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Mateusz Wojtczak

Mateusz Wojtczak

Head of Mobile @ LeanCode

Warsaw, Poland


Flutter & Dart GDE

In mobile development for 8 years. Went through Xamarin, React Native, and native mobile to Flutter. Now we are only focused on doing mobile in Flutter 💙.

Managing Flutter at Scale in Credit Agricole project.
Testing apps with Patrol by LeanCode.

Co-founder of Flutter Warsaw - one of the largest Flutter meetups in Europe.


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Area of Expertise

  • Finance & Banking
  • Information & Communications Technology


  • flutter
  • flutter web
  • iOS
  • Android
  • Android & iOS Application Engineering
  • Mobile Apps
  • MobileDevOps
  • mobile performance
  • Flutter App Development

Why mock Firebase when you can just test it with Patrol!

E2E UI testing Flutter apps with Firebase features such as tapping on push notification or logging in with Google using Patrol native automations :)

Building a large-scale Flutter mobile banking application with 25 Flutter Devs

Building a large-scale Flutter mobile banking application with 25 Flutter Devs and 200 other team members has taught us many valuable lessons on how to set up such a project. We would like to give you our perspective on the organization of the project and challenges such as code ownership, communication, and design system, which are vital to ensure high productivity while keeping the team happy. At the end, we'd like to share our challenges that we have with our large user base and what main obstacles we had to cope with during the first year after initial production release.

Reimagining Flutter UI tests with Patrol

Flutter UI integration testing can be really cumbersome, especially in a mobile app that depends also on the native side features. Unfortunately, Flutter integration test fail when a native permission dialog appears or we'd like to interact with some native platform view. We experienced the same blocking issues while testing apps that we develop at LeanCode.

That's why we created Patrol - an open-source framework for testing Flutter apps - developed by LeanCode. With Patrol you can write your UI tests in Dart (like you would with integration_test), but you are enabled to test interactions with native side - tap on native views, browse WebViews and even go interact with some other app on the device. The main goal of Patrol is to make running Flutter UI tests a piece of cake for QA teams and devs.

We’ll share with you the problems with existing solutions that prompted us to start Patrol, what differentiates it from others, and how it helps you write tests. We’ll also take a look under its hood and share the blockers that we encountered (and are still encountering) developing it, and what features we’re planning in the future.

We gave this talk at Fluttered Wrocław meetup (the slides were in English, but the meetup organizer told us to speak Polish).

Talk video:

There are no prerequisites to this talk, it's good to know about Flutter integration_test package, but in general we give a short introduction about the Flutter testing tools and the talk is for people that want to test UI or are currently testing UI and want to get their testing work done faster and without native blockers.

Demystifying App Architecture: The LeanCode Guide

At LeanCode we developed over 40 Flutter apps, spanning from huge enterprise apps to nimble startup ventures. Some were developed by a single Flutter dev, some came into light through collaborative efforts across multiple teams. Each of them was different. Each of them presented unique challenges and taught us invaluable lessons.

In this talk, we invite you to explore different approaches to architecting Flutter apps. Central to our narrative will be the concept of architectural drivers - key factors or priorities that steer our decisions about how the app is structured and designed. We'll show how we leverage our experience when approaching new projects. Drawing from our successes and failures, we'll present our current Flutter stack which enables us to craft robust, scalable, and maintainable applications. While there is no silver bullet for Flutter architecture, we can still have some sensible defaults.

Why do we use BLoC for state management? Why not Riverpod? Why do we love hooks? What do we do to avoid re-implementing the same things over and over again? Come to our talk to find out.

This is our "major" talk with Marcin Chudy (one of our most senior devs) where we explain our architectural choices and (somewhat) controversial opinions.

The talk is planned for a long session of 40-45 minutes. We can do 30 but not a 20-minute lightning one.

DevFest Berlin Sessionize Event

November 2023 Berlin, Germany

DevFest Nuremberg 2023 Sessionize Event

November 2023 Nürnberg, Germany

Flutter Firebase Festival Sessionize Event

September 2023 Prague, Czechia

Fluttercon 2023 Sessionize Event

July 2023 Berlin, Germany

Mateusz Wojtczak

Head of Mobile @ LeanCode

Warsaw, Poland


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