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Paris, Île-de-France, France

Romeu Moura

Absurdism Lobbyist

Endless conversation — with friends & compilers — on art, crafts, dialectic, paradigm jump, serendipity.

Current sessions

The geometry of Meaning

The hardest problem is naming because linguistics IS cognitive science, in this "Papers We Love" of Peter Gardenfors’s “Geometry of Meaning” book we’ll cover the use of geometry to better understand how we think/communicate, what is a domain, properties, DDD

Bourdieu's social theory applied to tech

Every workplace, every community, and in fact every social interaction, is governed by various forces, hidden power structures, implicit oppression and submission. We oppress people by accident, and we are oppressed by others by accident.

Bourdieu's social theory (with concepts like “symbolic violence", “cultural capital” and “hexis”) explain what is happening. By understanding what he meant, we learn how each of us influences and is influenced by the people around us, in ways that we wouldn't expect.

This talk tries to make Bourdieu's ideas accessible. Learn how to improve your environment immediately; see why meritocracy is a dangerous lie; recognise oppression and submission when it happens; and gain the tools to fight it day to day.

Big corps as little panopticons. Agile coaches as colonial imperialists

Without any big conspiracy (nor any bad person on top) We have created dysfunctional corporate cultures where waste reins, sadness is rampant and the majority has abandoned hopes of changing.

It is a system where every participant is oppressed and also complicit in their oppression.

This talk aims to help you see the system and in seing it arm yourself to fight it. This talk also aims to convince you that you can, in fact, make a difference.