Michael Kreeger

Information & Communications Technology

Nashville, Tennessee, United States

Michael Kreeger

Ernst Young, Development Manager

Agile developer at heart, going on 20 years experience in almost every role imaginable and still hungry to learn more.

Current sessions

Tools of the Agile Developer

Agile is more than project management, more than business alignment and vision, more than correct team dynamics, it lives deep in the heart, mind, and code of agile developers. This is a fresh perspective of agile, focusing on what it means to be an agile developer and what tools, techniques, disciplines need to be mastered. We will review the principles of agile and many of the proven skills that lead to truly agile development as well as the common misconceptions and mistakes that lead to....well...not agile.

Advanced CI / CD using Azure DevOps

Are you looking to really take your CI / CD processes to the next level? XAML, jobs, task groups, pull request releases, REST api's, hosted vs managed agents, on prem deployments, security / separation of duties, advanced approvals, gates, and much, much, more. Be prepared for a fast paced tour, interactively building upon a simple example and evolving into some complex scenarios. By the end of this no CI / CD processes will be beyond your reach with Azure DevOps.

Past and future events

Music City Tech 2019

5 Sep 2019 - 7 Sep 2019
Nashville, Tennessee, United States