Marco Amoedo

Marco Amoedo

CTO, KPMG Microsoft Alliance

CTO, KPMG Microsoft Alliance

Vigo, Spain

Marco Amoedo is a technologist with extensive experience in enterprise software across vendor, system integrator and customer side. He has worn many hats: developer, technical lead, pre-sales and solutions architect. As a result, he has a thorough understanding of issues and complexities around technology strategy, sales, and delivery. Particularly, on Customer Management and ERP platforms where he has focused most of his career.

Marco excels at helping organisations deliver innovation to increase value for customers and optimise operations. He is a resourceful problem solver and excellent communicator, able to influence and connect across all levels of an organisation. He has built high-performance teams and likes mentoring and coaching others to help them achieve their goals.

In his spare time, he enjoys reading about technological disruption and business transformation topics.

Marco Amoedo es un apasionado de la tecnología que lleva más de 15 años trabajando en la plataforma Microsoft en España y Reino Unido. Tiene experiencia como desarollador, arquitecto y director técnico en gran variedad de empresas y sectores incluyendo Microsoft. Marco es MVP de Microsoft Business Applications, reconocimiento que ha recibido en 7 ocasiones.


Area of Expertise

  • Information & Communications Technology
  • Business & Management


  • Microsoft MVP
  • Microsoft Technologies
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • PowerPlatform
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Microsoft Flow
  • Microsoft Forms
  • Microsoft PowerApps
  • Dynamics 365
  • Dynamics 365 for customer engagement
  • Dynamics 365 Portals


Microsoft Industry Clouds en

Descubre en esta sesión que son las Industry Clouds de Microsoft, cual es su valor en el ecosistema de Business Applications y como extenderlas.

Microsoft Industry Clouds and the Power Platform en

This session will provide a detailed description of the new Microsoft Industry Clouds and how the Power Platform is a vital part of each from an extensibility point of view. We will provide an overview of the Microsoft Industry Clouds and their capabilities. Then we will review the extensibility capabilities using Power Platform, focusing on Financial Services and Sustainability Cloud. We will cover things like integrating ISV solutions with Custom Connectors, extending base Industry Cloud apps and creating new solutions on top of the Industry Cloud data model.

Building Native Mobile Apps with Power Platform en

In this session we will demonstrate how you can build a native mobile application for iOS and Android using the Wrap functionality in Canvas Apps. Starting with an overview of the functionality and it's benefits we will then go into detail through the deployment process, starting with the pre requisites and ending with the app working in a mobile device.

Closing the Digital Feedback Loop en

In this session we will demonstrate how the Customer Data Platform comes together with Customer Insights, Engagement Insights and Dynamics Marketing. We will talk about the importance of data, the constant feedback that our customers are giving us and why it is important not only to recognise it but to use it to offer our customers a tailored experience.

With these 3 technologies we are finally able to close the digital feedback loop by identifying silos in our data, acting upon them and tracking back if we had a successful engagement.

Transforming legacy Apps with the Power Platform en

In this session will do a practical overview of how Power Platform's capabilities can help us to transform legacy software. We will follow a practical example to demonstrate how by using Power Apps, UI Flows, and Custom Connectors, we can bring legacy software into the digital transformation and infuse AI and automation into our business processes.

Deep Dive on the Common Data Service en es

In this session, we will review the origins, history, and architecture of the Common Data Service. We will see how some of the inheritance of their SQL 2000 based ancestors still show up today, and how they impact us. We will also discuss some of the complexities of the data modelling on the CDS, and what is the impact of all those options we have when creating new entities. We will review How and When to use some of the different particular data types and their limitations. Finally, we will discuss some of the crucial design decisions when building your data model.

Buceando a fondo en el Common Data Service en es

En esta sesión repasaremos los orígenes, la historia, y la arquitectura del Common Data Service. Descubriremos como alguna de las herencias de sus antepasados en SQL Server 2000 todavía son visibles, y como nos afectan. Veremos algunas de las complejidades del modelado de datos en la plataforma, y para qué sirven todas esas opciones que tenemos al crear entidades. Como y cuando utilizar algunos tipos de datos especiales y sus limitaciones. Finalmente discutiremos algunas decisiones críticas de modelado de datos y su impacto con casos prácticos.

Data Security in the Microsoft Power Platform en

The Microsoft Power Platform offers various mechanisms to control access and utilisation of data across the platform. In today's world, it is critical to ensure you have control over your data if you want to retain your customer's trust. In this session, we will deep dive in all the Security Mechanisms that the Power Platform offers, from environment and app access controls to Role-Based Security in the Common Data Service. Including Data Loss Prevention policies, AAD Conditional Access Rules, Teams, Field Level Security, PowerBI row-level security, and Power App Portals security. The objective of this session is to present and demystify all the security layers available in the Power Platform so you can understand how they work together and apply them to keep your data safe.

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Marco Amoedo

CTO, KPMG Microsoft Alliance

Vigo, Spain