Patrick Köhler

Patrick Köhler

Technical Leader and Trainer at Elgon S.a. Luxembourg and WVDCommunity.com



Patrick started his IT career 13 years ago as a System Engineer in the field of server outsourcing and consultancy services. Now he´s working as a Technical Leader with a specialization on Microsoft Azure and Windows Virtual Desktop and supports his clients to successfully modernize their IT infrastructure. Since the beginning of 2020, he started his own blog to share his knowledge in one of his favourite products, Windows Virtual Desktop. The blog can be reached by: www.wvdlogix.net.
Besides blogging, he is in the leading board of the largest WVD Community in the world, the wvdcommunity.com. Together with Neil McLoughlin and Stefan Dingemanse, he´s doing regular Podcasts, posts weekly newsletter and plan events around WVD and the partner ecosystem.
Patrick has been awarded with the very rare Azure Hero - Content Hero Badger in May 2020 for his contribution to the Azure community.
Additionally he has founded his own German Windows Virtual Desktop User Group and is organizing monthly meetups, which will be held virtually and physically.


Area of Expertise

  • Information & Communications Technology


  • Windows Virtual Desktop
  • Azure
  • Office365
  • Cloud Computing on the Azure Platform
  • Microsoft Office 365
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Exchange Online
  • Exchange Server
  • OneDrive For Business
  • Azure Virtual Desktop

Azure Virtual Desktop vs Windows 365 - Der große Vergleich

In dieser praktisch orientierten Sitzung mit vielen Live Demos schauen wir uns den technischen Unterschied von Azure Virtual Desktop zu Windows 365 an.
Welche Use Cases gibt es für welche der beiden Lösungen, gibt es Einsparpotentiale, wie erreiche ich den best möglichen Security Standard?

All diese Fragen werden beantwortet und mit Real World Konfigurationen in Live Demos abgerundet.

Datacenter Evakuierung mittels Azure VMware Solution

Mehr und mehr Organisationen suchen aktuell nach Möglichkeiten für die Modernisierung ihres Datacenters. Neben den Upgrades im Bereich des Modern Workplaces ist die Migration von Servern und klassischen Workloads aus dem örtlichen VMware Datacenter zu einem Hyperscaler wie Microsoft Azure meist nicht ohne weitere Kosten, Trainings oder Lizenzverlängerungen möglich.

In dieser Sitzung bekommen Sie einen generellen Überblick über Azure VMware Solution und wie Microsoft es schafft, klassische VMware Workloads mit Hausmitteln zu migrieren, ohne dabei auf bekannte Technologien wie NSX, vCenter zu verzichten und Kunden Zeit für die Cloud Adoption zu geben.

Is Windows Virtual Desktop the future of VDI platforms in the cloud?

In this episode I would like to discuss with you the journey the cloud VDI solution, Windows Virtual Desktop made and how it formed a Community of more than 1500 people within just 6 months and how it changes the way companies have to think of implementing Desktops in the Cloud.

MSIX App Attach – In (tegrated) and Aut (omated)

Since the release of the public preview of MSIX App Attach into the Azure portal, more and more customers are approaching new ways of modern application delivery.
Hereby certain requirements are needed, beginning from the underlying storage continued by the network performance until the attachment and registration process at the user level.

While most ISV’s already provide MSIX packages, there are still plenty of applications not converted, which represents one of the main tasks while handling MSIX packages.
We developed a tool, to help your organization getting started with MSIX App Attach and to provide best practices in terms of Security, Optimization, and Attachment.

In our session, we’re focussing on the technology itself and how to integrate MSIX App Attach for Enterprise-Scale environments using automatisms and tools we build to empower companies to reduce their golden images and having the overall control over deployed applications for their end-users.

Microsoft Endpoint Manager - Cloud Management for persistent WVD workloads

In this session, I'll explain the impact Microsoft Endpoint Manager has on Windows Virtual Desktop workloads. Moreover, we will highlight the question, if Microsoft Endpoint Manager can be used for image building or Session Host provisioning. This will be a very practical-oriented session, which gives insights to streamline and generalize the WVD management.

Building secure Bastion landscapes with Windows Virtual Desktop

In this “demo only” session I will show you how to configure Windows Virtual Desktop, to allow external Consultants as well as internal IT members how to access company resources securely using Windows Virtual Desktop on Azure. We will walk through standard security mechanisms to be used, followed by dynamic and flexible App assignments using MSIX App Attach, as well as scaling solutions, to decrease the costs for the cloud-based Bastion landscape. This session is based on a real-world use case, where 300 on-premises VMs have been replaced by WVD.

Container up your applications - Is MSIX App Attach the future of App Delivery?

This session is all about the future of application delivery in a fast, secure and efficient way using MSIX App Attach on Azure and On-Premises environments. After this session, you'll be able to understand how MSIX packages are built and secured, the fundamentals of App Attach, and how to build complex containers with one or multiple applications to reduce the need for multiple Golden Images in your environment. The session will be consisting of a maximum of 6 slides and demonstrations only!

Windows Virtual Desktop: High Availability for a multi-session experience at a glance

In this demo-rich session, you will learn how to make your Windows Virtual Desktops high available and learn, what built-in features can help saving money, with a self-developed autoscaling solution. Furthermore, we dig deeper into topics like MSIX App Attach, Network and Security, Image optimization, and automation.

Universal Print on Azure - Relaxed printing environments for infrastructure admins

In this session, we will walk through Microsoft Universal Print solution on Azure. We will focus on how it simplifies printer management from a unique and central place in the cloud - Azure. Besides a configuration walkthrough, we will review, if it can really replace classical on-premises print servers and how to manage the print drivers for older device models.

Microsoft Teams und Windows Virtual Desktop - das perfekte Duo?

In dieser demolastigen Session lernt Ihr, wie Microsoft Teams dabei hilft die Produktivität auf Microsofts VDI Platform Windows Virtual Desktop zu steigern, ohne Zugriff auf einen bekannten Windows 10 Desktop zu verzichten. Insbesondere fokussiere ich mich in dieser Session auf die korrekte Installation und Konfiguration, damit Benutzer in Multi-Session Umgebungen produktiv und sicher arbeiten können und dabei gleichzeitig Hardware Ressourcen teilen. Als Bonus konfigurieren wir ein WVD exklusives Feature, was zusätzliche Sicherheit für die Dokumente bei einem geteilten Desktop bietet!

How Microsoft teams revolutionises the VDI landscape

In this session, you will learn how Microsoft Teams helps customers in virtual desktop infrastructures to stay connected in meetings and learn how to install and configure it the right way to empower your users to produce, while not losing access to a real Windows 10 desktop.

Unleash the power of Windows Virtual Desktop

In this session you´ll learn how to implement Windows Virtual Desktop (Microsoft´s latest VDI solution based on Azure) for the usage of OneDrive and Microsoft Teams in a multi-user environment. I will cover the lessons learned from the field as well as practical demonstrations of tips that can save hours of implementation!

The modern workplace in times of Corona Virus with Windows Virtual Desktop

In times of Corona Virus, homeworkers need to adapt their kind of work rapidly. When most of the people focus on Microsoft Teams, they should also think about the fact, that not all processes or application can be covered or adapted that fast. This session will give an overview to Windows Virtual Desktop as well as a short Tour through FSLogix, HostPool creation, Management, Automation as well as Best-Practices since the general availability.

How to automate your Windows Virtual Desktop management

In this session, I´m showing you, how to automate the most common tasks in Windows Virtual Desktop with the help of Powershell and the WVD API. Additionally, I´m presenting you easy ways of scaling your environment from the smallest environment to an enterprise-scale with 1000 concurrent users. A lot of demonstrations will be presented along with the required theory.

How Microsoft Teams completes our VDI environments

In this session I will focus on Microsoft Teams integration into Microsofts VDI / DaaS solution Windows Virtual Desktop. I will highlight the special measurements to be taken for the installation and preparation, the new enhancements which are coming quite soon to Microsoft Teams to optimize network bandwidth in VDI environments as well, how to optimize the usage with Microsoft Teams in VDI with best practices from the field.

Luxembourg Microsoft Teams excitement day: How I met the frontier runner?

Before COVID-19 Luxembourg is growing approx. by 50% each day by its frontier runners. For this reason collaboration is asked more than ever, especially in times where personal contact is limited / prohibited. In my session I will present a true success story about Microsoft Teams has helped employees before the lockdown at Microsoft Luxembourg!

Windows Virtual Desktop: High Availability for a multi-session experience at a glance

In times of lockdown, a secure and innovative workspace becomes more important than ever. This value has been proofed by several current surveys and the global situation. During our session, you will experience how Microsoft centers and combines the capabilities that make your remote workers even more flexible while using Windows Virtual Desktop on Azure.
Register here: https://forms.office.com/Pages/ResponsePage.aspx?id=hF_-qvy0SUyG56_myBnp-66WIkzFJmZGuRAxQsxlfvlUQzJTNERSQ0RDSVNMQTBEWVdVVUoyRjMwMy4u

Webinar to provide customers and enthusiasts a functional overview of Windows Virtual Desktop and it´s capabilities to benefit from the abilities of the Microsoft 365 product range.

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Patrick Köhler

Technical Leader and Trainer at Elgon S.a. Luxembourg and WVDCommunity.com



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