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Luxembourg, Luxembourg

Patrick Köhler

Technical Leader and Trainer at Elgon S.a. Luxembourg and

Patrick started his IT career 13 years ago as a System Engineer in the field of server outsourcing and consultancy services. Now he´s working as a Technical Leader with a specialization on Microsoft Azure and Windows Virtual Desktop and supports his clients to successfully modernize their IT infrastructure. Since the beginning of 2020, he started his own blog to share his knowledge in one of his favourite products, Windows Virtual Desktop. The blog can be reached by:
Besides blogging, he is in the leading board of the largest WVD Community in the world, the Together with Neil McLoughlin and Stefan Dingemanse, he´s doing regular Podcasts, posts weekly newsletter and plan events around WVD and the partner ecosystem.
Patrick has been awarded with the very rare Azure Hero - Content Hero Badger in May 2020 for his contribution to the Azure community.
Additionally he has founded his own German Windows Virtual Desktop User Group and is organizing monthly meetups, which will be held virtually and physically. (blog) (company) (Community Events page)

Current sessions

Unleash the power of Windows Virtual Desktop

In this session you´ll learn how to implement Windows Virtual Desktop (Microsoft´s latest VDI solution based on Azure) for the usage of OneDrive and Microsoft Teams in a multi-user environment. I will cover the lessons learned from the field as well as practical demonstrations of tips that can save hours of implementation!

The modern workplace in times of Corona Virus with Windows Virtual Desktop

In times of Corona Virus, homeworkers need to adapt their kind of work rapidly. When most of the people focus on Microsoft Teams, they should also think about the fact, that not all processes or application can be covered or adapted that fast. This session will give an overview to Windows Virtual Desktop as well as a short Tour through FSLogix, HostPool creation, Management, Automation as well as Best-Practices since the general availability.

How to automate your Windows Virtual Desktop management

In this session, I´m showing you, how to automate the most common tasks in Windows Virtual Desktop with the help of Powershell and the WVD API. Additionally, I´m presenting you easy ways of scaling your environment from the smallest environment to an enterprise-scale with 1000 concurrent users. A lot of demonstrations will be presented along with the required theory.

How Microsoft Teams completes our VDI environments

In this session I will focus on Microsoft Teams integration into Microsofts VDI / DaaS solution Windows Virtual Desktop. I will highlight the special measurements to be taken for the installation and preparation, the new enhancements which are coming quite soon to Microsoft Teams to optimize network bandwidth in VDI environments as well, how to optimize the usage with Microsoft Teams in VDI with best practices from the field.

Luxembourg Microsoft Teams excitement day: How I met the frontier runner?

Before COVID-19 Luxembourg is growing approx. by 50% each day by its frontier runners. For this reason collaboration is asked more than ever, especially in times where personal contact is limited / prohibited. In my session I will present a true success story about Microsoft Teams has helped employees before the lockdown at Microsoft Luxembourg!

Windows Virtual Desktop: High Availability for a multi-session experience at a glance

In times of lockdown, a secure and innovative workspace becomes more important than ever. This value has been proofed by several current surveys and the global situation. During our session, you will experience how Microsoft centers and combines the capabilities that make your remote workers even more flexible while using Windows Virtual Desktop on Azure.
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Webinar to provide customers and enthusiasts a functional overview of Windows Virtual Desktop and it´s capabilities to benefit from the abilities of the Microsoft 365 product range.

Past and future events

TeamsFest | October 2020

6 Oct 2020

Microsoft 365 Virtual Marathon

27 May 2020 - 28 May 2020