MSIX App Attach – In (tegrated) and Aut (omated)

Since the release of the public preview of MSIX App Attach into the Azure portal, more and more customers are approaching new ways of modern application delivery.
Hereby certain requirements are needed, beginning from the underlying storage continued by the network performance until the attachment and registration process at the user level.

While most ISV’s already provide MSIX packages, there are still plenty of applications not converted, which represents one of the main tasks while handling MSIX packages.
We developed a tool, to help your organization getting started with MSIX App Attach and to provide best practices in terms of Security, Optimization, and Attachment.

In our session, we’re focussing on the technology itself and how to integrate MSIX App Attach for Enterprise-Scale environments using automatisms and tools we build to empower companies to reduce their golden images and having the overall control over deployed applications for their end-users.

Patrick Köhler

Technical Leader and Trainer at Elgon S.a. Luxembourg and



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