Manuel Meyer

Information & Communications Technology

Azure .NET C-Sharp

Zürich, Zurich, Switzerland

Manuel Meyer

Azure/.NET Enthusiast, Speaker and Community Guy

Manuel is an Azure & .NET Developer/Consultant/Trainer/Enthusiast at Trivadis AG. He is a Microsoft MVP and has many years of experience in large enterprise customer projects with a focus on Microsoft technologies. In his spare time, he speaks at conferences and organizes the Azure Zurich User Group ( and .NET Day Switzerland ( His interests are in Software and Cloud Architecture & Design, Performance Management, Troubleshooting and Azure Development. He lives at

Manuel Meyer

Azure/.NET Enthusiast, Speaker und Communitytyp

Manuel Meyer arbeitet als Azure & .NET Entwickler/Consultant/Trainer und Enthusiast bei der Trivadis AG. Er ist ein Microsoft MVP und hat langjährige Erfahrung aus Enterprise-Projekten seiner Kunden im Bereich der Softwareentwicklung mit Microsoft Technologie. Neben seinen Kundenprojekten spricht er an Konferenzen und organisiert die Azure Zurich User Group ( und den .NET Day Switzerland ( Er interessiert sich für Software- und Cloudarchitektur & -design, Performance Management und Troubleshooting. Mehr Infos gibts unter

Current sessions

Taking Control over your APIs with Azure API Management EN

We live in the era of the API-Economy. You are not a serious business if you don't offer Application Programmer Interfaces (APIs) to your customers and partners and use fancy words, such as "B2C-Engagement" or "B2B-Partner-Integration". Building and publishing an API is easy nowadays, but maintaining and evolving them is NOT! This is where Azure API Management (APIM) comes to the rescue. Azure APIM introduces a common layer where you can publish, manage and organise your API's. APIM decouples the API definitions that you publish to your consumers from the implementations within your company. It supports you by generating a developer portal where your API consumers can register for, browse through and even test you APIs. Since all your public APIs are exposed through a common platform, you can inspect, transform and redirect the requests and responses. In this session we find out how we can use Azure API Management in your enterprise and take back control over our APIs.

Psst. Top Secret! - Keeping secrets with Azure Key Vault EN DE

Saving secrets that your applications require in order to work properly has always been a challenge. In principle, it is very simple: Everything you need to keep secret need to be encrypted. We have the algorithms and procedures to do this on every platform we are using. The problem is that every time we encrypt a secret, we need a key. And the key must be kept secret as well! That means we should encrypt the key to keep it secret, right? What? This is a game that never ends! But Azure has an answer. In this session, we take a look at the Azure Key Vault offering and how you can use it to keep your secrets safe.

Psst. Top Secret! - Geheimnisse behalten mit dem Azure Key Vault EN DE

Schon immer war das Speichern von Geheimnissen, wie Passwörtern oder Connection Strings, in der Softwareentwicklung eine grosse Herausforderung. Im Prinzip ist es ziemlich einfach: Alles, was geheim bleiben soll, wird verschlüsselt. Die Algorithmen und Methoden dazu stehen uns auf jeder Plattform zur Verfügung. Das Problem ist, dass wir für die Verschlüsselung einen geheimen Schlüssel benötigt. Hm… Also müssen wir diesen ja auch wieder verschlüsseln, oder? Das würde ja immer so weiter gehen! Aber die Azure Cloud hat eine Lösung für dieses Problem. In dieser Session schauen wir in den Azure Key Vault rein und wie man damit seine Geheimnisse schützen kann und muss.