Rebai Hamida

Rebai Hamida

Microsoft MVP and MCT, Docker Captain, Cloud Solutions Architect, Speaker, Author

Québec, Canada


Hamida Rebai has been working in the computing domain for over 14 years. She started her professional career in Tunisia working for multinational corporations (MNCs) as a software developer, then served as a .NET consultant at CGI, Canada. She is currently a senior advisor and information and solution integration architect at Revenu Québec, Canada. She has been awarded as Most Valuable Professional in Developer Technologies and Microsoft DevHeros by Microsoft and holds several Azure certifications. She is a Docker Captain. Besides being a Microsoft Certified Trainer and a member of the .NET Foundation, Hamida is a Book author, blogger, international speaker, and one of the finalists in the Women in IT Award in Canada in 2019.


Area of Expertise

  • Information & Communications Technology


  • Azure
  • .NET Migration to Azure
  • .NET Core ASP.NET Core ASP.NET .NET Azure DevOps VSTS Azure Visual Studio Scrum
  • Azure App Servrice
  • Cloud strategy
  • Cloud & DevOps
  • Cloud Architecture
  • Cloud Computing on the Azure Platform
  • Cloud Computing
  • Azure PaaS
  • Azure Functions
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Azure DevOps
  • Azure IaaS
  • Azure Logic Apps
  • Cloud Technology
  • Cloud Computig
  • Docker
  • docker-compose
  • Kubernetes documentation and localization
  • Containerization
  • Container
  • Containers and Serverless
  • Azure Container Instance (ACI)
  • Azure Container Registry (ACR)
  • Azure container Apps
  • container orchestration
  • dev containers
  • Container Technology
  • Container / Middleware
  • containerized development environments
  • Continous Integration
  • Container Governance
  • development containers
  • Shipping container

Streamlining Workflows: Unleashing Automation with Azure and Power Automate

"Join us in this session to explore the seamless integration of Azure and Power Automate, empowering you to optimize processes, enhance productivity, and achieve automation excellence. Learn how to leverage the robust capabilities of these platforms to streamline workflows, automate tasks, and unlock the full potential of your business operations. Whether you're a seasoned professional or new to automation, discover practical insights and best practices that will propel your organization towards efficiency and innovation."

Azure API Management: Architecting for Performance and Security

This session will provide a comprehensive deep dive into Azure API Management, focusing on optimizing API performance and security. It is designed for developers, architects, and IT professionals who want to leverage Azure's capabilities for efficient API management. The session will blend theoretical insights with practical demonstrations, highlighting how to architect APIs for optimal performance and robust security in the Azure environment.

Optimizing .NET 8 Applications with Docker and Azure: A Comprehensive Guide

This session will explore the synergies between .NET 8, Docker containers, and Azure, providing attendees with a comprehensive building guide, to deploying, and managing .NET 8 applications using Docker in the Azure cloud environment. The session is designed for .NET developers, cloud architects, and DevOps professionals who want to leverage the power of containerization and cloud computing to enhance the performance and scalability of their .NET 8 applications.

Modernize your apps with API Patterns

Presents the different strategies for modernizing your applications using API Patterns and technologies and the need for API management. We cover Legacy Modernization with APIs and new applications using Microservices.

Integrating Azure Cosmos DB with the Azure Ecosystem

This session would focus on how Azure Cosmos DB can be integrated with other Azure services to create more powerful and efficient applications. This session would be ideal for developers and architects who are looking to leverage the full potential of the Azure ecosystem by integrating Azure Cosmos DB with other Azure services. It aims to provide attendees with both the strategic understanding and technical skills necessary for building robust, integrated solutions in the Azure cloud environment.

Embracing .NET 8.0: Leveraging New Features for Modern Application Development

This session will focus on the new and improved features of .NET 8.0, the latest iteration of Microsoft's .NET framework. Aimed at developers and IT professionals, the session will provide an in-depth look at how .NET 8.0 can be utilized to create more efficient, robust, and scalable applications. It will cover practical examples and best practices, ensuring attendees can effectively apply their learnings in real-world scenarios.

Containerization Revolution: Mastering Docker and Kubernetes for Modern Software Deployment

This session will focus on the essentials and advanced practices of containerization, primarily using Docker and Kubernetes. It is tailored for developers who are either looking to get started with or enhance their skills in container technology, which has become a cornerstone in modern software deployment and management. The session will cover both theoretical concepts and practical implementations, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of containerization in today's development landscape.

Comprehensive Docker Workshop: From Basics to Advanced Practices

This workshop is a deep-dive, hands-on session exclusively focused on Docker. It's designed for a range of attendees, from those who are new to Docker to those who are looking to enhance their existing skills. The workshop will cover the fundamentals of Docker, best practices, advanced features, and practical use cases, making it a comprehensive session for mastering Docker in the realm of containerization.

Build containerized application using Docker and Azure

In this session, we will cover the development and deployment of containerized ASP.NET Core 7 apps using Docker and Azure It covers architectural design and implementation approaches using .NET and Docker containers. We will present the different services to deploy on Azure like Azure Container Registry, Azure Container instance, Azure Container Apps, and Azure Kubernetes Services as an orchestrator if we prefer not to use Docker-Compose.yml

Best practices for to prepare .NET Docker images

She will present the different aspects to consider when we bring a .NET application using .NET 8 framework into Docker images in order to run them as a containerized workload. She shows a fast path to getting ready-production Docker images by considering multiple factors like the size of the image and looking to the security to avoid attacks and vulnerabilities.

Architecting .NET Microservices in a Docker Ecosystem

She will explain the microservices-based applications development and manage them using containers. She will discuss the different architectural design and implementation approaches using .NET 8 and Docker containers. She will focus on development and architecture guidance based on two technologies: Docker and .NET 8 . She will showcase some architectural patterns and container design principles and finish by deploying a container as a Docker image in Azure.

Deploy an application for Azure Container Registry

We will describe in this session the workflow to compile a Docker-based ASP.NET Core web application and to deploy it after to a Kubernetes cluster that is already running on the Azure Container Service (AKS).

Create and deploy .NET Core app for Azure Kubernetes Services

She will prepare a .NET Core application n for Azure Kubernetes Service, she will start deploying and use Azure Container Registry and deploy an AKS cluster, she will explain how we can scale and update an application.

Hybrid cloud and multicloud in Azure

She will share some tips to set up your successful hybrid cloud implementation with Azure and your datacenter. She will share her best practices and pitfalls to avoid when you decide to move to the cloud. Join her to learn how to mitigate hybrid and multi-cloud concerns while maximizing your existing investment. Some organizations are not able to decide which provider need to select, sometimes they need more than one, so, they decide to use multi-cloud. By building a multicloud, they can use and benefit from multiple services from multiple cloud hosting providers. Connectivity that provides end-to-end reach is key for the multicloud, She will talk about the connectivity way provided and how it can either help or hinder efforts to extend end-to-end security and operational control across a multicloud architecture.
She will share some best practices.

Microservices with container in Action

In the session, she will explain the main principles of using Microservices instead of a monolithic approach, an introduction to developing microservices-based applications and managing them using containers, she will present some case studies to explain the intricacies of large-scale microservices and a
real-life sample with tools and she will put the focus of using a container like Docker to deploy it and discusses architectural design and implementation approaches. She will answer these questions: Should you be using microservices? How are microservices related to containers and orchestrators?

Developing Solutions for Microsoft Azure

Design and build cloud solutions such as applications and services during all phases of development. She will explain how to be proficient in developing apps and services by using Azure tools and technologies, including storage, security, and communications. She will start by demonstrated the Creation of containerized solutions after, Azure App Service Web Apps and Azure App Service mobile apps.
The participant will learn more about the way of Creating Azure App Service API apps and the Implementing of Azure functions.

Conteneuriser les Microservices avec Service Fabric

Service Fabric est la technologie fondamentale introduite par Microsoft Azure pour renforcer les services Azure à grande échelle.
Dans cette session, vous obtiendrez un aperçu des conteneurs comme Docker après un aperçu de Service Fabric, expliquez la différence entre celui-ci et Kubernetes en tant que nouvelle façon d'orchestrer les Microservices. Vous apprendrez comment développer une application de Microservices et comment déployer ces services sur des clusters Service Fabric et le nouveau service Service Fabric Mesh sans serveur. Nous allons explorer les avantages de la plate-forme et du modèle de programmation, y compris les services et les acteurs avec état pour le traitement des données à faible latence, etc.
Tu vas apprendre:
Aperçu des conteneurs
Présentation de Service Fabric
Différence entre Kubernetes et Service Fabric
Configuration de l'environnement pour commencer à développer une application à l'aide de Microservices avec Service Fabric

Containerize Microservices with Service Fabric

Service Fabric is the foundational technology introduced by Microsoft Azure to empower the large-scale Azure service.
In this session, you’ll get an overview of containers like Docker after an overview of Service Fabric, explain the difference between it and Kubernetes as a new way To Orchestrate Microservices. You’ll learn how to develop a Microservices application and how to deploy those services to Service Fabric clusters and the new serverless Service Fabric Mesh service. We’ll dive into the platform and programming model advantages including stateful services and actors for low-latency data processing and more.
You will learn:
Overview of containers
Overview of Service Fabric
Difference between Kubernetes and Service Fabric
Setup Environment to start developing an application using Microservices with Service Fabric

Build mobile apps with .NET Standard and Xamarin.Forms

In this session, we will talk about Xamarin.Forms, and the use of .NET Standard to provide cross-platform compatibility. We will take in the beginning a tour of a Xamarin.Forms app with some functionalities and APIs for .NET developer using C# and XAML. After we will talk about .NET Standard, the difference with Portable Class Libraries and why you should probably move to this new cross-platform model soon. And finally, we will demonstrate the use of some Azure services in Xamarin.Forms

ASP.NET Core and Azure Devops

She will introduce the basic concepts of building a development lifecycle around Azure using .NET tools, DevOps toolchain, and processes. She will start by deploying a sample App in Github to Azure App Service and she will focus on the end-to-end continuous deployment experience for .NET developers from continuous integration, deployment, monitoring, and debugging.

Guide to migrate your .NET app to Azure

She will demonstrate the different steps to migrate .NET apps to Azure and illustrate the advantage of a full range of cloud benefits like automatic scaling, patching, performance monitoring, and CI/CD. So you will be able after this session to know how you can move your existing .NET Framework server applications directly to the cloud by modernizing specific areas, with or without re-architecting or recoding entire applications.

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Rebai Hamida

Microsoft MVP and MCT, Docker Captain, Cloud Solutions Architect, Speaker, Author

Québec, Canada


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