Miguel Tabera

Miguel Tabera

Microsoft MVP | Modern Work Practice Lead at Avanade

Microsoft MVP | Modern Work Practice Lead at Avanade

Madrid, Spain


📱 Technology is my passion... and this great passion has been with me since I was very young and has defined my entire career. Thanks to technology I have met hundreds of fantastic people and I have been able to travel all over the world to participate in events, conferences, sessions and other initiatives of Technical Communities.

💡 I have been involved in business development in the technology sector for 20 years and have extensive experience working in different industries such as entertainment, retail, banking, CMT, industry, health, travel, public sector and consumer goods. I have worked on hundreds of initiatives and projects with large companies in Spain and Europe.

🖥️ Currently, I lead the Practice of Modern Work in Avanade Iberia (Spain and Portugal) and I am in charge of business development in my region, the management of our client & projects portfolio, the design and execution of the local strategy, the design of our offering and the management of the project delivery teams, composed of +100 people who carry out the tasks of consulting, advisory, technology implementation and development of projects related to workplace solutions for our clients.

🚀 I always try to contribute as much as possible with the Technical Communities and User Groups in my region. I organize large conferences, I am a speaker at national and international events, I generate content on social networks, I write articles and I collaborate in forums and other channels. Since 2013 I have been honored to receive the Microsoft MVP award, which recognizes exceptional community leaders for their technical expertise, leadership, speaking experience, online influence, and commitment to solving real world problems.

😅 Curious by nature, very family person, fan of Disney, Marvel, Pixar and Star Wars.

📺 You can check my social profiles and follow me on https://beacons.ai/migueltabera

📱 La tecnología es mi pasión... y esta gran pasión me ha acompañado desde muy pequeño y ha definido toda mi trayectoria profesional. Gracias a la tecnología he conocido a cientos de personas fantásticas y he podido recorrer todo el mundo para participar en eventos, conferencias, sesiones y otras iniciativas de las Comunidades Técnicas.

💡 Llevo 20 años dedicándome al desarrollo de negocio en el sector tecnológico y tengo gran experiencia trabajando en distintas industrias tales como el entretenimiento, retail, banca, CMT, industria, health, travel, sector público y consumer goods. He trabajado en centenares de iniciativas y proyectos con grandes compañías de España y de Europa.

🖥️ Actualmente, dirijo la Práctica de Modern Work en Avanade Iberia (España y Portugal) y me encargo del desarrollo de negocio en mi región, de la gestión de nuestra cartera de clientes y proyectos, del diseño y ejecución de la estrategia local, del diseño de nuestro offering y de la gestión de los equipos de proyecto, compuestos por +100 personas que realizan las tareas de consultoría, advisory, implantación de tecnología y desarrollo de proyectos relacionados con el ámbito de la soluciones de puesto de trabajo en nuestros clientes.

🚀 Siempre trato de contribuir todo lo posible y de forma desinteresada con las Comunidades Técnicas y Grupos de Usuarios de mi región. Organizo grandes conferencias, soy speaker en eventos nacionales e internacionales, genero contenido en redes sociales, escribo artículos y colaboro en foros y en otros canales. Desde el año 2013 tengo el honor de recibir el galardón Microsoft MVP, que reconoce a líderes de la comunidad excepcionales por su experiencia técnica, liderazgo, experiencia como speakers, influencia y compromiso para colaborar con el mundo de forma desinteresada.

😅 Curioso por naturaleza, persona muy familiar, fan de Disney, Marvel, Pixar y de Star Wars.

📺 Puedes ver mis perfiles sociales y seguirme en https://beacons.ai/migueltabera


Area of Expertise

  • Information & Communications Technology


  • Modern Workplace
  • Microsoft 365
  • Microsoft Office365
  • SharePoint
  • SharePoint Online
  • OneDrive
  • Power BI
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Avanade
  • Dynamics 365
  • Microsoft Office
  • Office 365
  • Windows 10
  • Modern Work
  • Power Apps
  • Microsoft Lists
  • Viva
  • Microsoft MVP
  • Microsoft Viva
  • Viva Goals
  • Viva Glint
  • Viva Topics
  • Viva Engage
  • Viva Amplify
  • Viva Connections
  • Viva Learning
  • Viva Insights
  • Windows 11
  • Windows 365
  • Power Automate
  • Microsoft Power Apps
  • Copilot
  • Copilot Studio
  • Copilot for Microsoft 365
  • M365 Copilot
  • modern workplace

Microsoft Mesh: The Future of Virtual Collaboration

Microsoft Mesh is a new 3D immersive experience that enables you to connect and collaborate with anyone, anywhere, on any device (screen or VR), in a virtual world. In this session, you will learn about the latest announcements and features of Microsoft Mesh, such as:

- How to integrate Microsoft Mesh with Microsoft Teams and create immersive spaces for your meetings, events, and webinars.
- How to use Copilot, a new AI-powered tool that helps you generate realistic and interactive 3D scenarios for your Mesh experiences.
- How to join and host Microsoft Teams meetings in virtual or hybrid spaces, using webcam or VR goggles, and interact with avatars and holograms.

Join us and discover how Microsoft Mesh can transform the way you work, learn, and play in the digital world.

Hello from the other side! Or how to communicate to your users from the Metaverse thanks to ACS

Metaverse is evolving so fast that we are encountering some problems within communication. Can I contact with other people if I am in an immersive experience in the other side and they aren't? Now you can, with the simple use of Microsoft Teams and Azure Communication Services (ACS).

In this session we will show you how to interconnect both worlds with real-time communications from Azure and Microsoft Teams leverage the experience to the most.

Is banking ready for the Metaverse?

While banking has become increasingly digital, it is too often emotionally detached. Ironically, the Metaverse provides banks with a much-needed avenue to bring humanity back into banking and deepen connections by meeting customers in more meaningful ways.

The Metaverse can help banks reestablish connections with their customers, by visiting a virtual bank branch and interact with its agents, visit a house in real-time to request a mortgage or discuss retirement plans with an advisor in real-time. Imagine if a customer could have a virtual office appointment with a bank advisor and, through avatars, withdraw virtual money from their account, cross the street (virtually), and make an online purchase. These scenarios will be facilitated by this technology.

In this session, we will review some basic concepts about the Metaverse and its history. Next, we will help attendees discover if banking is ready and if it makes sense to seek use cases in this sector. Finally, we will see several use cases or scenarios that some banks around the world are already implementing around virtual experiences, cryptocurrency, patents, real estate, and employee experiences.

Miguel Tabera

Microsoft MVP | Modern Work Practice Lead at Avanade

Madrid, Spain


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