limerick DotNet-Azure User Group - 2021 Virtual Sessions

31 Mar - 31 Dec 2021

Azure User Group Norway Meetups 2021

31 Dec 2020 - 30 Dec 2021