Mike Demo

Mike Demo

Open Source Evangelist

Mike "Demo" Demopoulos is a lover of open source first, specific tools later. Because of this, he speaks at Ignite! Conferences, Meetups, WordCamps, Joomla! Events, and more. As a helpful person, he gladly contributes to Open Source projects in any capacity necessary. Believing there are too many Mikes in the world, he prefers to go by Demo

Demo spent years building a strong client base in the financial and insurance industries. He uses that background to speak on various topics including WordPress, Joomla!, A/B testing content, streamlining your workflow, and depositing your profit. We all like profit.

Aligned with his mission to empower WordPress businesses, Mike is now the Lead Hand Shaker at WebVentures.io. Their approach to venture capital is unique and founder-focused. As a community evangelist for BoldGrid, Demo openly shares his business acumen and marketing insight to empower members of the community.

When he’s not spending time with his wife Kayla, you may find Demo at a Disney Theme park, collecting artwork, hanging out with his dog B'Elanna, or inviting groups to Tiki Bars.

Ask Demo what his favorite Tiki bar is on Twitter at @MPMike.

Current sessions

A/B Testing - Which Way Does Your Duck Face?

When you launch a website, do you know what works? You don’t; you’re guessing. Your guesses may be based on experience and education, but with good A/B testing, you can also make decisions based upon data.

For example, do you know that even the way a duck’s face points (left versus right) could increase your conversions by 40%? As a case study, one of our clients, an insurance company, increased leads by making just a small 2px change.

In this talk, we will spend some time review the A/B checklist I use to guide you on your journey to discover what things to test, testing methodology, and the best tools to use for your clients’ sites.

How to Have a Human Connection to your Clients in a COVID-19 World

2020 isn’t like anything we’ve experienced in modern days. The landscape has changed. How we communicate with one another has changed. Masks, online conferences, email, check-ins, text messages… these all have a bigger impace than ever before on how we connect with other – including our clients. Let’s talk about how to maintain human connection with clients given our new “normal.”

Past and future events

MautiCon 2020

17 Nov 2020