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Chris Huntingford

Chris Huntingford

Director of Innovation at ANS Group

Huntingdon, United Kingdom


I’m a geek and proud to admit it! I’m also a rather large, talkative South African who plays drums, wears horrendous Hawaiian shirts and has an affinity for engaging in as many social gatherings as humanly possible, because, well….I want to experience as much as possible and connect with as many different people as I can! I am, unapologetically, Myself! This zest for interaction and collaboration has led to a fixation on community and an understanding that by bringing people together in the right environment, ANYTHING can be achieved.

I have an intense enthusiasm for technology. I am a terrific tinkerer, a passionate problem solver and a magical maker. As long as I am creating something, I feel fulfilled. Technology provides me with my creative outlet, especially in a digital format. My core focus is on the Microsoft Power Platform, a perfect consolidation of digital technology creating a symphony between both right and left brain hemispheres.

I love to explore the huge mountain of digital building bricks provided by Microsoft to create amazing solutions and solve real problems. I love to bring people together to talk about the amazing things that can be created and can be used to change the way organisations work. I enjoy watching as people, both inexperienced and seasoned, build things and then realise that technology and learning have no boundaries. The sense of digital inclusion within community is what I strive for.

I look forward to connecting with each and every one of you!



Area of Expertise

  • Information & Communications Technology

10 key things to do to get your organisation ready for Power Platform adoption

Do you think you have rock-solid governance in your org? Maybe you have a few data policies in place! GREAT, but let's lift the lid on this and get a bit deeper into some of the top 10 things you, as a power platform admin or power user, can do to create a much safer space for makers to create useful things.

In this session, we will break some of the perspectives you may have and shatter some ideals. Not every solution needs ALM! WHY turn off the ability to create trials? WHY stop makers from using developing in their own developer environments? What does good look like with regards to your Power Platform team structure.

We are in the Era of Enablement and people will find a way, so why not enable, but provide the necessary guidance as well.

There will be live demonstrations of (And potentially more):

1. AI Driven solution builds.
2. A Connector Audit.
2. A live, interactive data breach and how to mitigate this.

This is your top 10 list to get YOU going!

The Dataverse Experience: Get hands on and create amazing things with Microsoft Dataverse

Join us for a full day Dataverse workshop where you will learn how to create useful, secure solutions using Dataverse. In this hands-on, scenario based workshop, you will gain knowledge on how to leverage Dataverse to manage your data effectively, efficiently and securely. Our experienced instructors will guide you through the process of designing and building data structures specific to your organization's needs. You'll learn to create custom entities, fields, and relationships, and how to use workflows, business rules, PowerApps and APIs to build programmatical and user interfaces to secure data. By the end of the day, you'll have a thorough understanding of how to use Dataverse to manage data in a secure, scalable, and cost-effective way. Don't miss this opportunity to learn how to maximize the benefits of Dataverse for your organization!

Old men yell at cloud: biased opinions to all your questions!

Join Chris Huntingford, Mark Christie, Antti Pajunen, and Yannick Reekmans as they share their opinions on all your curiosities related to the Microsoft Cloud. With years of experience and having seen things come and go, these MVP’s will provide unique insights into your long-time questions. Laurie Pottmeyer has accepted the challenge to moderate, and to keeping our panelists in line.
Come prepared with your questions and get ready for an engaging and informative session! Just beware: no recording or quotes are to taken out that room!

The Transformation of Digital Transformation - The rise of the Era of Enablement

Digital Transformation has completely changed over the last few years! Before, Transformation was done TO us; now, it is done BY us. Welcome to the era of enablement folks, Buckle up and prepare to have your eyes opened, this one isn't for the faint of heart.

This session focuses on the past, present and future of digital transformation and how it has been transformed to map to the times. The socioeconomic implications of transformation are HUGE! and scary! Will AI take your job? What can you do to get skilled up? Where will we be in 5 years time?

Lets dive deeper and get real!

I want to become your companion — A different 👀 at Copilot

In this session Chris Huntingford and I will take an unexpected look at Copilot feature in Power Platform. You cannot miss this opportunity to learn more about simplifying your business life using GenAI.

Hack the prism: The AI hackathon

AI hackathon on the first day

Data Modeling in Dataverse: Where Dinosaurs and Unicorns Meet 🦖🦄💻

In the world of data modeling, finding a balance between structure and flexibility is key. And what better way to achieve this balance than by bringing together the strength of the dinosaurs and the magic of the unicorns? 🌟💪🏼

In this session, we'll explore the power of data modeling in Dataverse and show you how to combine the best of both worlds to create data models that are both robust and dynamic. 🦕🦄💻

We'll guide you through the process of building efficient data models that can adapt to changing needs, just like a dinosaur evolving to survive in a new environment. And we'll add the flair of unicorns to make them beautiful and easy to use. 🌈🦕🦄

So, if you're ready to create data models that are as cool and unique as a unicorn sporting a dinosaur spike, then this is the session for you! 🤩🦕🦄

Chris likes 👍 unicorns but loves dinosaurs. 😍🦖
Rebekka likes 👍 dinosaurs but loves unicorns. 🥰🦄

The importance Data Driven Solution Design

One of the biggest reasons applications get pushed back from infoSec or application design is halted is because of data. Sure, your app may look gorgeous, but it would be a pity if no one ever gets to use it based on how the data is stored and treated.

In this session, I will explain the importance of "Data-driven design" and some of the best practices surrounding this approach. Data storage, Data categorisation, Licensing and learning about Data microservices are just some of the points I will focus on in this session.

Let's ensure those awesome apps follow the proper guidelines from a data perspective and get through the review processes internally with relative ease.

Taking Teams Adaptive Cards further than ever before

In this session I'll show you real life examples how teams adaptive cards can enrich your day to day work, and fit business needs they didn't even know they had.

Architecting Ecosystems and Low Code World Building

Making an app is easy! Designing an ecosystem where a diverse group of people from many different backgrounds can make their own solutions… it’s more challenging! This session will show you how to design low-code worlds and architect ecosystems that will enable and inspire your makers to build amazing things that solve problems like no other! Welcome to the world of “low-Code world building and ecosystem Architecture”. There will be no holding back on creativity in this one, so expect something different and quite possibly… a little “out there”,

10 Tips to stop AppArmageddon in your business

We continuously talk about governance and sometimes we just need to know where to start! no problem, I got you! Here are 10 really important things to do to make sure makers don't cause complete havoc with Power Platform in your organisation. Better a governed free market you know than a black market you don't know!

Licensing by Design - Let's build your problems

When business have a problem we all know there are 10 ways to solve it but which is right? How can you work out licensing implications of that design before you decide which to choose? How can you make sure it fit's the needs not only now but also in the future.

Join us to talk through licensing in a way that makes sense. In building solutions designing what it would look like in common scenarios whether that's Power Platform, Azure or D365. This is an open session for you to bring your questions too so let's fix some problems!

Dataverse as a governance tool and not just for data!

You think Dataverse is just for data, right? WRONG! We will run through just why you need Dataverse in your organisation. Come and witness a demo-rich session where we will show you some of what goes on under the hood of the Power Platform. This is going to get INTENSE!

ISV Business Solutions: BizApps Products versus Accelerators

There is a growing number of vertical business solutions built by ISVs. Some of these solutions are just an accelerator (usually free) to build a solution or top but there is growing number of complete off the shelf products built on Microsoft Power Platform and Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement. These are full products with future roadmap, regular upgrades and a whole community around them.

In this Panel discussion, you will join Mohamed Mostafa, Microsoft MVP/FastTrack Architect and Director of iProperty Cloud Platform for Property and Housing, to discuss the future of ISV Business Solutions both Products and Accelerators as well as Microsoft's backing and support of complete Industry-specific products and vertical solutions.

Our Panellists will include a number of Microsoft MVPs, Community leaders and Microsoft colleagues.

Governance is not a dirty word

Governance is a process, a method of ensuring quality, driving adoption and empowering innovation. It does not have to be a negative, cumbersome method.

Let's discuss in this open session the best ways of enabling your business technologist to create the next generation of applications utilising the Microsoft tools, re-usable processes and community.

Empowering Business Enablers with the Power Platform

The Power Platform offers a multitude of extraordinary capabilities which can enthral employees and improve your EX without breaking the bank.

The key is to ensure you give your business champions the right training, the right empowerment and the right processes to encourage a new breed of apps.

The platform is the starter, this session will highlight the best practices for adoption, enablement and community building for your organisation.

The Rise of Business Technologist

Come and join this interactive session to learn more about what’s behind this (new) role, how it fits the Power Platform and becomes important for every Fusion Team. We‘ll uncover the job description and will provide some practical insights from the field .

Power Platform - Its a PLATFORM not an APP

All too often, we place our focus on the "App" in the Power PLatform and forget about the fact that there are so many more AMAZING pieces of functionality that we can use to ignite AWESOME, be creative and inspire thinking out the box.

In this session, we will pull out all the stops, do some crazy live demo builds and even attempt the worlds shortest Hackathon to show just how effective the Power Platform can be in organisations.

The Roast of the Data Sauces

Have you ever seen a "Roast Battle" on comedy central before? Well, that's how we plan on tackling the age-old question:

"when building solutions, Where should I put my data."

In this Punchy, argumentative join us where we will tackle this tricky question and probably upset one another and the audience :)

Unboxing the Magical Mysteries of Multiplexing

WTF is Multiplexing? Let's take a look under the hood and figure it all out! It's on page 2 of the licensing guide, so it must be pretty important.

Is Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement dead?

Can we build an entire CRM system with Power Platform? But all I do is Dynamics!
Join us for a strongly opinionated session focusing on the Power Platform and where the Dynamics 365 First Party Apps fit in!

CDS Vs. SharePoint Lists Vs. SQL

lets solve this once and for all! Which data storage facility works best in which scenario and why. In this session ill be selecting various use cases and comparing the solution build cycle n top of each data facility.

Lets solve the data argument once and for all

We constantly talk about data and where it needs to live within the Power Platform. In this session I will explore the pros & cons of the various data facilities - Including licensing! YES.... Gulp!!

Lets roast the data sauces

Ever built a Power App? Ever wondered why stuff breaks in the front end? Ever turned your Canvas App into a coding platform because you are too cheap to pay for a premium license so you can connect to a proper data storage facility? Want to hear us roast the data sources? Why SharePoint lists only work for certain App types, Why Dataverse costs HUGE amounts of money.... Come to this session. We deliver sauce to these data sources Tarantino style!

A Thunderbolt of Functional Awesome with the Power Platform

Do you want to achieve value and solve problems at a rapid pace within your organisation? AWESOME! The Power Platform can help you do this. In this session I will do a live solution build right in front of your very eyes, starting from some flat data and will end up with a working solution. No tricks, no smoke & mirrors... Real live config!

How to provide amazing business value rapidly using Microsoft Power Platform

Do you want to know more about Power Platform? Come to this crash course where we will be looking at how Dataflex Pro, Power Apps, Power BI & Power Automate work harmoniously together to provide amazing business value at a rapid rate.

Architecting the guardrails of a Great Ecosystem

Getting digital guardrails in place in your Low Code ecosystem is the first and most crucial step to ensuring your data and makers are protected from themselves and other potential influences.

Digital guardrails consist of a number of key areas in the Power Platform such as Environment Management, Data Policies, Security, Application Lifecycle Management and several more.

In this session, I will arm you with the knowledge you need to ensure your ecosystem is protected. Expect Live demonstrations and interactivity.

Why Power Platform People are now AI Extensibility Experts

The new era of copilot and IA is upon us and literally EVERYONE is somehow talking about Copilot! What some folks may not realise is that NOW Power Platform consultants are MORE valuable than ever. Power Platform is the primary tool for extending Microsoft 365 copilot and also to create your OWN copilots.

In this session I will position Power Platform in a new light and help you understand where you may fit in the new world. YOUR skills are more valuable than ever now and there is a huge opportunity to move into n AI positioned job way faster than you may know.

Key Takeaways:
1. How Power Platform fits into the world of AI and Copilot.
2. What YOU can do to reposition yourself to potentially take a new career path.
3. Technical aspects of AI extensibility such as:
     - Extending Microsoft 365 copilot with different data.
     - Building copilots on your data.
     - Leveraging other AI type connectors within Power Platform to super charge your solutions.

This new world of AI has SO much opportunity so lets ensure we adapt and adopt successfully.

This session is passionate and also contains many examples supported by demonstrations.

From Depression to Elation - How the community changed my life

This session is going to get REAL personal, REAL honest, REAL quick, so be prepared!

10 years ago I arrived in the UK from South Africa not knowing a single person or even understanding what the Microsoft community was. I was desperate to find a place to belong and desperate to be part of a movement where I could make a difference. I felt rejected, depressed and broken! 10 years later... It is so different for me and I can tell you that the community changed EVERYTHING for me!

In this session I will walk you through an incredible journey of personal transformation and growth where I literally came from nothing to this amazing career, this incredible group of friends and WONDERFUL experiences... And the Microsoft community has a LOT to do with that.

I will dive into many personal areas around over coming racism (I was not the victim), Learning about people, Building personal brand, understanding empathy and deep personal growth. 

I owe the Microsoft community a LOT!

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October 2023 Las Vegas, Nevada, United States

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June 2019 London, United Kingdom

Chris Huntingford

Director of Innovation at ANS Group

Huntingdon, United Kingdom


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