Marius Ambayrac

Marius Ambayrac

Engineering Manager @Gojob Worldwide Scale-up

Aix-en-Provence, France


Marius works as an Engineering Manager, teaching Clean Architecture and DDD in a Tech Powered Scale Up in the South of France.
Previously he tackled various roles, from helping the French Head of Nuclear Division with Elastic Search to leveraging Cybersecurity Assets in due diligences process to raise funds.
Marius graduated from one of France's best Grande Ecole in Cybersecurity & Management, focusing on teaching and spreading software craftmanship knowledge. In his free time, he is a profound sports addicts, practicing Surf and Capoeira !

Area of Expertise

  • Information & Communications Technology


  • DDD
  • Clean Architecture
  • CQRS & Event Sourcing
  • Leadership
  • Technical Leadership
  • Lean IT

From Event Driven & Service based Monolith to DDD & CQRS

In most advanced DDD literature we learn how to implement strategic patterns and reflexion inside a non-DDD Environment. At Gojob, this always has been considered as the hardest thing to do in our DDD practices. Whilst creating a new bounded context may be easy after a few years of practice, refactoring large out-of-order applications to make them usable is still a challenge for most experienced developers. In this talk, we will share our journey and attempt to refactor one of our monolith in a more testable, maintainable and evolutive application thanks to the DDD practice!

Key Takeaways :

- Understand typical goals of DDD
- Learn how to start building DDD in a complex non-DDD monolith
- What is CQRS and how deep you should go

How does front-end first help up be even more Agile !

Ever Heard of Front-end first ?
This modern Methodology allowed us to build state of the art applications in a record time !
More importantly, front-end first lets you iterate as quickly as ever between versions. Implementing new product specs is as simple as prototyping them and your agile practice is event more explicit for the domain experts.
In this talk we will discuss the do's and don't with Front-end first and I will share Gojob's journey to improve our practices and methods !

DeveloperWeek 2023 Sessionize Event

February 2023 Oakland, California, United States

AixJS : Comment augmenter son impact en tant que développeur?

--- French Talk ---
Le Front-end First, un vecteur de partage accéléré avec les experts métiers ?

December 2022 Aix-en-Provence, France

DeveloperWeek Enterprise 2022 Sessionize Event

November 2022

Marius Ambayrac

Engineering Manager @Gojob Worldwide Scale-up

Aix-en-Provence, France


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