Dario Tranchitella

Information & Communications Technology

DevOps & Automation Kubernetes Containers

Turin, Piedmont, Italy

Dario Tranchitella

Head in the ☁ for Namecheap, Inc.

Former full stack web developer, switched to the dark side of DevOps practicing over Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services, automating everything to build and design scalable cloud-native infrastructures using Go.
Deeply involved with microservices and Kubernetes operators, obsessed with automation and optimization for large scale distributed computing clusters. Works at Namecheap, Inc. building EasyWP, a cloud platform for scaling to infinity and beyond.

Current sessions

Kubernetes Pod: deep dive

The latest container orchestrators have finally driven us to think for abstraction without worrying about the underlying concrete implementation: until we're talking about containers we know the "black magic" behind the hood (namespaces, cgroups, overlayfs). Even the container approach helped the world to leverage applications delivery it has become obsolete (sic) since the newest cloud-native architectures require complex patterns such as Ambassador, Configurator, Adapter and much more.
People assume that a Pod is just a container, often: obviously this is not true... and by the way, who knows what is a Pod exactly, how is made of, and how Kubernetes orchestrates it?
The goal of this talk is to provide a low-level description of what a Pod is and how Kubernetes help us to work with this kind of resource in order to approach container patterns, demonstrating with a live coding demo how to build a simple Pod in order to understand the Kubernetes internals that provides this computational resources abstractions.

Past and future events

ContainerDays 2019

23 Jun - 25 Jun 2019
Hamburg, Germany