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Antwerpen, Flanders, Belgium

Marijn Somers

MVP, Owner @mijn365coach, Podcast hero #Office365Distilled

Marijn is an Office365 specialist and Microsoft MVP who has over 12 years experience implementing the full value of information worker solutions in any organization, large and small. He loves to share his experiences as a speaker on international events and blogger.

In 2016 he launched “Mijn 365 Coach”, a portfolio of video products helping end users onboard with and on top of the quick moving world of Office 365. He does consultancy via Balestra and has a podcast called #Office365Distilled

Speaker for +8 years at various events. Microsoft MVP (2019-2020)

Current sessions

Level up user adoption by mastering the sales process

Getting people to use the right tools is simply selling them a better lifestyle. What notes and tips can we use from the world's best sellers? How can we improve the lives of our "customers" and make them WANT our products? After this session, your coworkers will come screaming for you to get the new tools first!

Employee offboarding - organizational and technical considerations

A lot has been written and said on getting new users into your company, but what if they (need to) leave? How do you make sure that their knowledge stays in the organization? What actions do you need to take to make sure they don't run off with your data?

In this session, Corinna and Marijn will depart ways.
They will take you on a journey on all the considerations and action items you need to take to gracefully onboard employees.

You will learn
- The necessary steps to stop users from logging in, retain data, and keep processes running
Best practices to offboard people from an organizational perspective

Become a road warrior with the Teams mobile app!

What if you can become more productive when you are on the go?
Commuting can become a time to get work done!
In this session we will explore a few common scenarios that our workforce typically has and how Teams mobile can help them handle it in the best and easiest way.
No matter if you are a firstline worker planning your holidays and time off, a sales person that needs to follow up on a presentation for a customer, or joining an online meeting when you are stuck on the road..
Never lose time again looking out the window of the train, but arrive at your office with your work already done!

Managing external users in Office 365

Work today doesn't just happen in your organisation. You want to collaborate with partners, distributors, customers or suppliers.

Office 365 offers the opportunity to give access to those external people and to let them work together on content. But how do you keep it secure? How do you protect your companies secrets and only give access to the correct people to the right content at the right time ?

Teams etiquette: the unwritten rules of handling Teams in an organisation

Teams has been released over a year now. A lot of companies have been introducing this awesome app to their users. But with great power comes great responsibility, and unleashing teams can become messy pretty quick. This new "swiss army knife" combines so many features and apps, introducing a new interface and possibilities.

How do we deal with introducing this new app to our users? How do we handle the change? How can we make sure it is being used to its full potential? What are the new rules of engagement and how do we make it a nice to use environment for our organisation?

Come to this session to learn all about it!

WOW your coworkers with awesome looking lists: conditional formatting in SharePoint

One of the coolest features that was introduced at MS Ignite last year was conditional formatting for SharePoint lists: A new way to make your data in lists look prettier and more useful. In this session (filled with demo's and scripts you can start using right away) we will take a look at the possibilities, the caveats and best practices on adding an extra layer of goodness to your data!

Microsoft's Service Adoption Specialist in a nutshell

Learn how to drive adoption for your organisation in 4 easy steps. And in the same time get Prepped for the "Service Adoption Specialist" Edx course!

Keeping up with the changes in Office 365

Office365 is changing rapidly. Every month, new features and capabilities hit our userbase.
So how can we, as information management professionals, keep up with this rollercoaster?

What are the ways to introduce these changes to our users (and get them to take full use of the new features) and how do we change the organisation to embrace change management?

Applying baseline governance for Office 365 roll outs

In this session we are looking at baseline governance: the way to roll out apps quickly in your organisation without delayed lead times for figuring out all the governance options

Become a road warrior with Office 365 mobile!

What if you can become more productive when you are on the go? Commuting can become a time to get work done!
Let's take a look at how our mobile phones can help us out doing our work in an effective and efficient way. Never lose time again looking out the window of the train, netflixing or looking at that attractive person across from you but arrive at work all ready to go!

How Office 365 protects your mental health

In a world where more and more is asked from us, how are we able to keep up? Let's discover a number of ways how Office 365 lets us keep up with work so we can stay sane and don't burn out.
In this sessions we will look at My Analytics and Productivity Score and the different ways notifications are shown to keep our stress levels down.

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9 Oct 2020
Helsinki, Uusimaa, Finland

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SharePoint Saturday Cologne 2020

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Scottish Summit

29 Feb 2020
Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom

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Oslo, Norway

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