Unleashing the Power of Azure Bicep, PSRule, and Code Analysis for Secure Infrastructure

Azure Bicep, PSRule, and Security Code Analysis are powerful tools that can help users build and maintain secure infrastructure on Azure. Bicep allows users to define their Azure infrastructure as code using a declarative language, which can improve the reliability and maintainability of their deployments. PSRule enables users to write and enforce governance rules for their Azure resources, ensuring they comply with best practices and standards. Security Code Analysis is a technique that uses static analysis to identify potential vulnerabilities and security flaws in code, helping users to prevent and fix issues before they can be exploited. Together, these tools can help users to build and maintain secure, reliable Azure infrastructure.

Securing your Azure deployments with Bicep, PSRule for Azure, and Security code analysis.

Maik van der Gaag

CTO | Microsoft MVP

Schiedam, The Netherlands

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