Data Modeling in Dataverse: Where Dinosaurs and Unicorns Meet 🦖🦄💻

In the world of data modeling, finding a balance between structure and flexibility is key. And what better way to achieve this balance than by bringing together the strength of the dinosaurs and the magic of the unicorns? 🌟💪🏼

In this session, we'll explore the power of data modeling in Dataverse and show you how to combine the best of both worlds to create data models that are both robust and dynamic. 🦕🦄💻

We'll guide you through the process of building efficient data models that can adapt to changing needs, just like a dinosaur evolving to survive in a new environment. And we'll add the flair of unicorns to make them beautiful and easy to use. 🌈🦕🦄

So, if you're ready to create data models that are as cool and unique as a unicorn sporting a dinosaur spike, then this is the session for you! 🤩🦕🦄

Chris likes 👍 unicorns but loves dinosaurs. 😍🦖
Rebekka likes 👍 dinosaurs but loves unicorns. 🥰🦄

Chris Huntingford

Director of Innovation at ANS Group

Huntingdon, United Kingdom


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