Marilag Dimatulac Svennevig

Marilag Dimatulac Svennevig

Solutions Architect - Dewise | Microsoft Azure MVP | Founder Ulap.org

Copenhagen, Denmark

Marilag is a founder, cloud architect and a tech community leader who aims to bridge the skill gap through equal distribution of knowledge across borders, cultures & individuals. Her experience in Cloud and Software Engineering, combined with her passion for mentorship and developer wellness, drive her to tackle the tech upskilling challenge, through advocacies. She’s the organizer of Azure User Group Manila and Azure User Group Denmark and an Azure MVP. She's also the co-founder of a not-for-profit group: Ulap.org, which helps train under-privileged youths within cloud, data and technology


Area of Expertise

  • Information & Communications Technology


  • Cloud
  • Cloud Architecture
  • Azure
  • Technical Leadership
  • Technical Entrepreneurship
  • Cloud Computing on the Azure Platform
  • Cloud Security
  • Engineering Culture & Leadership

Software Projects - A Tragedy

Software engineering is my one true love. And like many love stories, I have had my heart broken and shattered into a million pieces. How can we cope with the pain of failed software projects - when we give everything we have: long years of late-night debugging, intense weekends of deployment, romantic dinners spent alone in front of the monitor - only to see our creation obliterated and forgotten? Software development is not for the fainthearted. It can leave you with grief so deep that you attempt to just walk away from it all. I want you to know that you are not alone. I sometimes feel the same way too. Two decades of failures have left me with deep scars, but they also show a brand of bravery and the refusal to give up on something we believe in: that technology can and does improve lives and it is worth enduring the pain it causes to achieve that.

Do you need a developer portal?

Empowering high-performing engineering teams begins with building them a home - it’s a place where they can find their tools, connect with their teammates, and innovate at speed without circumventing standards. Every day, developers imagine, create, and deliver value. It’s a beautiful process, really. It hurts to think that it’s ruined by the complex and chaotic ecosystem of tools, platforms, documents, corporate policies, and bureaucratic processes that impede every developer from doing their job.

Perhaps it’s time to think about building a developer portal. But will it really solve these issues, or will it be just another abandoned tool in your bucket?

In this talk, we’ll explore the benefits as well as the challenges of having a developer portal. We’ll also compare open-source products like Spotify’s Backstage with a custom-built platform. Learn how to get started, understand what it takes to provide self-service to your cloud and let your engineers do what they are good at: solving problems.

Message Brokering and Event Driven Architecture on Azure

If you’re building highly distributed systems on the cloud, then you’re probably aware of the challenges of keeping your data consistent and your services resilient and scalable. Connecting different parts of your systems via messages & events, is a common pattern. But selecting the correct architecture with the right tech stack, can be tricky. Understanding the difference between Azure Queues, Service Bus, Event Grid or other open-source offerings, can be helpful in implementing the correct solution to your specific problems.

Defying the Divide - Finding daring ways to work together, even apart

If home is where the heart is, mine is broken into two. I'm from the Philippines, and I've been living in Denmark for a decade. I love both countries. That's why I chose to build a tech company in Copenhagen & Manila, and even volunteered to run the Azure User Groups for my two cities. If I was an Azure resource, I would turn on geo-replication in an instant. At times I wish I could auto-scale. Travel with zero latency. Load-balance. I've learned a lot, and I want to share it in this short talk. I learned that despite the distance that keeps us apart, making our jobs more difficult, our goals harder to achieve, we are still under the same cloud. We can make it work.

Azure Well Architected Framework in Action

Cloud Architects make a lot of decisions. When designing solutions on top of such powerful platform like Azure, it's best to have a framework that serves as a compass to guide you which way to go. In this session, let's take a look at how the Azure Well Architected Framework can help us build great solutions on the cloud & get ready to put it in action

Fast-track your teams to become cloud-native builders

As the value of digital products continue to grow, so does the number of modern development platforms on public, private and hybrid cloud.

But we can’t say the same with cloud skills.

What are innovations for, when there’s only few who knows how to use them?

As a cloud architect, I’ll share my journey working with cloud engineering teams of different size and maturity level. You’ll learn the technical tools and architectural patterns that truly accelerate delivery. Furthermore, you’ll discover the fundamental ways of organizing, upskilling, and tech-enabling teams to build cloud-native products fast.

Marilag Dimatulac Svennevig

Solutions Architect - Dewise | Microsoft Azure MVP | Founder Ulap.org

Copenhagen, Denmark

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