Maciej Konkolowicz

Maciej Konkolowicz

Quality Champion From Rocket Mortgage in Detroit Baby!

Detroit, Michigan, United States

Maciek is a Senior Software Engineer by title, Quality Champion by trade! He works at Rocket Mortgage, the nation's largest mortgage lender, which is based in Detroit, Michigan. He’s spent more than 10 years focused on driving quality in software and increasing delivery of quality at speed. Maciek champions quality by continuously learning about best practices and then spreading them across the enterprise through education of individuals and teams.

When he’s not thinking about quality, Maciek is busy finding expensive ways to improve the velocity of his sailboat, or searching the great outdoors for encounters with wildlife...while hiding the costs of his adventures from his wife.

Maciek shares his ideas and expertise at conferences and meetups across the Midwest and on his blog at https://www.mkonk.com and Twitter @MKonkolowicz.

Area of Expertise

  • Information & Communications Technology


  • Quality
  • Test Automation
  • Quality Architecture

UI Test Enlightenment: How In Process Test Frameworks Have Changed The Game

In the past few years, modern automated UI testing frameworks changed the UI testing game. Due to the proliferation of in-browser process testing frameworks, writing, debugging and analyzing results of tests has become easier, more stable, and most importantly exciting! What? Is UI testing exciting and powerful? I know...I didn't believe it at first either. Come and hear about the pros and cons and nitty gritty details of how testing frameworks which run in the browser process are able to facilitate powerful and reliable tests. You will love this talk if you've had experience with testing frameworks such as Cypress, and wondered how it is able to control the browser, without using an out of process proxy.

I For One Welcome Our Robot Overlords: How To Build Trust In Test Automation

Nowadays, creating test automation is table stakes for ensuring a minimal level of quality during the software development life cycle. Software geeks all across the world understand that creating automated tests is almost a non negotiable. But what happens after the tests are created? How do we know they actually help? How do we ensure the juice is carefully squeezed, creating a trusted, respected and ever evolving safety net? If any of these questions seem familiar conundrums, come join me as I share how my team was able to create a test automation mindset, which helps us prevent bugs and encourages collaboration in a cross functional, distributed, always changing space. This cross-role talk will focus on how to engage cross functional teams to build a cross team testing suite, and is suited to all technical levels. Attendees will walk away with a repeatable process aimed at constantly improving trust and impact of test automation, leading to quicker defect detection.

Cypress: An Intro To The Best Web Testing Framework For The Worst Type Of Testing

E2E testing is by far the most expensive, slow and obnoxious type of testing developers can automate. As a dev, it is very likely you have by now thrown up in your mouth a little bit, just thinking about it. However, targeted, well thought through and well written e2e tests can also form the basis of a highly valuable test suite that can ease anxiety while writing new features. How do we get over our nauseated feelings and commit to immediately improving the quality of our application by providing more checks?

Do what devs have done for a long time. Switch to new and improved tooling for an old problem.

In this session attendees will learn the basics of the best web testing tool for the worst type of testing. We will be introduced to the Cypress web testing framework, and how to write our first basic test. Attendees will leave the session with a better understanding of what e2e testing is, when to use it and how to code their first cypress test. All without throwing up.

Sorry Cypress: The Best Test Execution Environment For The Worst Type Of Testing

So you've written some Cypress based E2E tests, and are now ready to make them go prime time. Yes, they "work on your machine", but what next? How do you ensure your work is going to stand the test of time and provide value to your team, without you being on the hook for keeping your machine on in perpetuity?

You pick a reliable, scalable, secure test execution environment.

In this session attendees will learn the basics of the best open source test execution tool for the worst type of testing. They will be introduced to the Sorry-Cypress test execution framework, and will setup an environment to execute tests. Attendees will leave the session with a playbook and documentation of how to repeat this setup for a local setup on their computer, in the cloud (AWS) and on a Kubernetes cluster.

Come learn how to setup an environment that makes running long, complicated but valuable Cypress tests, fast and scalable.

Maciej Konkolowicz

Quality Champion From Rocket Mortgage in Detroit Baby!

Detroit, Michigan, United States