From Event Driven & Service based Monolith to DDD & CQRS

In most advanced DDD literature we learn how to implement strategic patterns and reflexion inside a non-DDD Environment. At Gojob, this always has been considered as the hardest thing to do in our DDD practices. Whilst creating a new bounded context may be easy after a few years of practice, refactoring large out-of-order applications to make them usable is still a challenge for most experienced developers. In this talk, we will share our journey and attempt to refactor one of our monolith in a more testable, maintainable and evolutive application thanks to the DDD practice!

Key Takeaways :

- Understand typical goals of DDD
- Learn how to start building DDD in a complex non-DDD monolith
- What is CQRS and how deep you should go

Marius Ambayrac

Engineering Manager @Gojob Worldwide Scale-up

Aix-en-Provence, France

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