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Rachel Breeze

Rachel Breeze

Squad Lead, Umbraco and .NET Developer at Nexer Digital

Manchester, United Kingdom

Rachel has been a developer for over 20 years, working in the Microsoft .Net stack. Rachel has been working with Umbraco since 2012 and is a 4x Umbraco MVP. She is passionate about accessibility, supporting and encouraging future developers, and in her spare time she enjoys scuba diving. She also drinks copious amounts of tea.


  • Most Active Speaker 2023

Area of Expertise

  • Information & Communications Technology


  • DevOps
  • Web Development
  • Azure DevOps
  • Agile software development
  • Accessibility
  • Web Accessibility
  • c#
  • OpenAPI
  • Open Source Software
  • Umbraco
  • Personal Growth

The Forgotten Users Of A CMS

You’ve come up with an idea for a website or app. Validated the idea, done your user research and defined the functionality required.

But have you thought about all the users of your website/ app and of the users of the CMS.

In this talk we explore users and stakeholders who may have been missed when writing the requirements and also how to include them in the design and build process.

Accessibility - A .NET Developers perspective

In this talk I will explore and demonstrate why accessibility is important for consumers and users; why the whole development team should consider accessibility and inclusion. I will also share some tips and also demo tools that will aid in accessibility testing.

Umbraco Backoffice Accessibility Update

Discussion on the progress the community is making with the Umbraco Backoffice

Adding accessibility to the development process

As developers, we recognise that accessibility and inclusion should be at the heart of what we develop. We also know that we need to create and test that our solutions are accessible as soon as we can. As with everything in development detecting issues nearer to the development process saves time, and therefore budget, than detecting them at go live.

In this session, we explore how Visual Studio can be used for accessibility checking, and I will share my journey with adding accessibility checking into the Azure DevOps Pipeline.

DF22 Talkshow - Accessibility and a trip down memory lane

Join us for the DF22 talk where our speakers go into discussion about the topics they are excited about hosted by Rayta.

In this show we have 2 topic accessibility and a trip down memory lane with some long time Umbraco users.

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November 2023 London, United Kingdom

Manchester Tech Festival

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DF23 - The Dutch Umbraco Conference

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DDD North 2022

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DF22 - The Dutch Umbraco Conference

October 2022 Utrecht, The Netherlands

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Rachel Breeze

Squad Lead, Umbraco and .NET Developer at Nexer Digital

Manchester, United Kingdom